GOLDEN Russian Tank (War Thunder)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay 1.55 – Golden T-54 !

Thanks for watching!


  1. Victor Said Rodriguez Jimenez


  2. 1st

  3. how did u get it

  4. poop?

  5. no you dont get them from free golden eagles xD all i could get from it was
    130 ge in 3 months

  6. 3mns agoo

  7. Baron it has been a nice trip comrade. But its time to unsub. I will come
    back sometimes when you have stopped with the golden eagles app. Good bye i
    will see you in hell. Comrade

  8. baron this tank is nice with the gold skin

  9. Baron why don’t you do video with shermanator and squire??

  10. like❤❤❤

  11. cool man

  12. baron battle with a golden maus

  13. craftfaster2 and CookieCracker

    gold plated…so soft armor over heavy armor? good idea!

  14. Wow talk about wallet warrior

  15. OMG Baron how can I get that camo?!?!?!

  16. theorangedoom > phly > baron

    If you want to see this tank except 5x more beautiful.

  18. Opps, it is Type 59G skin. :D

  19. How would you get golden eagle if you have an apple device Baron?

  20. doesn’t world of tanks have something similar? I remember seeing a thread
    about the “Type 59 G”, where it was just a gold reskin premium.

  21. Free golden eagles is a scam

  22. swag tank = swag lyfe

  23. suqj8 use my code when regestering for golden eagles app ;)

  24. First match lack russian bias. Germans op.

  25. that’s how u do it … full heat right :)?

  26. drive the T 34 85 or go to gulag!

  27. Sure that free golden eagles app is legal?

  28. Camo is overrated.

  29. my last video before i unsub..

  30. Baron baron how do you get your golden eagles?

    Baron: i bought em

  31. re-address M4A3E2 plz, got updated

  32. 13 idiots that don’t have life dislike it… sad

  33. I Don't Understand Math

    How do you have bomb drop indicator in Realistic Battle?

  34. Category Travel and Events lol

  35. Stronk undertiered Russians

  36. That luke guy is lucky. Being mentioned every video

  37. Baron baron how do you get your golden eagles?
    I have a press account

  38. Россия сила

  39. Baron rocking liberace’s tank

  40. Baron, i dont care how you got your golden eagles.

  41. and everyone says Russians are op. Leopard is a aids tank

  42. Baron how do you get them so fast do?

  43. +BaronVonGamez

    How do i get skins liek that ? plz tell meh da Waour funder gawd

  44. In wot once their were golden Type-59 in Chinese server , selling for like
    500 USD , everyone hate it and will TK it , it was like 1 vs 29
    automatically .

  45. this is skin is actually modeled after the golden type59 from wot XD

  46. Why did you take 4 500lbs for the Il-28? Are you made??????

  47. Drive Fury sherman tank do it for Brad Pitt, Baron its the right thing!

  48. Heres a code idk if anyone is interested in using this code. evruy

  49. A tank no one would dare shoot at. Capture, yes. Destroy, no(until it’s
    captured/melting time).

  50. Type 59 gold?

  51. That’s what i call Stalinium

  52. That free eagles app dont work…

  53. Needs more TORPEDUS

  54. Why don’t you get a golden 38t skin. If anyone knows what I’m trying to

  55. T-54 going hard in stalingrad yeah

  56. the tracks are not golden

  57. Why are you using (C)HEAT-FS like its candy do you not understand how much
    it costs

  58. how do you get skins?

  59. baron fell for the b8 at 13:50



  61. tryin’ to bring back “hella'” are we slick?

  62. This is why I like war thunder better than world of arcade tanks. realistic
    to a point.

  63. baron y u use heat there has been many instances where uve couldve one shot
    enemies with capped ballistic capped not just this video but in many others
    -.- im not one to judge but dude like heat isnt the primary shell u should
    use :l

  64. Baron, why ur not recording in 60FPS?

  65. Gold Noob

  66. Tank parkour with phly

  67. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I’m going to take a little break from watching Baron a while due to his
    lack of recent arcade battles.

  68. could you start going for the objetive and not go roge on the other side of
    the map! bc little noobs who watch this do the same thing and loses the
    match since they wanet to be like you

  69. Rand Paul 2016!

  70. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    Slick and baron make a good team. You guys are so chill

  71. I’m sorry but does anyone else find Slick to be very annoying

  72. Baron, if you don’t move when you spawn you have a longer immortal time.
    Just move your turret and that’s it. On the HUD when your tank stop
    blinking your time is up

  73. Play the tiger 1 and you will send the sockets back to their gulags.

  74. Play the tiger 1 and you will send the sockets back to their gulags.

  75. You use your golden eagles to gold plate that tank.

  76. Sorry my devise crashed and I posted the thing three times I also ment the

  77. What type of fuckshit is this?Why do you need fucking gold WHEN YOU HAVE
    STALINIUM STRONK ARMOR!!!Glory greatest country!

  78. That is an awesome skin. If only I had a t-54

  79. epic mod skin 😀 from China servers Gold Type-59

  80. 黄金59!

  81. Gotta love baron deleting the hate comments, unsubbed faggot.

  82. Baron I just started WT and I don’t know how to ur planes without usejbg ur
    points and have 1:00 to play can u tell me how do u install skins and play
    it planes without have a time limit also my highest tier is 1 is the a

  83. play with the Ferdinand

  84. i dont have something with google play store

  85. Moped “the Troll” Tobias

    pls stop that golden eagle shit …… pls !

  86. who needs camoflage anyway

  87. if i download a skin can other players see it ?

  88. gold dragon

  89. WHY you dont show how you were killed? WHY YOU DONT DOING THIS? You will be
    dead like me….

  90. Really that was a retarded place to end the video

  91. if you use Invite code “fhrey” you’ll get even more golden eagles from the
    free app! some sort of hack?? i actually got a whole bunch just from that

  92. for fuck sake every time I hear that sell out promotion I physically cringe

  93. i thought this was wot

  94. no rely slick that song was bad rely bad

  95. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    the golden eagles thing doesnt work, golden eagles cant be free.

  96. “panther two is still dead” lol

  97. Barron use a tiger 2 with gold camo its Hitlers Nazi gold

  98. Well Baron it has been nice. But since the app you promote distributes
    malware I can’t support you any longer. I might check back every now and
    again but as long as you keep that advertisement going I will stay away.

  99. A tank Stalin would drive

  100. The free golden eagles thing is starting to get pretty old. I don’t want
    you to be such a sellout. I respect Phly a lot more now for really sticking
    it up to Gaijin and playing without all the GE stuff.

    According to WT terms and conditions: You shall not sublicense, rent,
    lease, sell, trade, gift, bequeath or otherwise transfer your Account or
    any Virtual Items associated with your Account to anyone without Gaijin’s
    written permission. (GE counts as Virtual Items)

  101. Donald Ben Obama Trump Carson said “TO show success ya got to drive a gold

  102. gold < stalinium

  103. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Ok baron quit advertising that scam shit

  104. Hey baron can you do the jagd-Panther

  105. Don’t support these illegal apps and I am honestly surprised It has not
    been taken down already.

  106. stop the golden eagle thing its annoying


  108. This is the golden type 59 in the Chinese server of world of tank.

  109. Warexplosin Bigboom

    The thank is soy Easy to siy him because is golden thank

  110. I imagine Saddam Husatan Riding in this thing.

  111. The American channel

    That skin gave me fucking cancer

  112. It feel more like the golden Type59 in WoT :p

  113. will you post a video of how to download player missions

  114. I’m unsubbing, you’re a sellout. The app is only for androids and only
    gives you like 10 eagles per 3 tasks to do that timeout. Goodbye and good

  115. Baron what is your GPU

  116. Play the me 410 a1 50mm with the tiger 2 p or with the pz 2c

  117. roblox “robloxlord234” master

    im just gonna say one thing russian t34 series is so easy to kill Pssst
    shoot at drivers hatch or right underneath turret to knock out gunner and
    loader plus the tanks turret traverse …….so not hard to kill (i use
    these strategies in rb and sim so they will work) if you have a shit gun
    just wait for him to rush you and flank and spank him i did it it 3 t34 85s
    today in my american light tank today you wanna know why cause russian
    tankers are retarrded your welcome

  118. The most op combo ever (so legit)
    The wonderful Maus
    And the HE 51 with the 6 10kgs
    (Sorry in advance)

  119. Hey Baron, I’m thinking of making some videos of WoT, War Thunder,
    Napoleon: Total War, Rome: Total War and probably AW. But I need help in
    choosing a YT channel name, some thing catchy like yours; all that would be
    in about a year, maybe sooner. I got everything in my channel alright and
    all but I can’t make up a name. Baron pls halp


  120. 1:20 baron singing in his native language

  121. Pure stalinimum at its purest state.

  122. make a how to video on free golden eagles

  123. My God, its been months since I got the second map, not even remember the
    name. All I get now is Tunisia.

  124. this cannon sounds like a awp

  125. play the IS 1 please

  126. Baron how do you get so many golden eagles?

  127. A and G productions

    But not for apple iPhone and iPad

  128. how you can move the camera without move the turret?

  129. use code 2326y i am extremely grateful if you do so war thunder for life
    WoT no just no

  130. You know what Gaijin should do for anti-spawn camping? They should have
    some AI controlled anti tank guns or something that can crit or kill enemy
    tanks that enter the spawn area. That way people can have a good time
    playing and spawn camping will be discouraged. What do you guys think?

  131. the only things missig are some adidas stripes and vodka

  132. Whose tank is that ? Lil’ Wayne ?

  133. Bling bling! Son!

  134. How is it russian against germany when i play rb its always mixed

  135. Can you do a vid with the german rocket TD?

  136. Baron Baron! pls drive with the tortoise!!!

  137. Stevenkent Kaswandi

    is a dragon on your tank

  138. wait. t54 has HEATFS?? dafuq.. didnt know that..

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