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Source: QuickyBaby

Today we’re going do everything we can to give the team a chance to win in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. 9/10 games I play the team either sits in cap, lemming-trains or has a teamkiller platoon from one of those 42% WR clans trying to sabotage the game.

    99/100 games are 2:15 or 15:1 steamrolls in under 3 minutes where RNG is so rigged that there is nothing you can do either way. You make every shot without aiming, or you can’t hit/pen a light tank with 300+ pen.

  2. That 1 in 20 to push 5% is right but it is more by grinding from 55 to 60 a 1 in 10 or 1 in 9. Because you have to win one of the other remaining matches.

  3. 11/20 = 60%

  4. i saw this one live, was awesome

  5. Your mindset is wonderful.

  6. love this kind of games, but most of the time my team would prefer to camp back and save their hp while I rush in decap n die


    I really do think QB must have a lot more subscribers, even more likes, he gives a lot of important information and tips to be netter here in WoT, thanks for taking the time to explain some useful mechanics to us, the less experienced players.

  8. Alvin William Ding

    My team is the one that loses up 3x HP lmao

  9. I don’t know if it’s a bad habit as such, but it’s common for me to go out gun blazing to spot in any tank, where it’s a td or heavy, when no one else will. In the hope the rest of the team will capitilize on it.

  10. Prefer you to use the word “disliked” rather than” hated” in your summary, I have never hated any of your vids there has been the odd one I have disliked. Hated is too high into the emotional word level !

  11. I think trying to win the dip at all cost isnt the smart thing to do. I had a lot of games on this map spawning in the north. Going down the flank, without the help of many allies, I think you have to spot what’s coming towards you and if the enemies forces are overwhelming you have to retreat immeaditly as fast as you can and try to work the bushes near the spawning location.

  12. IF this was a balanced game, I’d really work harder to win. Alas it isn’t balanced in many areas.

  13. so many noob face with QB and i dont know why but, when i tried to play it by myself the enemy is experienced .. weird

  14. “In the spirit of min maxing…”

    Me: where deh fuel consumable?

  15. That strv did really good too

  16. CS-63 isn’t the fastest medium

  17. A lot of what I’ve seen that sways games in my teams favor is making those plays to remove threats from your less aware players, keep them firing and they’ll grind out whoever they feel, it’s up to you to keep them in the game. Never forget it’s a team based game, you can’t carry 60% of your games.

  18. I just got a world of tanks pep talk by quickybaby and I love it!

    I love your content Quackybaby. Both Twitch and YouTube.

  19. IS IT fair to have alot of 40% wr players vs 60% win rate players?

    most of the reason why ORANGE players cant become greens because of the bloody MM and those fackin WHALES loading GOLD

  20. Hey
    Which gun should I use on the Lago?(tier IV Sweden MT)
    The 57 mm pvkan m/43 or the 7.5 cm kan m/41 Strv

  21. БалалаечНиК 6aJIaJIaiwHiK

    Любишь танки? Приходи на Балалаечник 6aJIaJIaiwHiK, подписывайся и участвуй в развитии. Ты можешь помочь мне изменить канал в лучшую сторону. Автор, тоисть я прислушиваюсь к мнению любого подписчика, потому пишите коментарии и спасибо за подписку! Здесь ты очень нужен!

  22. Do anyone know how to submit epic replay for QuickyBaby ?

  23. fast tank and good gameplay as always

  24. There are ppl who think premium players have better rng. Can you imagine that?

  25. Decided to hope back on Wot console and was having fun for a couple weeks till I remembered why I left the game in the first place. Wargaming is one of the worst gaming companies I have ever seen. Do they even listen to their fans?

  26. How to play better and have bettet win ratio: pump in the gold ammo.

  27. 95% of games are over in less than 5 minutes regardless what you do….

  28. “I consider myself a lightank” Qb 2021

  29. yeah well, when you get 30 fucking losses in a row there is nothing but losses, i think what most “good” players fail to mention or acknowledge, is it’s luck, some of the poeple will always have bad luck, and have shit stats, and never do well in the game, while others will always have good luck and do well in the game, like if you have 50% skill, but your plus or minus 25% RNG is always high, you will have 53-55% win ratio even if you are not that good, , where as i have avg exp and damage ratios the same or better then people with 52+% win ratios and i got 48% (it’s like 48.89) sometimes i want to put on a little tin hat, because it just seems like more of my shots dont pen, miss or low roll then everyone else, there is no way if i had a tier ten tank even with better gun handling, say like my object 140, i wouldnt have hit or penned half the shots he made, and not because i dunno how to shoot, i aim at the same weak points as everyone else, just my shells dont hit anything as often, and it has nothing to do with skills, i watch these replays and videos and i’m like…how do they always hit everything, my shells miss the entire tank sometimes when i’m like 80m away and i have .33 acc guns with purple equipment and stuff. how can you fix that ? you can’t. i think some players are perma stuck with bad rng

  30. also, had i been in this battle it would have 100% been a loss, half the time it doesnt seem like i need to even be a participant in the battle, 4k damage and get a loss or 400 dmg and get a win, nothing i do seems to make any difference

  31. Many battles ends in 4 minutes. There are battles that you cannot do anything but damage farm because of team -80 IQ.

  32. Luukas Saarelainen

    Thanks for those tips.

  33. 4:27 lmao he went brrrr into sky 🤣

  34. Getting days with 20% winrate over 20 battles recently. usually ending in top 3. What about that?

  35. Best upload in a while. Wouldn’t mind seeing you back in some tier 5/6/7 vehicles on your free to play though quacky!

  36. Can i send you a replay i have 1 epic game that went just like this ends in a 1v1 with bouth teams on one shot not gonna say ending

  37. If the average WoT player would learn to use the minimap, that would already be a big help. Currently it seems like most players have their minimap disabled, cos I can’t otherwise explain the stupid moves they are doing….

  38. when I make 900 credits doing 4k dmg in my is-3-II f2p and winning the game doesn’t make it feel very rewarding to try and win

  39. BS …

  40. 74 km/h in flat ground… ok WG

  41. 1 in 20 huh? Unfortunately, the other 19 in 20 are full of tomatos scared to make any plays.

  42. Try to get that one extra win with a stock tier IX US medium up against a premium… -.-‘

  43. Amirali Asefvaziri

    wot console player here guys 58%winrate 2400 wn8 wot console is dying help !!!

  44. so glad that i manage to be on Twitch live for this one 🙂

  45. “or 50 to 45”. Yeah I think I can do that. 😀

  46. Really good video QB. Not only was the game fun to watch but when it contains valuable lessons/info on how to better play the game its makes it all the better. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice your own tank to give your team a better chance of winning, instead of doing what most players do and being [understandably] selfish in doing damage to tanks that aren’t the primary threat when there’s the first hint of a defeat brewing.

  47. QB please tell people that the team HP only shows the tanks that were in your render circle prior and shows full HP on tanks that were not in your render and that’s why when you say they got x times much more team HP it’s just not simply true.

  48. But what if your team doesnt help you in the ditch here for example?

  49. 8:58 from 50% to 45% hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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