Gonsalo – Worth it? World of Tanks

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World of Tanks just released a brand new Tier 8 premium, the Gonsalo, available for today only… Here's my take!



  1. soo are the 2 commanders and skins worth the price tag?

  2. Orion Image Originals

    why is this being sold onn the aisn server for 100k xp not gold?

  3. this is getting more stupid by the minute copying another tank give it a different name and sell it

  4. And today on “Does WG even care anymore?”…

  5. How to sell same vehicle twice. This auction was total disaster in content

  6. The Shadow of Truth

    Underwhelming for a min bid of $50!

  7. Can’t see if those reinforcements come with 4 skills or something. Does any1 know or is that a shitty lot like the rest?

  8. Smebjulak The 3rd

    A worse 50tp Proto, amazing

  9. Just give a optional gun for the caliban

  10. Gonsalo sounds like the name you’d put to an animal in spanish shtpost

  11. Asia server had VZ-55 Gothic Warrior and Waffentrager Auf E-100 on offer

  12. Didn’t know they changed the Caliban’s name.

  13. maybe the devs can see that they squeezed everyone to soon from the last time they squeezed us, nobody has anything left, i couldnt get anything , i dont have any gold, and def not paying their price for some stupid skin or crew thats moronic

  14. This tank is for the people who wanted a single shot caliban, with way better gun handling. This is like a cobra or 183, which do not have better pen on gold rounds. High standard pen for its tier and pretty nice, and expensive, hesh for when you want to use it. You will bully lower and equal tier tanks, and can be a support in higher tier games.

  15. By first impressions i thought Gonsalo is just another skin of Caliban.

  16. So its a shitter calliban because the whole point of that tank is the auto loading derp. Why not just sell the regular calliban

  17. Αλέξανδρος Χουιαζης

    Wot is gonna turn to the wot blitz
    They will put into the game random dumb vehicles

  18. When will WG gonna realize that 95% of the players don’t give a fuck about these kind of stuff, they don’t spend any real money on the game and WG keeps having these events where you need to bid?? LOL idiots, ppl just don’t care, it’s a fail right from day 1.

  19. the fact that most of these auctions dont even sell out just shows how fed up people are with WGs bullshittery. Its just awful how they try to milk us with shitty tanks and now are probably wondering why arent we selling any of the tanks on the auction

    • This is what you all and QB had cried over for few years… You ask for prem tank that is worst than what already exist, begging WG to monetizing skin, not OP tank.

    • @Peace Pham yea i still stand by that, but if u look at the consumable sales and what not are active now and then they make another auction turning the same time just makes u wonder how hungry they are for money, but im clad these tanks arent OP or something like that

  20. Caliban doesn’t worth anything so this one is one piece of crap again.

  21. why asia server auction is different the gonsalo is cost about 100k free exp while warhammer cost about 5M Credits Same Yesterday The Wz is also Free Exp Look like Double the Prize xd

  22. Is the Caernarvon AX any good?

  23. dint look at q baby for months and i now see .. boring and without any emotion bringing content trying to make a living.this channel is death

  24. It looks like a GSOR 1008 but with a different turret

  25. Peregrine was a steal, these have way too high starting bids

  26. The skin is disgusting garbage.

  27. Long may the sun shine!

    I paid 21k for wz120, now u can laugh at me.

  28. People are shetting on wg too much.

    If they realeased all op broken new stuff and made you blind guess or not even bidding system like this, all of you would have cried how bad they are.

    They put new tanks/styles that are actually balanced, with option for all of us to think about it for full day.

    Stop crying at least for once ffs

  29. lol the idiots at WG screwed up the commanders, their names are reversed. Why am I not shocked that WG can’t get the simplest things right?

  30. It puzzled me why WG did this auction right after a campaign which burns millions of credits. Right in the middle of a consumable and equipment sale and finally just before the release a new tank line which players will be saving free xp and credits for. Not to mention using gold to convert free xp and credits. Also Asia and Oz server can only use credits or free xp to bid not gold.

  31. At least these new tanks aint super OP vehicles, so kudos to Wargaming for that

  32. This game is dead joke

  33. I have to agree with most players, this Auction has been a complete joke. I think WG are trying to hard and putting out these offers to often. Maps – Maybe only put on an Auction around this date then loop boxes at Christmas. That is all that is needed. My opinion.

  34. enrico sizzermani

    just a armored Cobra

  35. it became so boring, wg keep making same tanks with different names. Instead of letting ftp players be able to buy decent premium tank for bonds and remain cometitive againist full gold donkeys.

  36. Can you not just put the style on a Caliban?

  37. i like this way of auction . everybody has a chance to bid

  38. This auction maybe good for recent players or whales, for me was uninteresting.
    Already have IS-3A and Caliban.

    But the biggest flop is the warhammer commanders being locked for nations, same flop WG did with arty of strategy, Already have good crews for some nations.

  39. Cant see anyone wanting this thing…

  40. 2 Sh*t Tanks WZ and Gonsalo.

  41. @quickybaby thank you for always making these videos. These are well informed and level headed opinions and facts. This auction has been nothing but a scam and that’s coming from a true whale in the game. I usually buy almost everything wargaming makes but this is the first auction i haven’t bought a single item. Every tank has been a disappointment and im sure the 40k crew wont even have a voice over. Thank you again for taking the time and effort to make these videos as it really helps us players out!

  42. is this a 2 shot autoloader too?

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