GOING REVERSE but…forward? | I need help (War Thunder Tanks)

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GOING REVERSE but…forward? | I need help (War Thunder Tanks)


  1. I just finished fully modding the archer (going back to low tiers to get some extra XP towards high BR vehicles and loving the nostalgia of maps I never see in high tiers made me enjoy the game again, however the Archer was testing it’s good in position but you’re caught out it’s not good ?

  2. I saw the title, and instantly knew it was the Archer. If you think about it, the Archer is a fitting name for this tank destroyer. It moves slow, it’s supposed to be sneaky, and it’s meant to fire from mid to long range. And once it’s in trouble, it’s able to run away rather quickly. I think the name is perfect.

  3. Pls play the hampden at 9.0 attempt 33

  4. Is nobody else noticing the “Follow me on myspace” link???

  5. boring

  6. Alexander Griego aka/minewarriorstar

    You were driving the wrong way

  7. I don’t know why is this…. Thing…. in the game?

  8. siege counterstrike

    it’s actually a viechle for patience testing

  9. Thank you from my heart! I’m giggeling like a child an it is bringing my through my day.

  10. Challange: get 3 kills with the SMK but you can only use the m48 HE shell

  11. Do you think it’ll reverse faster if you destroy the transmission?

  12. even doom turtle is super fast compared to this

  13. I enjoy your videos but why don’t you interact with your community more often?

  14. I thought archer was suppose to be driven opposite of the gun like the gun is rear facing? Or am I thinking of another tank??

  15. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    Oh gosh… That was nuts!

  16. You want a challenge, run french reserves with no upgrades. I never had trouble with any other countries, but the french bottom rung was aneurysm inducing

  17. i just wanted to see you play the archer properly, with eurobeat and all making 180 degree drift flicks at kvs.
    ngl pretty disappointed.

  18. 10:53

    a rare footage of a German Howitzer ran into a random rock,1945,colorised

  19. Did somebody hear about the half failed attempt of israel to land on the moon?

  20. This is what happens when the british and french work together on making a tank

  21. when are you playing the italian ariete

  22. A E S T H E T I C A R C H E R

  23. Ruff one to watch

  24. Out of beta my ass tanks still not modeled correctly

  25. loving the unloved yak-30 #1

  26. It would be quicker too just walk while carrying a shotgun. I would die if I saw a guy walk faster than your tank

  27. Geez and I thought my French starter tanks were slow….omg

  28. M26 E1 HVAP only challenge. Gotta punch the crew out like a punch card.

  29. Yow phly try playing the doom turtle and get a plane kill 🙂

  30. *Sees title*

    Me: bet its the Archer

  31. Hải Nam Lê Nguyễn

    Phly I miss the combo series 🙁

  32. y tho

  33. Well … Thats one way to get toolboxes for the event.

  34. I wonder, for the commander, if he says forwards will the Archer go backwards or forwards ??

  35. Quality? content?

  36. One of my favorite tank in WarThunder, at this Tier no one can handle this gun

  37. 6:08 I got a sick flank right there on a chu ni 2 with the kv-1!! so sick to see my squad in your video!

  38. Here is a challenge using an amphibious vehicle only get kills while you are in the water :3

  39. Nikos Papasotiropoulos

    So all tanks at 4km/h top speed confirmed ??

  40. km/h stands for kilometers per hour ._. and you asked how long it would take to go 4 km and 3 km. The answer is an hour lol

  41. When you call maus slowest tank in game archer:I’m offended

  42. Luís Frederico Santos

    How do you guys drive at the same time than you write in the chat?

  43. Use 8.8 cm Flak 37 Sfl. as SPAA

  44. does the grids on minimap gives you rough idea on distance? if so how long is a squre in mini map?

  45. An ace?? I got double ace

    1 each match:(

  46. Is the super perishing good?

  47. 8:45 i can hear phly’s groan all the way over here in SEA lol

  48. The_Immortal_Jellyfish

    Mr Phloppy woppy, please do a vid on the VWF (that’s it right?) The German rank 3 tank destroyer in the current WT event

  49. Nobody:

    Phly: I’m gonna torture myself for my phans.

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