GOING HAM! – T25 AT Pilsen – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having an amazing game in the T25 AT! tier 7 TD!


    • You gotta send this to Jingles. Everyone needs to see this, its such a good game man. Well played

    • can relate to the potato chips problem they are like drugs,

      the best are tomato chips they are a bit sour which counters the fat/oil in them, i can eat them forever.
      the worst are onior sour cream chips the aftertaste kills me, usually i feel like puking after just a few of them.

      You can train your haki by putting chips in a bowl on a table near you and resist the urge to take some.

    • Cheater – no fair.

    • how dare you being your own first commenter ? ( nice last shot tho)

    • Have you heard of twitch.tv/circon?

  1. These Photoshops tho
    Btw the turtle on the bottom right side of the thumbnail for the Turtle MK1 review got noticed by no one ’cause there is the time counter hiding it

  2. On another plane of existence in this game Circon!

  3. pringles is not a godtier product but them barbeque is really nice.

  4. i actually liked this TD! Imagine my despair when I unlocked the NEXT TD!!!
    I would rather grind my finger nails off with a Dremel tool than go any further
    in that line even when it’s for the doom turtle

    • I’d say the T28 is somewhat better these days. Still kinda awkward to play but much better then it was 2 years ago.

    • If you didn’t like T28 I don’t think you’ll like the doom turtle. It’s very similar to T95 especially after they remove the junkbox in front of it

  5. Snack Day from Lidl !!! ribbel naturel

  6. My favourite TD back in the day.

  7. Hello Twitch…oh wait.

  8. I made my own potato chip

    Buy potatoes, slice them very then

    Deep fry the shit out of them

  9. I absolutely love this vehicle


  11. Well done!  Your back must hurt from that carry…(although the T-44-100 did quite well also)

  12. I will forever love the old OG red can of Pringles. That was ALWAYS something we brought with us when camping.

    Also damn look at all those gun barrels, US armored board wants to know your location!

  13. That ST Emil was literally gagging for Circon

    • Considering he did less than 100 damage in the game he wasn’t exactly the best player 😀 Not even sure how you do that little damage. Probably ramming damage or a total fail HE shot

    • @Lt_Joker I would say more unlucky then bad…he tracked Uncle Circon twice

  14. That last shot.

  15. Best thumbnail ever xD

  16. That at15a should have torn you apart but he solo’d.
    I traded that piece of crap for another piece of crap.

  17. Whats with this fresh daily content Circon? Your spoiling me even though I’m to lazy to log into twitch.

  18. N O I C E

  19. The only things that can stop Circon are structure pillars.

  20. Outplaying the enemy but gets outplayed by walls – oh wait thats the way to doch artyshells – well done Sir

  21. was an easy grind – loved it!

  22. There’s a reason that Lays’ motto is “Bet you can’t eat just one”

  23. dude, I LOVED three marking the T25 AT, at its tier it has enough armor to bounce most medium tanks when it uses its gun depression, and it just has better alpha, dpm, and aim time then those mediums. If you’re careful and only expose your upper casing, you can just plow through mediums without having to worry about getting tracked. I got my first ever kolobanov’s medal in this tank in my first ever battle in it, which was about 3 months ago now. IMO the AMX AC 46 is a worse version of the jadgpanther, and the jadgpanther is a worse version of the T25 AT. long story short, the T25 AT is my favorite tier 7 td, with the challenger a little bit behind it.

  24. Hey dude, I actually tought that it was my battle you were going to show. ? On wensday I got, om the same map, with the same tank, on the same side: 7 kills, 3960 dmg, 100 defence points. ?

  25. I think its about time for that AT15 to buy a turret

  26. Hi Chat !

  27. Orgasm @8:31

  28. Give Circon potatochips. Annnnd its gone.

  29. Imma link this video to people next time i get yelled at for not being with the heavies in my t25 at

  30. Walls are the only thing that can stop you Circon

  31. an other level you said it 🙂

  32. Circons key to success is the thought of delicious Potato Chips.

  33. F-yeah my dude. Excellent game.

  34. I’m still amazed about how dimbly kamikaze the Sturer Emil player was.

  35. I might’ve had one chip at a party recently.

  36. Pringles are literally potato chips. You’re weird, Circon. 😛

  37. fuck tater chips etc … ( fries are forgiven)…. circon eat any popcorn with kraft dinner shake on it …….. sorta healthy ……. vry salty ….(not like flamu) but its unfuckin forgettable …

  38. @ circon can we see some games where you dont own all of the bitches .. ie maybe some of your worst …..(AND NOT STREAM SNIPED)if possible good sir ..

  39. Nice final Artie-kill Circon, hahaha !!!

  40. Thin slice real potatoes.then add abit of Any thing to them…after cooked..
    Season salt.. is good..
    Onion powder..
    No sugar or excess salt..

  41. That potato chips story hit me right in the feels..

  42. Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Kettle Chips are the way to go, brother!

  43. Fav tier 7 in the game, only tank I’ve 3 marked

  44. Lol. Damn the dpm is crazy good on this tank. I must check it out

  45. Circ for the next time you come to Tankfest those fat laden thinly sliced and fried pieces of potato are called ‘crisps’ in the UK – chips come with fish as in ‘fish and chips’.

  46. Lol I personally despise chips, but pringles are the exception.

  47. Circon literally turned into this meme when that Emil bounced the second time at 6:05 https://youtu.be/eVFd46qABi0

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