God of Warthunder

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the squeakuel

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music (in order):
CoD black ost – Bendz
ace combat zero ost – Glatisant
SEATBELTS – Tank! (cowboy bebop ost)
MoH ost – Shipyards of Lorient, Sturmgeists’ Armored Train
Manuel – Gas Gas Gas
Maurizio De Jorio – Night of Fire
Fearless Flyers – Flyers Funk
ace combat 7 ost – yinshi valley
earthbound ost – summers, eternal tourist trap
CoD black cold war ost – main street, USSR
BF3 ost – the red wire
max payne 3 ost – card left to play/finale
mario paint ost – BGM #2


  1. Alexander Jimenez

    I remember those arcade days, dear god

  2. Fabio Barazzutti

    Very good Cole. Now do it with boats.

  3. I want more videos like this, omg

  4. Beautiful. But the helicopters?

  5. Martin Tusnovits

    Next time do this with naval to. XD

  6. what about blue water fleet

  7. You really like Cowboy Bebop lol

  8. Amazing…..now do shipe

  9. Remove Kebab From the premises

    Now naval without premium

  10. good…now play with ships

  11. I feel like he did not have as many good moments in this video, I think its because tanks are less interesting overall. Don’t even bother with a naval video its awful. Poor guy

  12. Now do helicopters 😏

  13. So that’s why lofi girl stopped going livestream.

  14. now war ships?

  15. Okay.. now do naval battles 🙂

  16. Nice… now boats

  17. Now do naval

  18. “But lemme tell you somethin’… it sucks” – Cole, (2022) 3:44

    Awesome video Cole!! Keep em’ comin!

  19. That was cool and all, get working on naval now lmao

  20. Craftmine taser laser

    Great…… try helicopter’s

  21. Do boats

  22. Boat now plz

  23. 5:50 is where GRB starts

  24. Also great but play ships 🚢

  25. Nice job but….. now do another nation


    Do da battleships

  27. Cool video! Now do naval like a psychopath

  28. This is great, but, play Naval.

  29. Great… Now do boats

  30. OK now boats

  31. Tanks, planes good but WHAT ABOUT SHIPS COLE???

  32. Cool now do boats

  33. And now to wait for boats and ships
    Mabey Even helicopters 🙂

  34. Did you get the f14 with the new update or u think we not gonna lecture u ablut it????

  35. Nice, Now do it all again as GERMANY

  36. good now play world of warship

  37. now do helos

  38. where is the da helicopter

  39. Messiah of the Rails

    I am sorry but Naval battles are the truth test of skill. If you wanna call yourself a god, you gotta play naval battles.

  40. Now ships

  41. Friedhelm in Kursk

    Im starting watch as a 10.5cm tiger 2 ace Hope the kruppstahl be in your side

  42. Hallvard Tengesdal

    Now ship’s…

  43. US vehicles are TOTALLY not OP and too low in the BR most of the time and there are TOTALLY no Pay-to-Win aspects of the game(e.g. T54E1). Anyways, love the effects and the montage of the video. Really enjoyed it! 😀 And the words at the end really say it all.

  44. Sooo what about ships??

  45. Where is the naval mode cole?

  46. Niklas Anderfuhren

    What about ships…

  47. Soundtrack from AC Belkan War…😍😍😍

  48. ive ben playing only USSR and face shermans all the time, but i never realized their guns sound so dissapointing. its like when he says “it’s 6 inches” but he never told you its the diameter of a penny

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