Going to BRITAIN to see this TANK IN PERSON! (War Thunder Tortoise Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Thumbnail Credit – https://.warthunder.com/post/350000/en/

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  1. Inverted V12 Powerhouse


  2. I have been to Bovington loads of times and your going to love it!

  3. the whistle killed me inside

  4. Surströmming Gaming

    I love this song becuse it reminds me of the battle of Waterloo

  5. “name a better sounding gun” he said

  6. Su100y sounds sooo much better

  7. The mighty jingles is always going to bovitine can’t spell the name but anyways tank fest so Mr jingles will be there

  8. Bennett Thorne THORNE

    Don’t forget absolutely slow af

  9. The bounce comes from the eurobeat they listen in the Tortoise.

  10. Why cant we just get a new phly decal?

  11. say hi to jingles if he’s there

  12. Damn it! I just moved to Austrlia… seems like im missing it this year.

  13. **sips tea**

  14. This and the Black Prince are two of my fave tanks to play.

  15. Is it true that certain Maps are only for high(er) tiers because i have been playing maginot line aaaaallll the time and berlin i havent played 2nd battle of el alamein or carpathians or 83th parallel or maps i played a year ago and i’m at the tiger E tier

  16. I don’t put anything in mah tea cause *Hans doesn’t like tea*

  17. That tank is like a turtle and a sturm tiger hybrid

  18. You have a MuhSpace? Hm-DAMMIT! FOOLED AGAIN!

  19. please Video bomb Jingles Video Camera with QB! xD

  20. the yak-9T 37 mm sounds nice too

  21. I mean, the Russian 100mm sounds pretty good too.

  22. leos are bugged… after penetration ap/apds does almost nothing… going trough crew not killing it ,…ect

  23. that sheit so fancy i need second monocle.jpg meme

  24. Watch out for the salt mine lord or you will end up in the mines.

  25. Hey phly what tank should I get with 25 dollars

  26. You’ll love Bovington, Phly! Hopefully you stay at a bed and breakfast!

  27. Bovington is amazing, went with my wife and spent the whole day there, took like over 300 pictures. The tiger II’s are really fucking huge! It’s a shame that they don’t work. 131 does though.

  28. Say hi to the Mighty Jingles for me haha

  29. Teapot Turtle

  30. Aussie combo… matilda/Canberra.. get you aussie accent goin’ maaate

  31. Chernobyl Reactor

    quick question, are you using a sound mod? in your video, when you got shot there was a really cool ricochet sound, i think i’m going crazy, but are you using a sound mod? at the start, the buzz of the ricochet

  32. Tony Kalliojärvi

    That Ho-Ro kill though!

  33. hey can you use the A-20G havoc with 12 M8 rockets
    its been 4 years since i saw you play it for a video

  34. The German 10.5 sounds the best

  35. Prob one of my fave tank in the game

    [T R I G G E R E D B R I T I S H N E S S I N T E N S I F I E S]

  37. vlog?

  38. Vlog it.

  39. 1M cup of tea pls.

  40. I would er if she’s hot haha 😂

  41. Does the link work for the xbox one now?? I’m down to buy if I can on my xbox!

  42. This tank never seen the battlefield

  43. Can someone tell me the movement controlls of ps4 because i’ve changed some and i dont know what the original controlls was 🙁

  44. Kieran O'lafferty

    Sturmpanzer sounds better

  45. Cya there phly

  46. phly is sponsored by WG lol

  47. “Absolutely, brrea; british.”

  48. Phoenix of Gaming

    Hey Phly did you ever ricochet of a Leopard 1 with T32. Played some games yesterday and bounced 3 or 4 times

  49. What the hell was that opening

  50. darkfunewolf Coop

    You know yesterday i ram a tortoise with my foch ans i was funny because he wasn’t able to pen me but i was my shooter down so it was ridiculus….

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