Glass Cannon! The Best Tier 2 Tank in War Thunder Ground Forces

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  1. Tell royal i said hi bb

  2. Cool

  3. lol just happened to show up on the channel 1 minute after he posted
    this… keep up the good work Baron!

  4. What do you guys think is the best Tier 3 Tank in War Thunder Ground
    Forces? The most voted for will be the featured tank in next episode of the
    tank request series.
    Make sure to follow here: &

  5. diese nüsse. pls reply to zis comment or i am going to kill stalin.

  6. still gets raped by t34’s

  7. Fpr the record T-34 is much better than F2 if you know how to play it

  8. Fpr the record T-34 is much better than F2 if you know how to play it

  9. I-301 in rb

  10. Will you be going to PAX SOUTH this year Baron?

  11. T-34 is always the top 3 on each team… Bias, no…

  12. M4A3E2 75mm easy8

  13. Su-152 derpinator

  14. M-18 hellcat best tier-3

  15. Baron never shoot the engine always shoot at the turrets right/left side
    from your point of view then other side so with the first shot you will
    kill the gunner and with second the loader and comander too

  16. Panzer IV? PANZER VOR!!

  17. Best tier 3 ? I’d say Tiger E or Panther D but T-34 85(D-5T) is also very
    good, mostly because of the mini nuke ammo. 

  18. T-34-85 (D-5T) best Tier 3 i ever played

  19. what you done in the bomber is the reason they put the low alt timers on.
    drop from higher..

  20. Ghoster Ghostovič

    KV-2 the derp king or gulag m8

  21. Atreyu Smith (Helter Skelter Games)

    M18. Mobility is key for all my tank crews

  22. One shot from APCBR 76mm and tgat thing is dead; and it can’t even pen my

  23. Kv-2 … best tank in game.. and you know that Baron!!

  24. CaptainAwesomeSauce

    Imagine if, for whatever reason, the F2 had an 88mm gun. It would be jesus.

  25. T34 or su 100?

  26. I’ll see you there then!

  27. CaptainAwesomeSauce

    Also, Hi Baron!

  28. Tobias Christorffersen


  29. Best Tier 3 ? … KV-2 ze King of Derp

  30. CaptainAwesomeSauce

    Also, you should totally do a custom game of all the Panzer IV line Vs a
    single Maus.

  31. The best tier 3 tank is the Box tank Go navel gun

  32. The T-34-85 :D

  33. Baron, try the T-34-85 and you will see the glory of mother russia. Its a
    tier III.

  34. T-34!!!

  35. best tier 3 tiger(gun) or panther d (mixture of good aromur, gun and

  36. best tier three is definately the tiger 1h!
    its obvious why the tiger 1 but why not the e?
    i love the e but the matchmaking can be quite harsh on it compared to the h.
    the e meets tier four most of the times while the h can go sealclubbing the
    tier three and sometimes even late tier two tanks.

  37. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    750 club

  38. t-34-85 because op?

  39. Baron you need to put a girlz und panzer skin on it!! For the anime fans!!

  40. I think the german Panzer 6 Tiger H1/E is the best tier 3 tank!

  41. no this is the best tear dont worry tho they will fuck it up soon

  42. and play fucking RB

  43. panther!

  44. 6:49 the spitfighter silly baron xD

  45. Tiger H1 for sure

  46. ewwwwww pz 4 f2 is 1 of the WORST tanks at t2. sherman and t34 are soooo
    much better

  47. Black cat

  48. IS-2 Big “HELLO” from Serbia

  49. the KV-2 is the best just because of the 152mm gun…… And the fact it is

  50. Can you please play the House of Hitler, the Panzer VIII, the Maus???

  51. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    t 34 for madre russen

  52. The Rebellious Clone

    SU-100Y stronkest 3 gen tenk. Glass cannon? Nyet, I bounce tiger shot no
    problem comrade.


    Disclaimer to disclaimer: DO NOT DRIVE AND WILL BE SENT TO GULAG.

  53. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar


  54. Best tier 3? U wut M18

  55. Best Tier 3: KV2 HE-Ammo in Realistic….

  56. KV 2 cause the 152

  57. Paul “Pizzabob” Giovanoni

    any vehicle with derp guns

  58. In arcade russians are definitely superior. In RB superior ballistics of
    german guns gives them the upper hand on long distances allowing to snipe
    the hell out of this ivans. But in arcade there’s this aiming cross showing
    exactly where the shell would hit, so they can snipe back.

  59. Tiger e beast

  60. Baron plez do the T-54 1947 or the IS-3. My voice may not be heard, but
    worth the shot. With the BR it placed nowadays, the worst struggle in my
    lief right now, even the arcade mode 🙁
    ps : ignore my nickname

  61. without a doubt the panther d is the best t3

  62. Very good gun, good maneuverability but no survivability whatsoever.
    Getting one shotted is the norm

  63. The Panther is the best tier 3 due to its excellent versatility

  64. panther D good gun, good armor and decent speed so plz baron

  65. baron always shoot the stug in the viewport its always an instant kill
    because of the way the crew sits in the tank, you will knock out 3 of the 4
    crew members for the kill

  66. Best Tier 3 tank is the Tiger h1

  67. T-34-85 D5T BEST T3 Magic armor, one shoot gun and nice mobility

  68. Spitfighter hahaha

    (that’s called hypercorrection Baron)

  69. Spitfighter lol

  70. one

  71. KV-2 King of Derp or Gulag

  72. hmmmmmmmmmmmm tier 3……the best one…. i think…or the su 152 or the

  73. first

  74. pls the Su 152

  75. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    Tiger H1

  76. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    KV-1B (german premium)

  77. kv2 for russia or tiger for geramens and shit for uganda

  78. I got 5 kills in my Tiger H1 and it’s not even Elite 

  79. tiger E

  80. T-34-85 (D-5T) a glass cannon but yet extremely maneuverable and can bounce
    some shots, but the gun will wreck havoc. Either that or the Kv2 just
    because it one shots everything with its derp powers!

  81. Make an video with the maus, really heavy armored and glass cannon

  82. The best teir 3 is the panther Aufs d

  83. Tiger h1 good armour and great gun

  84. tiker 1

  85. Panther D is probably my fav teir 3 tank, its turret traverse is its main
    weakness, but its gun is glorious

  86. Panther D(ick)

  87. Т-35 – 85 хорошо! Yes its very good tier three. good luck Baron.?

  88. T-34-85 :)

  89. Why did you have apcr ammo loaded but never used it for example it could
    have pen’d the engine and killed crew when you shot at the tank from his

  90. T34-85… I love germans tanks but with russians tanks you can do so much
    better…. It’s kinda hard to get 5-6 kills with german machines but with
    t34 you have 10 kills every game like nothing

  91. One time in a custom battle, I was in my F2, and I one shot s B-17 from
    about 3km away and the tail flew right off.

  92. MMMMM oh my god stop F*cking hiding

  93. best their 3 is the KV 2 “stronk tank”

  94. clearly kv 85 is best rank 3 tank bcs russia is op

  95. Geometry Dash Electroman

    German premium KV-1 because it have pretty much same gun as F2 and it have
    pretty good armor!

  96. mute the volume and play Glenn miller’s in the mood.

  97. Well, yeah. F2 is a glass cannon. It have powerful cannon, but weak armor.

  98. tiger h1 cus dat 88 doe

  99. Baron t34-85,great gun,decent armour!

  100. T34-85 D5-T, it’s amazing

  101. Your ignorance makes me cringe

    m18 no contest

  102. the tiger h1, but play it in RB!

  103. the tiger h1, but play it in RB!

  104. Wrong Description Baron!

  105. Baron, when you aim at stug’s always aim at the slit where the driver sits.
    Three of the four crew members are sitting in a line behind the driver.

  106. kv 2 is the best
    tiger is a piece of shit

  107. oh! please baron start playing Realistic, arcade is for noobs only! 🙁
    unsub :)

  108. kv 2 for stalin hurray motherland

  109. i like the t34 but i gotta go with the panther d, good mobility, good gun
    and good armor. but the turret traverese is weak.

  110. The Tiger h1

  111. t34 85 d5t

  112. On world of tanks on iPhone it is a tier 5 tank and u can get spaced arma

  113. The KV-2 it is the most derpiest that’s why it is STALINS personal chariot
    also just do it for mother Russia Родина-мать зовёт that is why just do it

  114. What about the M22 locust? That tank is SO BEAST.

  115. Disliketin vidiäsi

    Tiger E

  116. IS-1 by far, nice armour, good pen gun, APCR shell, and nice reaload, not
    to mention good speed for heavy tank, and nice turret Traverse, lacks a
    machine gun though

  117. KV2 STRONK

  118. computer specs

  119. The mightiest KV-2 obviously

  120. Please shoot stugs in right cheek, it easily one shots them.

  121. best tier 3 is T-34-85(D-5T) !!!

  122. +baronvongamez do the Panther D

  123. T 34 85 is a good one

  124. t-35-85

  125. kV 1b is best tank teir three

  126. The Mighty GamerFTW

    TIGER H1 OR 1H!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. t-43/85 (D-5T)

  128. full ammo loads baron omg just dont

  129. Y not the KV-2

  130. Tiger H1 88mm and dat fragmentation doh..

  131. kv2 when in cover

  132. Certainly big guy kv2

  133. kv2 because its heavily armored

  134. Baron I got tier 4 but I play tier 3 and 2 for tier 3 use the Russian built
    KV-2 and the KV-85 or the SU-152 

  135. KV2 cause derp…

  136. t34 57 premium
    because 57 OP

  137. those are the possible best tier 3: hellcat, most tactical, fast and good
    penetrating – SU152, destroy everything with 1 shell – KV85, power of a
    85mm and power of thick angled plates – tiger ausfE power of german 88 –
    panther, thick angled plates and very powerful/high penetrating cannon

  138. Geometry Dash Electroman

    T-34 is also good! Its just awesome feeling when you got 17 kills in one
    game :-)

  139. Geometry Dash Palomo

    Ze jagdpanzer 4/70 best tank of t.III !!!

  140. Geometry Dash Palomo

    Ze jagdpanzer 4/70 best tank of t.III !!!

  141. T34-85(D-5T) Is the best tank at tier 3 no doubt!

  142. I just started playing a month ago and worked my way up to the tiger. The
    panzer 3 is ok but the panzer 4 f2 is definitely better. However, I hate
    the panzer 4 before it gets the long gun. The snub nose pz 4 is crap

  143. Die Tiger E oder the die KV-2 für Deutschkand, ja?

  144. The Call Of Duty Guys

    can you play the tiger p for one vid plz

  145. Tiger E 

  146. Baron, always shoot StuGs/StuHs in the driver port. 3/4 of the crew is
    behind the driver so it’s a one-shot

  147. Panther D aka THE BIG BAD BOOTY DADDY!
    It’s fast! It’s armored and DAT GUN GIB NAO!!!

  148. I had destroyed 6 planes with this tank

  149. KV-1 good armor, good gun and is a panzer four killer

  150. The best tier 4 is the is 2 1944

  151. T-34 85…

  152. Hate this tank :d

  153. Theya Alexandru Peanci

    KV-2, best T3, with 75 mm pen with HE, one thing that i descovered is that
    if you cant penetrate your enemy frontaly, aim for the roof, the turret and
    hope in goes down in to some ammo ore shoot in the ground under them( try
    this last one in Test Driver and you will be amazed)

  154. tiger tank

  155. Tiger E

  156. Or t34-85 it’s also really good

  157. Tiger H1 or Panther D for br’s, armor and firepower

  158. Kv-2

    Stalins Mighty Hammer

  159. 4:00 *voice crack*

  160. T34-85

  161. You can play Tiger E or KV-2 the heavy machines

  162. The tiger E or the Panter D


    KV-2 the one shot tower

  164. I really enjoy my kv85, I usually average 5 kills in it.

  165. Baron you should do the T38 85 Russia tank

  166. Tiger H1. Has a great armor and an awesome gun. Plus it’s freaking badass!

  167. the f2 is the worst tank when you have ocd. because the turret is off

  168. The tiger h1

  169. Panther d

  170. IS-2 The One Shot Wonder

  171. The Tiger 1 Hitler’s box tank no doubt about it!

  172. Gotta be Panther D, has excellent slopped armor and a good gun.

  173. KV-2! #stronk

  174. T34 83(d5t) very very stronk

  175. I killed a friendly hellcat wit 50cal

  176. Bazzle - GTA, Indie, comedy And more

    Is it me, or is this the easiest tank to kill when again ts kvs and Ts

  177. T34 85 (d5t) very very stronk

  178. The t34-85 (D-5t). It’s got the gun, speed, and armor to do anything you
    need to at tier 3.

  179. Best tier III is either the Tiger H1 one or E once you play it right. With
    it’s unbelievable gun it is AMAZING!

  180. Best tier 3 is obviously the Kv-2. Jk I believe it is the t34-85(d5T)

  181. This result just shows how large the german community of WT is. In fact
    ,there’s a really good chance that the next best tank will be german as
    well. Anyways ,we all know ,deep inside ,that one player who uses both of
    these tanks ,is going to do better with the T-34 for the vast majority of
    the time. Even though good players can make the Pz IVF2 work really
    effectivelly ,the same players will wreak absolute havoc in the T-34 ,with
    end results as good as the rest of their team combined.

  182. hellcat has to be the best tier 3 in realistic battles at least. Use the
    speed to flank and then 76 them t-34s

  183. why dafuq you hiding, why you always hiding, mmm oh ma gad

  184. kv 2 big derp high explosive best tank of all tiers :)

  185. Eyyy my comment was shown but the tank was never played. Oh well the Pz 4
    f2 was my second vote anyways

  186. Chaffee

  187. a challenge for you baron try to kill 3 tank with kv 2 in tier 5

  188. Panther D for the win :D

  189. Best tier 3? I think the T-34 85(D-5T) or the stronkerinos KV-2 :D

  190. Take out the M4 Sherman Jumbo (The 5.0 BR) one. Worst tank simply because
    of its tier.

  191. Kv-2 stronkest tenk in game for Stalin no need for reasoning just do it

  192. IS-1 is the best tier lll. Has a great gun and a decent armor at its tier.

  193. Hey Baron! I would love to see the Panther D on the next episode because I
    consider it to be one of the best tier 3 tanks. It has amazing sloped front
    armor, great speed for its weight and armor and the 75mm KwK with excellent
    penetration. It is just the thing you need against the Tiger II’s and
    IS-2’s you will be facing since the BR system and the matchmaking suck a
    huge bag of nuts at 5.7 and 6.7, speaking from personal experience. The
    Panther is definitely one of my favourite tanks and I have around 600 kills
    with it. The major weaknesses are the slow turret traverse, awful reverse
    speed, an easily penetratable turret front and paper thin side armor. So
    play this bad boy to its strengths, flank your enemy, take advantage of
    your high penetration and angle your armor when exposed. Great video as
    always and greetings from Germany!

  194. T-34/85 hands down, both in real life and the game

  195. When 1 play my Panzer 4 f2. shoots. waits 7 seconds. shoots again. waits 7
    seconds. shoots. waits 7 seconds. laugh as the enemy keep trying to get
    past me.

  196. T-34-85 please Baron

  197. Tiger h1!! Or panther d!!

  198. Panther D is best tier III tank in my opinion. It’s fast and powerful.
    Amazing tank on right player’s hand.

  199. Best tier 3 has to be the Tiger H1 (E if you want 6.0 BR).

  200. once u get to teir 4 the tigers are a joke . all the american 90mm freedom
    cannons can one shot tigers through almost any part on the front, including
    the mantlet.

  201. Go Frag Yourself™

    Kave-2 (─‿‿─) matherfaker.

  202. KV2 Big Gun Derp best russian tank

  203. KV 2 Stronk tonk of da motherland!!!

  204. Best tier 3 without a doubt is M18 Hellcat. Stupidly fast, ferociously well
    armed, only down side is terrible armor. But still an absolute beast tank.

  205. stalins stronk child t34 85 d5t

  206. The BEST tier 3 is ze TIGER

  207. Panther D is the best T3 tank. just don’t reverse lol

  208. Best tier 3 i think the kv-2 or su-152

  209. pander 3m spaced armour

  210. Zhe german 88mm
    Tiger H1

  211. Tiger H1, because 102mm of armour the almighty 88! and a sexy beast 🙂 not
    the TigerE because you said tier3 and TigerE is always matched with tier

  212. Best tier 3: Tiger E. Excellent gun, max speed 40 km, and relatively decent

  213. My personal favourite at a max BR of 3.0 is the Premium ‘Pz.111 N’!

    With the little 75mm barrel and it’s fast speed with the added armour, it
    is great to rush in arcade battles!

  214. T-34-100 cant remember if it is tier 3 doh

  215. Su-152. Better gun and reload rate than Kv-2

  216. Ze panther D is ze best tier 3 tank

  217. the mini maus

  218. KV-2. Because Derp gun is best gun.

  219. T-34-85(D-5T)

  220. Best T3 gotta be the Tiger H1, that 88mm should be all the explanation

  221. Panzer III Ausf. M because it had side skirted armor for more armor and
    great treverse rate

  222. the KV-2 you cant beat 152 mm of derp

  223. Oh come on!!! T34 IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE F2! What is wrong with you
    guys! Don’t get me wrong, the F2 is good, but the 34 is better. It’s
    basically an upgraded F2, MUCH better armor, sloped armor, better gun,
    better shells, better turret traverse, better maneuverability, IS NOT A
    GLASS CANNON!!! Come on guys

  224. Gaijin sees this video and immediately increases the br of the f2

  225. Best tier 3 tank: panzer IV/70 (v) that thing is a sniper killer

  226. t34 85 d5t , stronk gun , fast ( can flank tigers and ammo rack them)
    doesn’t get matched against as good tanks as the tier 4 t34 85

  227. so got to be the kv2 because of the gun and for Stalin

  228. so got to be the kv2 because of the gun and for Stalin

  229. can you not play arcade….

  230. What is the best American tier 2-3?

  231. M18 hellcat

  232. kv 1b! the germn kv 1 is just great. good MM good gun and great armor

  233. Is 2 1944 is best.

  234. the tiger E

  235. greeeeaaatttt. now that you’ve brought it to gaijins attention that this is
    the best tier 2 tank, they’re going to nerf it. they cant have anything
    better than their t34’s, the Russians alllways *HAVE* to have the upper
    hand, or gaijin nerfs. thanks baron. guess ill have a fun last few days in
    my beloved pz.4F2 before it’s nerfed. )’:

  236. M18 Most bestest tier 3 ‘murican TD

  237. How about the hellcat

  238. I wish you’d stop trying to hit planes with your main guns… Clearly it
    doesn’t work.

  239. Ze best tier 3 is ze KV-2

  240. KV2 derp king
    cuz one shots for life

  241. kv-2
    cause stalin is too OP

  242. kv2 constant one shot kills, made of stalinium, has the honour of the
    comrade brother worked into the armour :P

  243. Stronk KV2 or SU152, stronkest tier3 tonks not any the puny capitalist or
    fascist pigdog tonk, only stronk communist tier3

  244. Good old Tiger, gotta love that gun! Fast firing and good pen!!

  245. best tier III:

    T34-85 , 13-0 in realistc
    oh yeah

  246. Tiger h1 best tier 3 imo because good reload with great gun pops out shots
    and gets kills

  247. the best tier 2 is the t34 1942

  248. Hey baron. Love the content… Keep it up! I think it would be really cool
    if you started doing some tank RB. It could add some more depth to the
    channel and it’s good for those of us who play RB. Again, keep up the
    awesome work!

  249. T-34/76

  250. Great combination of armour and firepower

  251. Best tier 3 tank in war thunder is probably the tiger h1 or the panther d.
    I would say the tiger is the better one but the panther just has great

  252. the kv-2 is

  253. Tiger 1(either), Panther D or T-34-85(D5-t) all three in my opinion are the
    strongest tanks at tier 3, luck is the primary deciding factor when all
    four of these monsters have to fight each other, hope your shell decides to
    do enough damage to KO or incapacitate the rank you fire at or be prepared
    to be KO’ed or incapacitated yourself by the return fire. And have fun
    fighting IS2 and Tiger 2 all day because of the crappy BR these tanks sit

  254. Panzerkampfwagen V “Panther” for the best teir III tank

  255. Kv2 or gulag

  256. Tiger h1 or aushwitz

  257. M4a3 with 76 bc great gun can kill almost every in 1-2 shots and for Merica

  258. “spitfighter” Barron 2015

  259. The m6a1 because it’s the only t3 I have or is it t2 still….. Can’t

  260. kv-2 y you ask derp gun op

  261. U said spitfighter not spitfire

  262. Panzer D is definitely a night mare to face; 75mm/ L70 that penetration
    kills and artillery come handy time to time

  263. Tiger 1 because the mighty 88

  264. Best tier 3? KV-2, no doubt. Just because 152mm of HE love.

  265. Sherman jumbo and its beastly armor

  266. do the IS 1 amazing tank good armour and has a great gun I got 13 kills in
    it good for snap shoting

  267. Baron try tiger e

  268. Is the KV2 Tier 3? If so that because DUUUUUURP

  269. IS-1 Good gun, Good armor

  270. Kv 1E

  271. The Panzer IV F2 was my lovechild when ground-forces were still in CBT and
    early open beta. It’s still pretty good now, but no-where near what it once

  272. cornellius cornwall

    Kv2 is glorious Stalin’s Stagecoach Of Soviet Homeland, Kv2 is such stronk
    tank es only tank to not have to hit the tank to kill it. Kv2 stands for
    Killer Vodka,becuase tank krew must be drunk to drive such stronk tank, KV2
    is stronkest tank in Motherland so it is Stronkest tier 1,2,3,4 and 5, Puny
    capilist shermans stand no chance agianst Vodka powered tanks.

  273. play the IS-1 for best teir 3

  274. Kristoffer Blomkvist

    I finnk the Tiger E ore KV-2 :)

  275. kv 1 zis 5.. amazing gun,,, good armour

  276. kv2 cause derp lol

  277. kv-2. Is da beast tier 3

  278. I Disagree the best tank in tier 2 is the T-34 1942


    Best is IS-1 best cannon and high angle and fast for heavy

  280. definantly the kv2

  281. Alex “Draco223” SV

    Tiger H1/E

  282. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Best tier 3 is the sexy Tiger H1, but not the Tiger E

  283. how u no the DEVS server are up ?

  284. this is the 3rd pzkpfw 4 f2 in baron’s channel

  285. T-34-85

  286. best tier III is the Tiger H1. Impressive gun, great damage, fast reload,
    good agility for the weight and if angled and used at a little range is
    basically invulnerable

  287. The best tier 3 could only possibly be the most legendary of pussycats, the
    Tiger H1.

  288. Best tier 3 is T-34 85 D5T, it has very good sloped armor, that can bounce
    even Kingtiger from 50 meters!!! Yeah very realistic. Its gun is also very
    powerfull, can penetrate almost everything. Crowned by good mobility its
    almost OP tank.

  289. Kv-2 is the best tier III tank <3

  290. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    Stalins chariot. Is1!!!!’

  291. panther D please baron

  292. Haven’t done much with the F2, (Haven’t brought my other lines up to a
    comparable BR,) but DAMN do I love the F1.

  293. The IS 2

  294. I think that the T-34-85 is
    the most ideal(best)Tier 3 tank for the Soviets

  295. Tiger 1 for glory

  296. Not an actual tank, but I REALLY like the Panzer IV/70(V) at tier III

  297. fest Tier 3 tank is Tiger

  298. Derp KV2!!!

  299. Best Tier 3 Panther D, no other option

  300. can you play more heroes and generals baron

  301. Best tank gun yes, best tank no. T-34s are the best no matter how you look
    at it.

  302. Tiger tank is good ?

  303. Best tier 3 is M18. The mobility and the gun.

  304. play tiger

  305. I think the T-34-85( D-5T) is the best tier 3 tank. I think its the same on
    tier 3 that the F2 is on tier 2

  306. play panther D

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