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Source: SirCircon

In my opinion the best tank in the game.
Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. I still do good in is6

  2. Master i got a challenge for you…
    Use a tier8 or higher swedish td
    You must get a high calibre but no siege mode allowed

  3. You know what’s funny? On console it would be AT most 1 class. Something between strong second, and weak first.. Console ist so dumb if it goes to mastery badges..

  4. And I was soo dumb chosing Defender over it or even Liberte… RiP me

  5. It’s a fact that Artillery cannot move in maps without water.

  6. If only you could buy them atm 🙁

  7. 1500 XP for that? LoL

  8. What tank is this you are playing?

  9. It's not what you think

    If a premium tank is this good, imagine how good the fully upgraded Tier 8 US heavy is. Kek

  10. Mikołaj Partykowski

    Well, I only get t10 mm in this. Then, I cannot hit anything with that accuracy at mid and long range. In my opinion it is shit on t10, op at t8 and playable at t9. Shame I only got ~6 games on top (around 100 played)

  11. “God”
    Among it’s three main weapons, this tank has a Ruthless Dedication to the Pope?

  12. Idk why people call this tank OP. It’s so easy to pen them on the front. Then again, we have retarded players in SEA server who don’t know what’s called angling and using gun depression and just YOLO into 440 alpha gun

  13. The T26E5 is very good, but it’s Circon that’s God Tier :D. GG

  14. *NEDM* … that video is fucking boring and ur music doesn’t help at all

  15. I’m a dirty stat padder and i can’t wait for this OP tank to be again available in prem shop

  16. Just a casual Top Gun. I am going to shoot you. Oh, now I am going to shoot you too. Another and another and another…

  17. That E-75… *Bounces off.lower plate with AP so switches to gold*
    E-75: NANI?!

  18. why do you use food on this tank for farming credits?

  19. Well that first engagement certainly covered the gamut of ridiculous tier 8 premium heavies.

  20. I guess im just bad at this tank (somehow) but I cant get above 1700 DPG in it ffs

  21. This tank makes the Caernarvon look like shit -_-

  22. also the turret on this isnt half as good as on the t32, very easy pen if you aim at cheeks

  23. I never get that lucky with tank.

  24. This tank rocks on ridge lines but without ridge lines you’re way better with the defender because the hull on this is cheese

  25. This is just another remake of the t32 or the other way around but that’s like saying which is better superpershing or the patriot or the t32 ,the one thing u can definitely say that is different is the speed but I’d rather have some speed and have more armor, having some speed is better than having none at all but if u can survive hits ull probly have fighting chance to win. Ps for some tanks tho???

  26. now do this in the super Pershing lol, without using pay to win ammo

  27. Luckily you didn’t need driver or gunner to kill that pesky GW Panther at end. Or maybe like you said, dead gunner’s corpse hit the trigger at just the right time. Either way, no more pesky arty!

  28. I bought the fcm50t as a money maker and crew trainer, do you guys think I made the right choice or should I have bought something else

  29. I have this tank and think it is pretty damn OP. Kinda think the same about the 252U and Strv S1. E25 still wins the “most broken tank” award though imo

  30. This thing is what any Pershing driver wanted out of their T8 non preferential “medium”

  31. 2:03 Me: Yes! I snapshot-hit! Circon: Aawww no tracking on that?

  32. You made it look easy Circon

  33. Is SirCircon Norwegian?

  34. SirCircon Plez do moar Lorraine 40t! You have an 80% win rate so far! Lorraine 40t is my favorite tier 8 premium bar none anymore. It is just fun to play, and I rarely ever have trouble racking up decent damage by my standards – which are like, nothing compared to Circon’s obviously. But last I checked the Loraine 40t was statistically a strong Tier 8 tank, nearing the top of the list at its tier last I checked it on vBaddict.

    Maybe it is a hard tank to ace and 3 mark? That might make Circon not play her… I just want to see more badass plays in that amazing tank! Also IGNORE people that outfit the Lorraine without a Laying Drive and Vert Stabs! I saw SO MANY YooToobers recommending to run Vents, Vert Stabs, and Optics – which was just retarded! I would give up Optics for a Laying Drive personally, but if you want to have that amazing view range, just run without VENTS! NEVER EVER FULLY RUN FRENCH MEDS WITHOUT A LAYING DRIVE!

    That is NOT how one does French Autoloader mediums!

  35. Sir Circon, Please use your not inconsiderable influence to prod WG into buffing the gun and tracks on the T32 a little…please!

  36. I love this map when playing this tank, have all my best results here. On city map low alpha and T10 MM always fucks you over, though

  37. is it really necessary the prem coca cola consumable in an op prem vehicle? really answer me guys, is here any interesting to watch?

  38. My stats with this tank are terrible. Either I’m too careless when playing it or the enemy team focuses me for playing an OP tank. And I suck.

    Judging by those last few shots, leave the gunner in the barracks next time.

  39. I see one of the big reasons the top players are better than me is they are way steadier aiming. I wobble all over with my mouse it’s clear I need to stop doing so much meth. Nah just kidding I need more….

  40. neft circon…. he’s OP tooooo much

  41. Holy Jeebus! Is that Long Distance Calling?

  42. yaaaas plz 1080p!

  43. Why people say that this tank is OP?
    This tank must be played in hull down location if not it is very easy to penetrate this tank frontly ,and mostly now it meets tier9s and tier 10s.

  44. Great. Every time a unicorn posts a video on how god like the T26E5 is, I have to endure another two weeks as primary target for everyone – even in tier X matches. THANKS A LOT CIRCONFLEXES! lololololololololololol o7

  45. So why did you put this on your channel? Compared to your other videos this isn’t even that good.

  46. Saltiest American crew ever!!!

  47. Okay, people say this tank is super op. In some ways they are correct. But this tank is everything the t32 should be at tier 8, with some different characteristics. How is it that a 105mm gun can have less penetration than a 90 mm. Switch some of the statistics with the t32 and this tank would be like a regular tank. But it is just a t32 with a better gun. Their is always room for improvment

  48. Where do you find these window licking opponents who just sit there in a nice group and let you fsrm them?

  49. So not fair, I play like you play and every shot I fire either misses or does not pen BUT every shot they fire hit me and I get destroyed,

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