Giving Armored Warfare A Shot

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Tier 7 – 10 is where AW really differentiates itself from wot and is an entirely different game

  2. to bad the game is dead

  3. your channel blows Lemming. your so stuck on yourself its difficult to even learn from you anymore

  4. There was artillery in the old days but it was removed for pvp.

  5. Wow I don’t know what map that is I wonder if it’s new

    • Yes , added in the past year as were other new maps. Some of the older maps have been redone. There are at least 35 pve maps. Most pve maps are parts of the pvp maps.

  6. Not gonna go into the argument wot vs aw im just gonna say you didnt do the game justice in this video, there is so much more all you did is play an easy pve match, like atleast get a tier 2 tank or watch an AW video on how some stuff works if youre are gonna be lazy…

  7. Arties are allowed only in PVE mod. And it’s more interesting in higher tank tiers. Go for the Leopard 2 line, good mobility and armor and a pretty accurarte main gun.

  8. Iyt has sooo bad graphics xd

  9. Its so fucking cancer lol

  10. to do harder missions in PVE you need higher tier tanks, starter tiers can only do easy 😉

  11. Haven’t played this in ages, but i got to the t-90 🙂

    Smoke is “G” (see bottom left screen)

  12. His voice inflection when he talks about arty is my favorite thing about his videos. “AND NOT GETTING CLICKED”

  13. Konrad Groeneveld

    The blue markers on the map were the missile launchers @LemmingRush

  14. Difficulty lvls unlock with higher vehicle tiers.
    The small squares are additional objectives you should do for max xp.
    Also you get 6th sense from the start.
    Smoke is activated in the lower left corner or -G- key.
    Light tanks as yours can mark targets -E- who receive max weapon damage while marked.

  15. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    Dude… The way that tank model looks… holy fk, it’s like it is made out of wood… I don’t know much about AW gameplay (heard it’s superior to WoT), but if the tanks look like that… No offense nor hate against AW. But the graphics, unfortunately, doesn’t look appealing 🙁

  16. AW is noting like WoT. They have tanks and its HP based game-play and that’s about the end of it. There is no “mouse acceleration” AW did away with this 25% RNG and only tanks that get a stabilizer have one.
    Tiers 1 and 2 can only do easy, 3 and 4 can do easy and med and everything above get all modes.
    If you play on the NA server you will see a lot of WoT clans like REDDT, HAVOK, and THUGZ.
    The damage radial has your special abilities on the right of it. Your PT-76 had spotter you press “E” and smoke grenades is “G”
    THERE IS NO ARTY AI IN PVE and no arty in PVP.
    unlike WoT there is no 550m max render range. if you are 100m away and spotted tanks across the map at 1200m can see you and can shoot you even if you can’t see them..

  17. Alpha (longtime) WoT player and I also played AW from Beta to a few months post-launch. It’s different enough from WoT to be interesting, but the single-largest problem is lack of players. Unless you’re grinding in the PvE missions, it takes a long long long time to get a PvP game up and running. Just not enough players still playing the game to provide enough for reasonable matchmaking. The game had some balance issues near launch, and I think most of those were fixed (or greatly improved), *but* the initial player-base (lots of WoT players giving it a try) evaporated and never came back. And the player numbers never recovered, so even though now it’s an OK and interesting game, it’s very time-consuming to wait for enough players for a PvP game. I don’t see the game ever recovering to be honest. Once a game loses players, even if the gameplay improves, players really just don’t come back to it.

    Btw, higher difficulty PvE missions become available once you get higher tier tanks. So, with a tier 1 tank, only tier 1 missions, but higher tier tanks will have tier, 1, 2, and 3 missions available–and you can play each tier if you want to collect a daily credit bonus for completing each.

    PvE missions–yes, they’re a good idea (for a lot of reasons) and they help to solve the MM wait time problem. However, currently (and for a while), there’s a problem with high-tier missions in that you can get spammed with ATGMs by the AI players. You can move out from cover in your tank and have 10-15 ATGMs coming at you within a few seconds, quickly followed by another volley from every AI vehicle in range. It gets old, fast, really tedious. Also, the spawn in of mobs isn’t bound by LoS. So, a wave of AI tanks can spawn in (teleport) into the map within five feet of your tank. That really feels lame (and easy to fix by making spawns only serve as active spawns if players don’t have a LoS to the spawn location. Lastly, the missions are pretty much always the same, so they get old pretty quickly.

    The game does have a lot of things that work pretty well (and it feels different enough from WoT to be a nice change of pace), but it’s lost to low player base and a lot of almosts and might-have-beens. Too bad, had hopes for it at one time. I do really like the active spotting mechanic, much more satisfying than purely passive scouting.

    I know that a lot of other WoT players have tried this game at one time or another, what did you guys think?

  18. armord warfare went to shit. played since beta. They cash grab harder than Wargaming. The game was much more complex before the balance 2.0. Now its just trash.

  19. Have played since Oct 2015 because of pve mode. I don’t buy the arguement that pve has killed the game. (I also play WoW because they have pve mode.) People came into the game from WoT to get away from some of the issues. (I did but still have WoT too – just don’t play it much). Company has not actively promoted the game and new product that is similiar to existing one is always an uphill climb against existing one. Ask Pepsi who has never overcome Coke’s lead because Coke started that market.

  20. I played this in beta and for like 6 months after it went live, I remember the graphics being better. Did the graphics get some kind of downgrade?

  21. Bazil Grimstride

    Lemming i think i got a Type 59 Legend tank if you want it.

  22. I like AW more than Wot

  23. As a competitive player, playing a tank game with a dead PvP mode seems like a waste of time..

  24. This game used to be awesome! The community is dead though.

  25. Looking at keybinds would help u greatly….

  26. i played aw since open beta in a top 5 EU clan. i have all tanks and lots of gold in garage but never played since over 1 year. no clan content killed aw. all top clans closed after aw decide to bring no clan content, this is a fact. they promised over 1 year that clan content will come but i wasn’t. sooo…players gone and aw died. right now it is a pve game and has no competetive thing. it was a good time with much fun but time is over, for me and aw.

  27. but WOT just added smokescreen on cooldown in rampage… so performance is not the issue xD

  28. I think I would miss many of my favorite WoT features. Like does it have absolutely retarded OP tanks like obj 268 v4? What I would also miss is if I don’t get crapped on for choosing tier8 tanks because WG logic and slapped in the face by the matchmaker for playing in platoons.

  29. Masked Marauder

    Lemmingrush, click upgrade at the top right and you will be able to get a teir 2 and the dots with the target squares on them are the secondary missions you do as you complete the primary,it gives you more epx and money if you do them but its optional,and you unlock the difficulties with the higer theirs,i think you get medium at teir 3 or 4.Popping the smoke is up to what you have in your settings so just look into your control section to see what the key is sticked too to pop smoke.

  30. Mr. Nonamanadus

    I found AW rather bland, the PVE was dull, PVP was ok but then it started to dry up.

    As toxic as WOT is and even with the contemptuous attitude at Wargaming, I feel they have a better product (for the time anyways).

  31. He didnt get payed

  32. you have to get higher tiers to get higher lvl missions. Also when you buy a new tank they come with garage slots. Its a great game however in beta they did a scrap to what is live now. No arty in pvp but you can get it and play it in pve and i think you have to have a arty in a match to have an enemy arty. They have heard the complaints about arty and these guys listens. Arty is fun in this game. Alot of counter arty and it forces you to move once you fired a shot or emptied your 3 round clip on your arty. However you will not like missiles, or maybe you will. Higher tiers you get more tanks with missiles. SO if you want a real eval of the game get at least tier 5 or higher! fo sho!

  33. alright lemming i need you to do a video on your BC 25t plz. im loosing contently i need you to show me de way. 🙂

  34. The last thing AW needs is a MAHOU member on the battlefield

  35. AW was (and probably still is) a good game. I stopped playing last year and uninstalled the game – I found from Australasia the game load times and ping weren’t conducive to good gameplay.

    It has just 10% RNG and no arty unless you have arty on your team in PvE (in which case the game will spawn an enemy AI arty so both sides have indirect fire). It has greater variety of tanks and weapons (APCs, light tanks, main battle tanks, etc, auto-cannons, ATGMs). There’s no premium ammunition and the tanks are pretty balanced.

    PVE contributed to low player base in PVP because people would grind stock tanks on PVE and then take their fully upgraded tanks into PVP (rather than play PVP all the time). Unsurprisingly, people find grinding stock tanks vs. upgraded tanks to be not that much fun. But to say PVE killed PVP isn’t true – a lot of players went from WOT to AW just to play PVE. They had no interest in playing PVP. So Armored Warfare always had a relatively low PVP player base. Over time that player base has continued to fall.

    PVE at the higher tiers on hard difficulty can be challenging, though a little repetitive. At the same time, it’s a pretty stress-free game mode where you will actually get an element of cooperative play and which is much less toxic than WOT. So just a relaxing way to play tanks.

    It’s not a perfect game and there’s a few things I don’t like about it – but the same applies to WOT.

  36. I only play armored warfare 😀

  37. Samuel Carbonneau

    Will give it a try 🙂 You should try WoT Blitz on Steam

  38. Can’t see how WG could say they can’t do smoke now considering smoke is in Frontlines.

  39. you to have tier 8 + for play in hard

  40. no point na server is dead if you want to play it i have alot of unlocked ill give you info

  41. Ben The Shrubber

    btw dont sell yourself short, your value as an influencer (wether youd admit or agree you are or not) is undeniably valuable to companies like the publishers of AW. so at the very least make sure your getting paid for this, where this video may result in even 1% of your audience giving money to them this week, where they wouldnt have otherwise, would be much more value for that company than the value of the digital assets they ‘gave’ you to advertise their game for them.
    not assuming you didnt think of something like this already, but seeing this here suddenly really seems like ‘AW’ decided you were worthy of advertising their game for them, given your subscriber/viewership count, rather than you finally agreeing to a good deal for yourself for this, is all..

    • I love reading comments like yours because they’re in line with how I feel. I’ve had multiple companies offer me their in game goods to review their products (which werent even that interesting). The reason I accepting this is because I can use what I’ve earnt to actually pay for something, like university.

      I agree, I get the impression that I undersold myself a bit here considering the value that a video with 10K views will give, but I still got paid very well for my work. This game isnt awful either, so I don’t really mind.

      Thanks for your comment, Ben.

  42. DON’T





  43. why does this game look like play doh

  44. Harder difficulties are u locked the higher tiers you go. AI will also get far tougher especially running it on challenge mode settings.

  45. The blue dots on the minimap are secondary objectives, for extra XP and cash.

  46. could care less

    When armored warfare reached out to play their game i was like uhhhhhh, but then they offerd me 5gs and here we are

  47. I am posting the most negative comment.
    I hope did not pay you much because you only played 2 games in PVE, did not know the features of the game, did not know about difference in ammunition types, over penetrating mechanism, sixth sense is free, incoming artillery shot warning, ATGM, commander is not fix to a tank, tech tree, crew skill, and other things.

  48. from the thumbnail I thought it was the Leopard 2K in warthunder ?

  49. YoungHittaTrappin [MOMS]

    You should play World Of Tanks Blitz, try out the Supremacy mode!

  50. Isn’t this game already dead? People are just playing PvE… hours in queue to get one decent PvP fight

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