Golf course El Halluf – Sherman E2 Derp!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. 1st bich hahah nice game

  2. Hey Circon, is there somewhere a list of tanks you have 3-marked?

  3. That mm tho…

  4. Haha, says 0 views , but 11 likes. 🙂

  5. Circon i love ya man,need more your videos on tube

  6. Hi circon
    I’m a french player and one of my favorite french streamers met you in a game which he post on yt. It was on porkhorovka and you was in sheridan, killed by a JP E100. Anyway, i let you go To watch his video. His name is Pamboum and he is a really good player.
    Good Luck on the battlefield and see you soon!

  7. Circon, why can’t I use the modpack? Is it not updated yet for the micropatch?

  8. using top turret for those view range mmm

  9. Marthijn van Oorschot

    *LOOK AT ME*

  10. battle of my dreams

  11. that mug purchase though 😛

  12. My first ace was my first 6 kills round too – with the M3 Lee which was my first T4 tank ?
    -5 years ago, lol

  13. Oh the memes

  14. my view range is not near, and i have 3 skill crew 🙂

  15. Sweet game! I have a replay with many similarities on my own channel. Practically the same base defense–same map, same side. No narration, just the replay. It’s called WoT Hellcat Kolobanov.

  16. Hah, my first ace wanker?
    A 10 kill game. In the T3 British cruiser tank (Cruiser 3? Cruiser 4? Whichever is the t3) with a brand new crew.
    No Pools etc because of the T3. FML.

    • Cool.

    • Sweet, mine was only a 6 kill game in the BDR G1b….long, long ago, when 135mm pen at tier 5 was ridiculously unnecessary. I’d be afraid to play it now, having to face gaijira or other super derps all the time

    • Probably the 4 shot Cruiser 4 or derpy Cruuser 2

    • I think I aced one of the random tier 2s my first week of playing the game, but I died and didn’t even notice that I’d aced the thing until well after I’d sold it and moved-on XD

    • Mine was in the M4 Sherman, 2k damage which even to this day is quite a lot. I’m sure the game is on my channel somewhere but I didn’t know jack shit about recording so the quality is laughable ?

  17. Hey Circ, you like listening to Electric Wizard?

  18. Congrats on the 100k Circon!

  19. that backwards auto aim kill shot on the other E2: gangster

  20. Using many a sandwedge in this battle. Try it in the IKV103 😉 the swedish golf master.

  21. Shaelynn Ahmaquissar

    The first ace tanker game was in T18 Tier II TD back in 2012. 10 kills on the old Province map. One of the shots is a blind shot. Got the first ever Kolobanov on that tank as well.

    Oh, forgot to mention that I was in the Asian server.

  22. Disgusting turret choice. I am shocked and appalled

  23. Ah the simple things in life, like using a Sledge hammer to break open soft boiled eggs …. #DerpinessGoodness

  24. I see that you are a man of culture. Well played, Circon.

  25. Hey circon, what are your thoughts about playing the Jumbo with the stock turret? Do you think it’s worth sacrificing the view range for the better armor or would you rather stick with the top turret?

  26. Definitely can’t remember my first Ace, can remember my first Kolobanovs. Did not know what I was doing, got Himmelsdorf in my top tier Churchill mk. VII (which I actually liked a lot back then) and just smashed. Actually, now I think of it, my first and only Pools was also Himmelsdorf, in the sta 1 I think. Something about that map.

  27. My first ace was my first game in a brand new M3 Lee on siegfried line? That 75mm gun isn’t anything to laugh at.

  28. do you remember your first tier 10?

  29. #Circonflexes Run your own experiment using Credit Booster’s and not using them ! ! ! ! ! Expose WG Credit Booster Scam ! ! ! ! !

  30. Got the excalibur, alot of fun. But I dont like the shell velocity, but oh well, nothing is perfect
    Does Circon already have it?

  31. unicum spams heat at tier 4s waaaahhh

  32. Wargaming Super Noob

    I got a video where I was basically doing that but in my M4 sherman. Not as many kills or the damage, but still funny

  33. Tiger Circon !

  34. Love this damn tank to bits, one of the few that I’ve managed to get two marks on. The derp never gets old, and the turret is robust at lower tiers. Nice to see you having fun in it as well!

  35. I need that mug in my life.

  36. Is that the top turret then cause of the view range?

  37. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    5:00 that poor PZIVH, just trying his best only to get one-shotted from across the map…


  38. Who is the legend? Circon or those bushes?

  39. 4:59 par 5, hole in one. 😀

  40. Pretty sure my first ace was in the AT2. Seal clubbing before I’d even played 100 games lol

  41. PAMBOUM vs CIRCON – – Pamboum say Circin is my hero !

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