Golfing with Tanks!

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  1. Having a relaxing time, playing some golf, when i suddenly get shot at. I just want to play some golf man. ; )

  2. Michael Cartwright

    Wow! I never knew golf could be SOOOOO intense like that!

  3. I was praying for 10th time..sad meme..

  4. Circon have you installed the Windows creators update? It messed my PC up so bad i had to uninstall it.

  5. “arty is really disgusting”, 1 hits poor seal moments after 🙂

  6. Rendering your beard takes up 90% of your CPU’s performance…You should upgrade to a Titan supercomputer.

  7. Hey circ, wanna see some real golf, play the OI experimental with the stock gun. Every HE round reaches the stratosphere to hit anything more than a hundred meters out :p unrelated: my only tier 10 in the t110e5, but I feel like I can’t play tier 10 without either more alpha or more pen :/

  8. try to delete some old replays circ that worked for me
    when i had that prob. hope it solves it

  9. Pz3/4 is ruined I tellz ya – RUINED !! It was fast scout hunter and used to have 60 mm all-around armor , making it rather effective when angling at 45 degrees, nowadays it can be HE-ed to death E-Z!

  10. You shameless seal clubber you lol……

  11. Never worried, got ’em.

  12. I almost got a kolobanovs in the tier 4 french arty in that bush, I was playing up that line for the missions, as the british SPGs suck and they are the only others I have.
    Sadly ran out of time to get their birch gun, had 2 minutes to take him out, but I was low HP and 75% crew, so I had to be extremely carefull, still shotgunned a cruiser 4, swede tier 4 TD and a lee in a row. (and a T80 with the most beautifull blindshot ever, like 10 seconds after he dissapeared 😛 )

  13. whenautismhitstoohard


  14. That’s why I <3 my bathtub. 🙂

  15. is 6.30 really a bad loading time???

  16. That moment… When your shell looks like a Kareem Abdul Jabbar hook shot, sailing through thee air.

  17. 8 eagles and a birdie. Great game my dude wp

  18. Thanks for winning by capping and showing all the touch holes that you sometimes have to cap to win. Winning is the goal, period.

  19. blrrp hurr why is he playing tier five durrr hurp

  20. luchs has 10 shots of 30 dmg, so it’d have to do a rahter high roll, however the vk leo that you three marked a year ago, can do up to 360dmg, as it has 12 shots of 30 dmg.
    also, FORE!

  21. Ah well, it is not only shit in the lower Tiers ! People are helping each other,
    quite often as it is !
    Cool you show also lower and middle Tiers Circon !!!

  22. Ultimate low-tier golf would be Cruiser II with the 3.7in howitzer or anything with the British 3-inch howitzer (Matilda and Covenanter get it I think)

  23. SealPOGGERS so filthy I love it

  24. UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    How does he do that old man wheeze so good?

  25. That’s why I don’t play with the derp on the wolverine. unreliable when you meet tier 7

  26. Circon you should try the m26 pershing with the 105 derp

  27. >top tier, spamming gold
    >tier 5 sealclubbing
    >redline sniping
    >kemping boosh
    here you go Circon it’s for your youtube algorithms 😛

  28. I like how the shells in the back of the turret couldn’t possibly be howitzer shells. Advanced technology kappa

  29. It’s the Bang Bus, not the bathtub!

  30. Derperine!

  31. HELP ME! my game keeps crashing on me, no mods, complete vanilla. I’m in the game, and in the worst possible moment, my game just crashes to desktop… any ideas why?

  32. Is Circon Polish? What a dumb question. Everyone knows that Circon is Circonish, supreme overlord of Circonica the most WN8 rich country on earth.

  33. oh so you got the medal that everybody wants ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. One of my favorite tier 5 in the game. It’s so much fun to play.

  35. Have you ever considered playing more of the less played tanks like the Sherman III and Firefly or the Renault G1?

  36. i bet that bath tub was out of shells. check the post game stats.

  37. Michael Brekkestran

    Your Circonium armor was weighing you down a bit I think 🙂

  38. *Says can’t pen Pz3/4*
    *Pens Pz3/4*

  39. looks like you should have sprung for the gasoline over the food kappa

  40. That zoom out mod is illegal ya know. Gives an unfair advantage!

  41. 0:22 that Luchs tho

  42. That maybe was fun for U but that was some some serious sealclubing. Shame on U m8.

  43. Arty is doing so much damage in this tier. It’s pretty disgusting. *one shots a lago*

  44. never thought there will be a day i actually injoy watching golf haha…nice meme.


  46. Aw man, I get busy at work, then take a vacation, and looks like I missed some cool stuff.

  47. Dude you should absolutely play more low tier games! This is classic!

  48. I think you forgot to charge your golf cart batteries circon. You were really struggling to make it up those nasty hills on the back 9.

  49. Full view range at tier 5 in a tank destroyer ?‍♂️

  50. PickelJars ForHillary

    Complains about arty doing damage.
    Proceeds to 1 shot a red tank.

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