GLASS ATGM | BMP-1P Next Gen Upgrade (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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GLASS ATGM | BMP-1P Next Gen Upgrade (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Infantry omg plz

  2. I think it would be cool to have a game mode where you have to escort the huge experimental tanks across the map. Like the Russians had that huge land battleship and the Germans had the p1000 ratte.

  3. Leopard 1 (plus Leopard A1A1 for backup vehicle) with canadian flag to honor my canadian friend

  4. Try out helibound on steam.

  5. If you ever see a bmp in real life and you are in a war run for your fucking life the thing can level down buildings inan urban area on its own

  6. Destroy a building, bridge, airfield, hold or defend the same

  7. Gaijin has decided the Maus and e100 were to strong and the meta was too good so they gave Russia a cancer atgm to piss everyone off

  8. How blow a damp and doing so would change the water features on the map

  9. war mode with tanks,airplanes, sometimes ships if you want to soldiers should be in,with 64 to 100 death match,team game mod,this is when your in a team that gets to do the objective against ai

  10. Since you havnt done the last kv2-754 yet use the 3 german derpiteers, kv 2, strumpanzer and brummbar lol

  11. attempt #2 please make a video on how to use the Tiger H1 in and uptier batle

  12. Play the Leopard 1 Mailbox Edition!

  13. play the m8 with the reload as fast as possible and snipe

  14. Looks like a decent upgrade from 906, once I unlock the T-64 (soon) I think I will unlock this thing because even at high BR it looks to have a purpose.

  15. Excellent vid but depressing for Begleitpanzer 57 users! It reinforces how over tiered the Begleitpanzer 57 is. The BMP-1 gets a BR of 7.3 and the Begleitpanzer gets a BR of 8.7.

    Look at the differences:

    * BMP’s ATGM has a pen of 600mm’s and the Begleit’s ATGM has a pen of 430mm’s
    * BMP’s ATGM has a reload rate of 6 secs and Begleit’s is 17 secs
    * BMP cannon has a pen of 300mm’s and the Begleit’s is 142 mm’s with no explosive charge
    * BMP gets smoke and artillery, the Begleit gets neither

    What luxury it must be for the BMP not to face predominately T64’s and KPz-70’s which the Begleitpanzer faces all the time and shouldn’t be facing. It is simply cannon fodder for them.

    What the hell was Gaijin thinking? Hopefully they will do something to rectify this over tiering of the Begleit in the next patch. It’s a great tank but at the moment it’s simply not worth unlocking and playing.

  16. They should release a game mode where u get unlimited respawns and once u cap an enemy respawn it is pushed back this goes on until u push the enemy out of the map (btw map is huge so this would be a long battle type)

  17. do the Churchill black prince


  19. Objective, destroy the enemy base:
    Just have a large bunker/compound/fuel depot that constitutes a team’s base.
    Have it either a part of the spawn point, or slightly separate.
    While inside the confines of their objective, players can reload and repair.
    Players with spare parts repair faster in the zone than out of it, and faster while in the zone than players that lack parts.

    NO AIRCRAFT, this would be a ground only mode, something we don’t have whatsoever in this game.
    While the base is contested or captured, the spawn point moves to behind the objective, not only to protect the losing teams spawns, but also to give them a legitimate last chance to turn the game around.

    Dissociate spawn points from ticket count, give players lower repair costs and only decrease tickets when bases are being captured. This makes it a battle of attrition, and give the game a ‘tug of war’ style.

    The overall goal of this sort of design i guess would be to give War Thunder a game mode similar in time consumption, resource gain and scale to Battlefield 1’s “Operations” gamemode.

  20. Maybe a escort type game mode or a mode where you have to be on the point to get the ticket bleed

  21. Hey phly for Christmas do a song with a whole bunch of other tanks

  22. Rasmus Vagner Estland

    Striker atgm. For loving the unloved.

  23. We need to get the “whispers” living hell out of here right now. Haha phly you so funny

  24. Black Prince. Once indestructible, bully, IS6 of past times. And now? We need to know!

  25. Christopher Ødeskaug Hansen

    Play the hetzer and fw190a4

  26. A random idea for a game mode:
    you pick your vehicle before the match, tank or plane. when the match starts you will have one team playing as defenders and the others playing assault. the objective for the attackers to cap a point close to the defenders spawn and you can do that only after destroying ground targets and emplacements after caping the first point you have to move up and cap another point that will show up after the map expands after capping the first one.
    You could also just remove capping all together and leave the game just around destroing ground targets like pill boxes and prehaps buidlings or certain structures if the game allows it.

  27. Hey phly, play the m103

  28. Give the t-34-57 (1943) some love

  29. * adds 40 second reload on m551 atgm

  30. Take out the IS-3 and bounce some shots, Phly! Been so long since last IS-3 vid 🙁 Lots of things changed since then.
    Attempt #3

  31. they should do a 50v50 on a massive like i mean huge map and along the way you have to take towns filled with allied troops, and you make your way through the massive map while being hit from planes tanks mg’s AI antitank guns. pretty much conquest just on steroids

  32. “Deploy infantry to cap zones”

    You mean like Heliborne? That’d be fucking sweet. It’d also give an excuse to add more APC.

  33. Air rb should add base destruction by paratrooping men on to it.
    Then we could have the c47 and the ju52

  34. 25v30 attack and defense missions. Team with less players defend and one team gets 5 extra players but have to attack a point.

  35. Maybe make mode where in first phase you have to cap main objectives (then they disapear from map) and next you have to capture building or bunkers with troops and BMP ( but then only russia has top tier BMP so it wouldnt work very well :/)
    Btw.. when i look at those smoke launchers directed straight to ATGM launcher… facepalm

  36. MOBA warthunder

  37. it will be cool if gajin add a ffa mode

  38. “We’re smoking both ways right now”
    Cheech and Chong will be proud of you 🙂

  39. “Lol. Lol. Lol.”


  40. Phly you have secret a secret mission from Brit headquarters. Take out the striker and spy out the Germans and blow them up, they will know what Brit power taste like.

  41. Like a gun game but for a tank or plane game mode first to go through set of vehicles first to go through all wins basically gun game but last to spawn mode

  42. For AB free for all

  43. play Lancaster B MkI for bomber crew in war thunder

  44. HAHAH i lost it when he shot his ATGM and it flew past the guy at 6:40

  45. What happens when you press H in this APC?

  46. This thing should have the same br as the german 57mm tank

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