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  1. What an amazing tank… think I’m going to have to grind out this one

  2. I remember the old “Beardcam”, why not call it a curtain-cam? 😛

  3. wat to say…
    nailed it

  4. 6k damage in tank that bad, you never cease to amaze. Typical that the gun works a treat once you got passed the gun mark thresh hold though XD. Loving the content Circon.

  5. StevenVonWyntar Esquire The Third

    10:44 “And that’s how you Three Mark the 1-10 boys, are we taking notes?”📖✏️
    *Me Writing down…* ‘Do not… Get penned, by Tigers…’ 🤔
    Yeah that’s legit advice, thanks Circonflex, gg *<('-'7)* 👍

  6. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    What is that camo

  7. Was it just me or did Circon seem to get a ridiculous number of low rolls?

  8. you move you lose.wot in a nutshell

  9. I love these Circ skins you’re putting on your tanks.

  10. That was very well played Sir! Good Job! Finaly done ey?

  11. That one sound effect sounds like Jingles with the gnome thing xD

  12. holy sheit.

  13. Don’t worry WG will buff the 110 in 5 years

  14. ..why are you torturing yourself by playing this tank….but if you want a real laugh..try and play it stock.

  15. It was a real treat to see this in stream!

  16. It’s also the all-time world record for base xp on the 110 in wotreplays!

  17. 7:15 I can bet russian mediums can fit there.

  18. 1900 base xp!?

  19. Just a casual 1.9k base xp.

  20. Dude… I get arty and plus 2 matchmaking… lol… or the wrong map or uselss lights…

  21. Christiaan Carstens

    3:31 Foo Fighters there goes my hero intensifies.
    Steve has entered the arena.

  22. Starting to think maybe the 110 isn’t actually OP, but Circon is.

    He seems to make anything OP, even the Panther 8.8

  23. what a monster carry :p

  24. In honor of the “straight slappin'”… I’m searching for slapping videos… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR2rgQ_lPxo

  25. now go for 100% Kappa

  26. Christiaan Carstens

    Jingles didnt say that he’s not a Gndwarf or is that Dngwarf, still not shure he’s a gnooooooome.

  27. Circon knows the ways of the quickness. Circon wacks. Circon slaps.
    Fear him.

  28. Any match featuring a live Circon is #winnablemaybe

  29. Well played Circon. I absolutely hate that tank. On another note, IS5…haven’t seen one of those in a long time. They’re as rare as the M6 Mutant.

  30. World of Drunks - Best WOT Replays

    3rd MoE ? Congrats…!!!

  31. Congrats! Very nice game.

  32. I was there to witness it in all its live greatness. Lekker gedaan Circon!

    P.S. Check out my 11 kill/6k/2k xp CDC game 🙂

  33. 110 is so OP its almost a tier 9

  34. now go for 100% mark

  35. What is this skin tht you used for the last couple videos? It looks AMAZING

  36. Circon has been shooting a bit more gold ammo than usual. Not a problem, just an observation.

  37. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    That Tiger played Circ like a damn fiddle!

  38. I don’t come for the gameplay, I come for Circon

  39. O-Ho AP with the howizter.

    noice sir

  40. is that an “IS-5” on your team? or am i just seeing things?

  41. CurtainFlexes

  42. Well played sir

  43. This is the first tank I spent like 2000 gold on free xp’ing, it was actual hell. How does this madlad do it? Amazing.

  44. That has been approved for straight slappin

  45. Well played to that M-41. Didn’t do a lot of damage but played smart and flanked well when needed.

  46. So we are just not going to acknowledge that jingles thing huh?

  47. Sebastien van Tiggele

    Now 3-mark the T-34-2! I did it using both the 122 and 100 mm gun. The 122 always gets enemies as they do noy expect it, even though the stats on it are worse than on the T-34-3.

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