GOLD TYPE 59 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – G. This might be one of my most reckless purchases of all time. 25,000 gold for a tank I already had…


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. TOTAL FAIL: Sold out in NA server int 30 seconds. Fuck WG for not just selling it ourtright. Gold version is SUPPOSED to get 2x credit and 2x xp – this one didn’t, yet WG still charged $100/25,000 gold. Fuck you WG.

  2. Golden e25 *chuckels*

  3. i am so glad that i moved to war thunder…

  4. This is nothing to be excited about except for those useful idiots that keep spending money on useless shit like this (unless they sell those accounts and flip them for profit).

    No wonder this shitty game sucks.

  5. that tank looks amazing

  6. £100 for a skin! Great work

  7. Like the dragon on the barrel but the gold paint makes me retch, though as for the tk thing that happens in most games on the SEA server generally people pop this thing as soon as they see it whether its on its team or not

  8. Shooting full gold is unresponsible against the rest of the player base. You as a wot icon should show how its done and that you should be a noob and shoot full gold. Shame on you smh

  9. Platinum AMX 40 next pls

  10. The one tank in all of this game Ive wanted since I started playing in 2012. I’m convinced I’ll never get a type 59

  11. And crying about it not having the op bonus? Do you even care about the game anymore qb?

  12. and this tank will never be sold again BUT if they do sell it again it will be for like 200$ so have fun with that

  13. and btw QB this tank is just dumb

  14. I’d like to downvote this vid more than once for your “f*ck everyone” ammo loadout.

  15. wargaming made 50k in 14 seconds thats fucking insane

  16. This is why I will never play WoT

    Introduce a historically accurate mode, no P2W, no gimmicks, no BS, no non-existent fantasy tanks and I might think about it

  17. The Austrian Avenger

    is there any option to disable that model in the game, so I don’t have to see golden tank? The option to hide non historical content doesn’t do the trick…

  18. I got one in NA. Less than 10 seconds. Click faster suckers.

  19. re 5:25 “TK the 59G” My question: why kill the people who are paying into the game we enjoy? I’m very happy for people to unload into WG so I can keep playing for FREE! Good on them, cheers to the big spenders; please keep spending, you’re awesome.

    & then you realize, after seeing the shell dents… it’s only a gold paint job.

  20. Asia server it was at 2am in the morning, this will be a shoot on sight tank

  21. as QB said they made around about $5.000 just on selling the Type 59 G… It’s downright stupid, how much money they make on this. But it is a chance to get some awsome vehicles…

  22. Alexander Bendyna III

    I want to make $50,000 in 14 seconds. 🙁

  23. 83 European Pesos.. This is ridiculous. Not that they are selling it, but that someone wants to pay that kind of money for something that is in reality.. nothing.

  24. ey the icon is always yellow for your tank

  25. It be great if you could earn gold with it.

  26. Funny thing is someone could mod the skin

  27. Aaron Vaarwater

    Why doesn’t wargaming reduce the amount of gold rounds a player can load in a tank to something like ten rounds, if they want to improve the match(making)? I think WoT will then look more like how it was back in the day. When knowledge and armor actually mattered.

  28. Giannis Triantafillidis

    i want hear what D.Trump have say about it ..

  29. I asume you can write off charitable donations on your taxes like you can do in North America

  30. Too bad it’s not solid gold. The armor could be 100mm, but feel like 10mm.

  31. Krisztián Kapus

    I bet there were some who wanted to buy it and bought 25000 gold and in the end they couldnt get it because it was sold so quick xD

  32. TheDaywalker789

    WG be like: “Oh we need this thing on our servers for historical reasons”

  33. 59G in Chinese server,200% credits 200% XP

  34. i now realize the game is not broken its the player base that is sad

  35. wow 50k for 500 t59’s with a gold skins in 14 seconds

  36. Trump would penetrate kim jong-un and Putin in this tank.

  37. Waffle on Ehunda … It will come

  38. Wow just WOWZA Qb, the day has come that even “you” crossed the line. A GOLD T 59……man, how vain…..

  39. This tank is total bull schiesse! The tracks aren’t even gold, come on people!!!

  40. Make it weight 200 tonnes, and make it slower than a T95.

  41. Lee&Carol Smith

    Gold tank becomes a gold ammo magnet lol

  42. Anyone thinking the video is speed up?

  43. Stieglitz Things With Wings Trash

    The only reason to buy the golden 59 would have been the additional credit and xp factor. Without that this is a joke!

  44. If I had 25k gold, I wouldn’t buy this tank. However, if I got twice the amount of credits that QB mentioned a “super premium” like on the Asia server than I can see spending 100$.

  45. 比二雷的好看多了

  46. Ανδρεας Ζαγκλης

    It seems to me that on top of all, after 59 G was sold players are encouraged to have/buy some 30 k gold in stock. wp to WG for that sale…, (though I’m wondering why they didn’t sell 2-3k of them) at least they made it look ridiculous so as to not offend the proud owners of the authentic one as much.

  47. The gold type 59 looks pretty badass though imo XD

  48. ShimithDomencio

    how much is my regular type 59 worth then? 40 million gold atleast xD… who the fuck wants this decorative golden shit and drivin around everyone knowing the only thing you did was paying 25k gold to get it luls

  49. dont TK all gold Type 59s…. tk all the artys with the gold Type59

  50. Hsient’ing Chiang

    It’s definitely the best fucking idea to sell it just before the 30 years Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre.

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