Golf course Airfield – Derp E2 – World of Tanks

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  1. Notification squad

  2. 2 Videos in 24 hours! Stop treating us Circon

  3. Just Imagine… The best tier 8 heavy tank in the game….

    The KV-4.

  4. When it comes to golf, Tiger Woods can suck your Willy good sir

  5. Sometimes: I worry about my skill. But then, I see that even Circon only has two MOEs on his Jumbo, just like me. And I feel better.

  6. Holy crap, the circon fanboys… They laugh when he laughs, the complain when he complains, they quote what he quotes, they repeat what he says, they literally are brainless without circon.

    • r/iamverysmart

    • Speaking of repeating… second video in a row that you’ve said the same thing. Why don’t you piss off and find a cloud to shout at you grumpy cunt? God forbid that people may also think the same thing as someone else, especially a fan base…

  7. Nothing like a relaxing game of golf nice meme

  8. fun game

  9. that was lot of fun!

  10. I don’t even want to know what circon’s handicap is…The circon laugh is priceless xD

  11. The platoon couldn’t carry because 2 of their tanks were shit XD

  12. he was prob a no0n skilled crew without 6sense.and this was probably the last time he played this game forever.

  13. Ahh. My kind of golf. US or the slow UK howitzers

  14. Stock Jumbo turret is the best turret hands down. Fuck the view range increase, fuck the reload. I’d rather bounce tier 7 heavies and wreck face in tier 6 with my impenetrable turret.

  15. Derp e2 is best e2

  16. Captain Brexit failed.

  17. Enemy top tier platoon: The good, the bad and the ugly.

  18. I grinding this meme with the HE… and actually going faster than the normal gun.

  19. God those shots…
    I don’t know why but my easy8 was better doing derp than my e2. Is so bad.

  20. Great video circon thanks for the Lols this morning going to be a good day.

  21. Eh, i report them for what i think it is; Unsportmanship.

  22. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Jumbo arty that is!

  23. content, for the stats!

  24. Thanks for coming back my man, we missed you.

  25. OI Exp with stock gun is like driving an armored bishop. you can basically loop shots over most obstacles if you zoom out

  26. Love Golf <3<3

  27. He denies the enemy damage, therefore credits, xp and potentially mission completions, so he does hurt others bydrowning himself, i don’t know what more you could do to qualify for poor sportsmanship

  28. I_am_not_stupid _

    This was epic watching on Youtube, can’t even understand how hilarious it must’ve been seeing it live!

    • why would it be more fun watching live? it’s the exact recording of what twitch peeps saw

    • I_am_not_stupid _

      @Beroun It’s just a different kind of vibe, the feeling of knowing that what you are seeing is happening right now. In a way I feel that I’m more present in the event that is shown to me, which is also strengthened by the fact that you can interact with the Twitch chat.

    • interesting. For me the most important is the ability to pause and resume later, so I don’t lose anything. Thank you for explaining! I have been wondering about this a long time

    • You two made my day, lovely convo.


  30. Wow Circon, GG, what’s the derp, good gun E2 20 %, good gunner Circon 80 % or some ?!!

  31. I_am_not_stupid _

    “He was only taking cover behind a hill…so I figure, why can arty not shoot him” Absolutely perfect! 7:58

  32. AT7 sidescraping….lol

  33. dat laugh tho 😀

  34. playng in the small league with 8 skils for memberships to win in the battles with the noobs, great Circon! nothing fior learn…

  35. It’s like rubbing salt in the wound – Circon using gun with over 0.5 dispersion lands basically every shot, no matter if it’s from the third person view, no matter the distance, or if he is shooting while drinking tequila from the stripper’s belly button; meanwhile my 0.3, fully aimed, nothing obstructing the target gun is asking me if I prefer the sky or the ground. “Well, surprise me” was my answer, and this is the story how I got banned for friendly fire.

  36. I prefer the M4 derp, but will try the E2, great video

  37. Every time I see golfing, my heart glows warmly

  38. Who would win: A heavily armored British tank destroyer
    or one soapy boi

  39. Nice meme

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