GLORIOUS NIPPON STEEL – Very Honorable (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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GLORIOUS NIPPON STEEL – Very Honorable ( Gameplay)


  1. m4a3(105) and pbj-1 combo plz

  2. Whats the name of the song in this intro?

  3. Battlefield Support c100

    The p-51 was known for manuverability relative to the 109

  4. try the m103 and b 29 attempt 2

  5. Kritsnattha Srinukul Isoda

    hey phly! last year you have a challenge to shot down a plane in sim battle with KV-2 right? so this year i’m gonna challenge you to shot down a plane in sim battle with Ho-Ro or Brummbär. have a nive day sir!!

  6. Centurion and spitfire: attempt 7

  7. can any one help me I finally built my first pc and downloaded warhunder but there’s no play button and I can’t start the game

  8. Phly.. Imagine the Sturmtiger with ATGMS lmao

  9. Kv2 and mig 17

  10. The other way around combo: take out the challenger mkIII, and the swordfish, good luck!
    Attempt #1

  11. That do 217 at 4:40 xD

  12. Rare Ingame Combo: ASU-85 & IL-10 Attempt #2

  13. 4:10 to 4:58
    Close your eyes…

  14. LOL’d several times. I know its not fair but cinching your asshole will not make the rounds bounce.

  15. Винторез Nirah


  16. panzer 2 and the german sabre! make 20mm great again! 🙂
    and try to kill a T 62 with dat :v

  17. is this game worth the download?

  18. I tried to play the tanks, and i really wanted to like it….but i can never see shit and die instantly and it broke my spirit.

  19. Phly use the T-62A and Su-100

  20. I love that intro music!!!

  21. I’m new to the channel. What are people recommending this guy to use? And what do they mean by “attempt #’s” ?

  22. BT-5 and Mig-17 please Sir Phly~

  23. Does anyone have a link to the Sniper elite 4 music ? Tried searching but cant find the exact track

  24. COMBO T 34 85 D 5T AND SU 6!!!

  25. At about 5 minutes, those noises and “Just go in the hole”…. LOL

  26. m60a1 and peashooter!

  27. Always a pleasure.

  28. YO PHLY…download the Boris Sound Mod….trust me…you wont go back.

  29. 69MaiBigButt69 .mp4

    4:57 Phlygasm

  30. That turret is freaking hilariously too small. Like a witch doctor shrunk that tank’s head.

  31. Тарас Королык

    he cum on 4:46 )

  32. But, BT-5 is strong Soviet tank, look at the sekrit documents.

  33. 4:40 WTF is doing that plane xDDD

  34. Phly, whilst watching the Tetrarch+Hunter combo, I shot down a Yak-7B in a M4A3E2 Sherman.

  35. Welcome to the rice fields motherf*cker !

  36. I love this new way to edit videos!

  37. 8:47 “We gonna ace this game!”
    *cheeki breeki*

  38. when you say “hey fellows” at the start of your video, I get triggered.

  39. BT-5&MIG-17 COMBO!!!!

  40. I was expecting some last samurai music. XD

  41. Laughlaugh Laughlaugh

    Stalin’s Secret Plan Combo

    BT 5 and Mig 17 combo

    Screw you Stalin

  42. what is this intro called? i can’t remember the name

  43. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    nice intro music, should have been a little longer tho

  44. OWN/BiomaskedGamer

    walker bulldog and the couger combo attempt #3

  45. Do the German experimental combo. Maus and Ho 229. Attempt #4.

  46. 4:22 close your eyes and listen

  47. StronkGameReviews

    Did you get 1440p screen or did youtube fuck up scaling?

  48. Plz do T-34-85E and Yak-3 (VK-107) plz and have fun

  49. oi phly wat do you use to record vids?

  50. u seemed in a shitty mood

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