Glorious Nippon Steel – Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

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  1. FIrst like first view? DONT MIND IF I DO

  2. Yeah always exciting to watch.

  3. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    so early

  4. More like glorious nippon paper

  5. Last time I was this early… I’ve never been this early.

  6. double dose, that is too much

  7. Coming soon to the WG shop, Premium +1 -2 MM for Euro =)

  8. *‘No artillery, good map and I’m top tier’*

  9. KV-2 platoon kemp base and snipe: new meta.

  10. If it only had 10 degrees of depression…
    Still a strangely enjoyable tank

  11. Why are the German tanks unplayable ? You all know the answer I’m not even going to say it.

  12. StuG unplayable?? Dude
    Bought this tank like a week ago and it was the BEST buy I did in 2018.
    All perks + optics = 380m view range lemao

  13. Shouldn’t the title be “Grorious Nippon Steer”

  14. Oh look it’s that damn Pixel Hunting Game !

  15. thank you for share on YT 😉

  16. Omg this tanks gives me war thunder flashbacks.

  17. In Blitz Chi Nu Kai has such a good credit coefficient it makes more credits than a T8 prem

  18. Oh yeah a cup of +2 mm maked my day LUL 😐😐

  19. Every Tank is Good in the Hand of Pro Players

  20. Do you think they will ever fix the MM? Or at least make it less terrible?

  21. WhosYourDaddyNow

    KV2 platoon sitting base all game combine for 400 dmg? MVPs 😛

  22. Anarchist Sintek

    That Anarchist guy is so cool. I wish one day, I’ll be like him!

  23. I actually sold this tank 2 or 3 years ago, it was so bad. Like the regular tier 5 medium, but with less gun depression.

  24. Michael Destroyer

    When he started killing that e-25 i got so happy lol

    • Nothing feels better than outplaying an e25 in your tier 5 tanks. Possible exception of ammo racking artillery.

  25. This Video is sponsored by NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION
    AKA Sumitomo Metal Corp , A real company in Japan [ ]

  26. Ilmari Miettinen

    Japanese logic: No armor at all or all armor

  27. *Stug III had a good game.*

  28. Why are German engines so bad? They’re german, the russians never fix them!

  29. German engines fail because they are in german Tanks, in a russian Game…

  30. Why so onigirous?

  31. such strong steel, folded 1000 times. great video circ

  32. Rens Nieuwenhuis

    What modules and skills are you running? This is one of my favourite t5 meds and I need my last mark on it

  33. sugoi, circon-kun!

  34. Damn it Circ, how you make the gun on that thing behave that well?

    • zeroyuki922 probably running his mainline Japanese medium crews, so brothers in arms, vents, onigiri, gun lane drive at the least

  35. 15:2 so much fun.

  36. I almost never play this tank and to be honest I don’t particularly like it, but when I do play it I do OK. It’s…not terrible.

  37. 5:54 pixel hunting at it’s finest..

  38. Double Double 4G

    2:35 I used to call my Flatpanzer (JPZ 4), Hunger Games, because it kept catching fire 😉

  39. Love the gun <3

  40. Frank Hottenroth

    I wonder if they could be giving the known youtubers good mm to help restore their reputation. Would be a simple program change.

  41. WHen it comes to mm WoT blitz has +-1 mm and it’s really nice

  42. What fucktard would base camp in a KV 2 especially a platoon of 2, WTF ?

  43. The KV pancakes in the cap at the end of the game, BOTH had 0 damage. But, better cap!!!

  44. Fonzy in a tank

  45. 600 was that shell smoking during travel like an old black and white serial tv sci-fi ship?

  46. Nippons have no steel, they buy it😁😂😂😂

  47. Он не ест уже несколько минут))

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