GOD TIER MAUS in World of Tanks!!!

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What happens if you make the heaviest tank in World of Tanks fast? THIS!!!


World of Tanks is a game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Maus is very good in lower tier matchup, however in tier X battle all the speed in the world is not going to help you. 😄

  2. Im rigth yesterday was your birthday??? Than happy week for you!!!!

  3. this game was so fun to watch on stream

  4. can we turn off 3D skin in setting ?

  5. maxed field mods recently using the tott missions, my loadout is quite similar

  6. LOVE your videos, been watching them since you streamed in 2014, been SUPER useful in my upper tier games, but if possible, every once in a while, could you do a video or two for the lower tiers? I think it would be super helpful to them.
    Wot- BlackSwanOtaku41[RTF]

  7. The maus is one of the few tanks not to be heavily buffed by wg. Hopefully, it stays like that!

  8. Do you have better rng and MM because you are a streamer?? You sort of advertise the game?? EVERY time i play the maus it cant hit that perfect, and the enemy always spam gold and know where to pen it?
    Or are you just playing against bots, or had a lucky game? Either way, something is fishy..
    Maybe try do the same thing against all tier X?

  9. Mouse, race into position. 😂

  10. I said it back when WG announced equipment 2.0 that it was a bad idea. Sure it would make tanks more flexible, but when someone goes crazy with min-maxing tanks, it would just bring more unbalance to the game and here we see it. Same with the EBR 105 with 70% camo while moving.

  11. Tbh if I would see a 180t tank coming towards me with blazing speed, I would run too

  12. Grille-d Sandwich Challengers

    Maus: Yay QB says I’m his favourite tier ten
    M48 Patton: *crys in the corner*

  13. Martine Maxine Caulfield

    HE changes, Field Mods, Screw 2.0, no game modes only Randoms, God! Is so great that I don’t play this garbage anymore.

  14. The new modifications are a gimmick to soak up free experience or slow down crew skills to drive monetisation to reach it and not be disadvantaged. The mobility and fire rate/auto loaders have already made a bunch of tanks borderline obsolete. Add in HE nerfs and that is more useless tanks. My favourite tanks are the classic or iconics but they have no place over these tanks I’ve never heard of that is essentially war themed mario kart.

  15. MarcStrombs stromb

    GG! but Mouse is good against tier 8!

  16. that E50 shot tho wtf was that??

  17. I truly feel so sorry for the T110E3. If I was him, I would have just spammed my ‘Esc’ key and click on ‘Back to Garage’ rather than see a slow and abusive death.

  18. Maus with Flakvierling looks absolutely stupid, change my mind.

  19. Maus with Flakvierling looks absolutely glorious, you can’t change my mind.

  20. OMG that wash machine in background xD What have you done, that your wife has send you with Equipment to this room? 😛

  21. they tried to do this in world of warships it got a resounding hell no from the community hmm yup definitely a wg move if i ever saw one lol

  22. look at 3:45 the tank is gone but he did dmg anyway.

  23. QB Stop with your arti Madness, it is incorrect and annoying

  24. Hey QB, how is that communist regime in Belarus behaving? Cannot believe WG is from Belarus, the only dictator nation in Europe.

  25. Just an average guy

    Happy Birthday!

  26. Yep,it’s time to take my Type5 for a ride 🙂 it’s acceleration in reverse is amazing,very slow reload,but it’s fun tank 😉

  27. i think all the 2,o stuff is a joke it has made the game play way to fast and mm cant make a good match any more because of it

  28. Nice washing machine bro!

  29. Happy birthday QB! Do next E100 pls 🙂

  30. What are you drinking Bud? Maus is OP now? Are you well in the head? Maus is now, maybe decent. You sound like a noob, rly. Before all those “buffs” Maus was horrible. And you want now to return to that. Shut the fk up!

  31. step a create an imbalance, step two offer a solution that requires a lot of playtime. Step three offer a shortcut, available for money.

  32. Amit's Online Classroom

    Belated Happy birthday QB.

  33. If I play the Mouse like you did I die in 3 minutes. The amount of Gold ammo I attract in my Mouse is absurd.

    You say it is armored and I say on paper, because once they start loading gold it has way too many flat surfaces and frontal armor weak spots.

  34. Who will win mauschen or E100chen

  35. Sigh…here we go again, QB sensationalizing another garbage XP and credit piniata at tier 10 while stomping tier 8s. “Oh no, turbo makes this tank go 20% more?” Omg thats insane…wait, it still goes 27km/h whereas other, better armored heavys go 35-60 without mobility equipment lololol.
    Show the true face of the maus : sidescraping vs 705A; hull down vs kranvagn, udes and stb1; outtraded by e100…Oh well, at least it has some armor unlike type5.

  36. Does QB have a special account that removes arty from his game play? Every good game I’ve seen has90% no arty, all the top replays. it’s just luck. Normally arty shits on you from a great height and gives you a bad day.

  37. I have an E100 set up mostly like that, I don’t have the higher end field mods, but it’s still so much better with the hardening and a turbo and upgraded bounty vents, running the 128mm on it, as with the nerfing of HE, no point in using the slow 150mm with worse regular pen. It’s definitely pretty monstrous, last week had a tier 10 game, I took no hp damage, track knocked off once, only had like 2.4k or so damage. But blocked over 9k, and had over 2k spotting, was a crazy game. My team shot the hell out of them as they focused on me on that side, still don’t know how no one penned.

  38. IDK why, but this thing’s skin makes me want steampunk skins for tanks. I’ve never spent money on cosmetics, but that might win me over. I mean this rustpunk design is awesome and give a great Mad Max vibe, but without Australia in the map pool and no super-young Mel Gibson hanging off the side, wearing a leather bodysuit in the desert it doesn’t feel complete.

  39. I rather have you start education players on proper game play.
    So they are less stupid.
    Just played again a battle where 13 players go same way.
    Explain where tanks are for.
    Lights for scouting and not hide behind arties.
    This game is f****d up with too many total idiots.

  40. 35% faster quicky! 😀

  41. This was a bad example. You played a game against tier 8s. It’s always been really good against tier 8. It’s still mediocre at tier 10

  42. That’s some of the best tactics I’ve seen in WoT, charging in using yourself huge HP as a meatshield like that, the constant ramming the trscks, to turning the TD side on so they could hit the side armour and not the frontal. Kudos QB.

  43. That demon was there for more than 5s 😉

  44. I just got to Mauschen, cannot wait to get to Maus and amp it’s speed.
    World of Tanks is World of Grinding.

    As a WoWs player the WoT grind is insane. But I am in it knee deep, I’ll grind.

  45. A Donut Plays Games

    100% agree w’ all of your points. My Tortoise is now a monster for similar reasons. It’s nutty. Whilst I find it incredibly fun, it isn’t right and it WG should consider things going forward.

  46. I don’t know why everyone is so focused on game balance when in real life there is no set war balance. If you want game balance, the only way to get it is to have one vehicle with the same equipment and a crew that has the same skills. That’s the only game balance. What they have now is just a shit game. RNG is a built in miss chance when firing, which is stupid. It’s fine for determining penetration and damage, but not hit or miss. All that tells me is Russians sucked and that is why they had to throw numbers at the Germans to win. Also, none of you have a real idea of OP. The only OP release I seen was the Obj 268-4 when it was first released. To be able to charge into the middle of the enemy without worrying about being penetrated while destroying the enemy in the process, was OP! Now it’s just another shit vehicle that they have nerfed to the point that you have to play it like a tank destroyer and snipe from a distance because it seems everyone can pen the armor and it is now slow as fuck. They tend to take the extreme to the extreme opposite when they get done with the vehicles.

    Ground resistance is so lame in this game for tracked vehicles. The game developers have no clue how vehicles navigate across terrain. There is no ground resistance for a tracked vehicle. You are literally laying down a surface on top of the ground giving your roadwheels a perfect surface to roll across. It is just as if you laid down two boards across some mud so you can drive your car across the mud without slowing down or getting stuck. But in this game wheeled vehicles suffer very little while tracked vehicles suffer the most from this so called ground resistance. When in reality wheeled vehicles would be slowed down significantly in mud, snow, water, sand, swamp, and rocky or rough terrain. Yet that is not the case.

    The reason it is not the case? Ignorance on the developers part.

  47. happy bdqb

  48. tierd maus
    all of us are ranbits for elitte of WOT..
    but wenn we take mouse tank.. we are bulls for elite hunters of WOT

  49. T10 full matchup and all-gold-shootout kills fun of Maus going 20 or 40…
    340 HEAT balance it so well it hurts my eyes…

  50. its eassy..
    they dont know about bussines.. and manny thing for them dosent count..
    … a shop give u samthing ecactly it is in advertising desctiption
    .. and if u are not satisfied u send them back and take all of your ecpenses back from them..
    why shall they must have 1 bilion satisfied customers who give them 10 pounds each month..
    better few people like me who want to be the last stand worrior against theyr rubish limited mind..
    so my victory gonna be.. wenn nobody gonna play this game .. i gonna be the last one
    they nerf acounts.. they use old trick with low brightness and laggy game for team whos choosed from start to loose..
    AI who dont atac AI and few choosed player..
    and think if they put on my account all bugs they gonna convince me to quit after i spend in theyr site more than 8 hours almost each day.. and i v spend almost 3.000 pounds trusting them
    crew skill is theyrs excuse for the dirthy they are makin to us..
    i give u mooney.. u dont nerded.. u need my credits and free experince..
    what is that.. what u do with my credits…
    and so ON
    .. KARTTIKEYA was the hindu GOD who beat the DEEMON OF IGNORANCE..

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