Gone Fishing – ARL 44

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Good morning Circon <3

  2. this map is huge shit after 1.0. …

  3. AYO under 40 views! 😛

  4. 4 ARL battles already uploaded
    42 to go lmao

  5. If you would have had the 90mm gun you would have buttered the front of the AT8, just would not have had the alpha damage but no teir 6 tank can stand up to the 90mm penertration

    • 90mm works on this just fine for sure. Surprised Circon doesn’t use the 90 as well as he uses the 100mm on the IS which I also like due to the pen and DPM.

  6. ARL 44 one of the best tanks at tier 6 at the moment and we’re seeing it by circon but yeah alot of players prefer the Russians for some bizarre reason but o well everyone has there likes on things

  7. Winter here in Australia and it was 26c today

  8. Well spoted or not it was kinda of a dick move circon.

  9. What did you expect from Type 58? 😀 Chinese tank, his light bulb wasn´t working…probably 😀

  10. That AT8. . . 32 shots fired, 22 hit, 0 pen. . . I would have to quit for the day after that

  11. AT8… Love and hate it. Its slow AF, obvious weakspots at mid-close range.

  12. To be fair, you didn’t have to sit and derp shells into the front of an AT8 from 400m.

    • Gewel I’m not sure you understand. OF COURSE it’s meant to be unpennable from the front! It’s MEANT to be unpennable from the front. For higher tiers there is a weakspot. Tier 4,5,6 should not go via the front. Tier 7,8 should have varying degree of success with AP. If it were russian it’d be OP because it’d have speed. It’s not OP. The AT8 guy played it perfectly.

      Look at 2:35. The AT8 spotted the flank falling “sprinted” across open ground at 13kph which would have lost 50% hp except he was only tracked.

      He did it to occupy the only hard cover /soft cover rock on the flank and held against mid and city push. Perfectly timed move. Good player. Knew his tank. End of.

    • Abaddon Despoiler who?

    • Conrad Bate OMG are you 200 WN8?? Or just trolling??

    • Abaddon Despoiler I’m sorry but how many times were you dropped on your head from a large height as a child?

    • Conrad Bate And AT 8 was fine as it was. Still impenetrable for up to tier VII on normal ammo. Now it’s too good. Tier VIII still pen it easly. Just instead of penning it 10/10 now pen it 8/10. In non-weakspot areas…
      Like what can slower tier V tanks do (not even talking about tier VI) when frontally they need 160+ pen to do ANYTHING to it. Some tanks don’t have even close to that pen even on gold…

  13. 33 in Belrade 😉

  14. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Oh relax Circon. The typical Norwegian Summer is about to start now that the heat wave from the south is over. In fact on the west coast where I live. It’s already started with 14 degrees and rain. Vs 32 degrees last week.

  15. you need to take a break from WOT circon
    this game play narrative had shades of sirfoch
    go out for a meal or do something fun for a bit

  16. If you had the better 90mm the at8 would have been butter

  17. It was stock autoloader the at8

  18. Why are you grinding the ARL44 ? is something going on that i don’t know about ?! :-O

    • do you not know about circon 3 marking tanks?

    • Dhruv Chauhan oh so that’s it. I just asked because skill4ltu also plays the arl this time of year, so i thought maybe a new line would come out or whatever 😀 thanks though!

  19. we got 30 degree last week here a bit north of lillehammer

  20. Marcin Głuszczyk

    I bought arl44 again to 3 mark it, and I must confirm, it is a beast with its 105mm on gold…

  21. WasawasawasawasaaaaUP~ I Subbed

  22. Where in Norway do you live if you don’t mind me asking? =)

  23. To be honest Circ you really did get the the t34 shot or atleast the 59 16 later by getting spotted… Even if not, I just really hate those who fuck me over by thinking my tank is just a few meters of spaced armor….

  24. Abaddon Despoiler

    hello modpack my old friend, havent u been banned?

  25. Is there a way to trick WG into thinking I’m a unicum? I’ve got the same 121% gunner on mine and fully aimed shots often don’t even land in the same zip code as the reticle.

    • Welcome to the fun, balanced, and magical world of wargamings rng… where you ‘might’ get to be top tier’ every now and then, and where your tanks aim and shot dispersion ‘might’ very occasionally actually be on point, and if you’re extra especially lucky where your teammates ‘might’ just be able to find their asses in the dark without the aid of a map, a torch, and written directions…

  26. Thales Din Milet

    What mod he use.. that what shows pen..?!

  27. You may have been spotted, the bulb from 6th sense is bugged as everythong else in this “game”.

  28. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Could have just loaded the *AP* with more Pen cuz you did not need the more Alpha because he was already low hp^^

  29. the french heavies have the old wg solution to good tanks. fix the gun so it almost always shoots outside the reticule. shots that drop under aimed spot, like what they did to fix the fv215b183. great trick. and the correct use for that at8, armored attack td. i got a mass of patrol duties in mine.

  30. Where can i download circon mod ??

  31. Not sure where in Norway you are. I’ve been to Oslo where is got pretty warm (32 degrees celsius or so) and then a few hours North in the mountains, I was wearing a borrowed down jacket having snowball fights…. this in late July/early August.

  32. AT8, great non russian balanced tanku


  34. so uh, do you ever fire normal ammo anymore? all I see is gold spam lol

  35. Rush hour traffic – just bull your way through..

  36. Boosh-es

  37. Looks like church penning ya. That why hitting back turret?

  38. Should be more like oriental cartoons but real people fix and man real tanks and real battle. Forget “dabbing 2 key shit. Be like hungergames

  39. 820-forgot to kiss stalins feet dude

  40. Ya ya. Their all just the same – pixels on screen whether a curate or not

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