Good Games – Standard B

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  1. You should have over a million subs with the great content you do.

    • Well to be honest there’s alot of
      players that well let’s call them ( professionals ) witch they focus only playing wot seriously witch is fucking retarded and not having fun like a game should be let’s be honest here alot of players who don’t like circons attitude because he’s to “noisy” , like why fucking people who don’t like entertaining people , circon is the best player / entertainer in wot in my perspect and people are losing it because he’s to ” noisy and salty ” I mean c’mon man , I play wot for fun but the majority of them they play it like if it’s a job witch is sad

    • Chris godi you are talking about old lady’s on broomsticks if you write witch, just so you know 🙂
      “Which” would be the word you want to use in the future.

      But for the rest i completely agree. It’s just a game. People take it way to seriously.

    • Roger K lol going yolo with witches but it’s sad that a player takes wot as serious

    • Chris godi for me it’s the same way. I like some foch every now and then as well. The way he can bitch about stuff can be amusing in small doses. But i don’t understand why people still play if they are so anoyed and frustrated with the game.

      I was as well, so i only play some platoons with friends every now and then with friends. Usually that’s good fun, doing some crazy stuff hoping it works etc.

  2. Is that house in London area or downtown Utah? 🙂

    • Norbert Korzus what’s so special about london?

    • 1. A more different jobs to chose from. If you want to work in Art, Fashion, Culture and many other industries London is one of the few world hubs for it.
      2. London has an amazing cultural, culinary and art scene. Great galeries, great food from cheap to expensive restaurants, great theater scene unrivaled by any other city
      3. London has great public transport, it’s also better connected to other areas in the world so if you want to go on a long weekend or on a holiday it’s easier to do so from London
      4. London is a city that attracts tons of different people. Salt Lake city may be cool but it’s much more of a monoculture. You won’t get so many different people in Salt lake (not saying just Ethnicaly but by life experiences etc).

      Overall I’m not saying London is perfect. It’s super expensive and compared to many Euro cities it’s not as safe (though still safe) but for many jobs or a true big city life many people enjoy London is one of the places to be if you can afford it. I’d chose Berlin though since it offers the same with less sprawl and way cheaper cost of living. If only they had better job opportunities in the areas I work in.

    • Norbert Korzus you move to Utah only if you want more than one wife or to marry you’re sister.

    • David Gardner damn, that’s brutal…

    • Norbert Korzus i never liked london really, the city is nice but the people.mehh. Berlin is cool though, but i’d rather move to kiev or belgrade.

  3. 100k subs..feels like yesterday when you had 2k

  4. 1. skill4ltu/circon
    2. foch/decha
    3. …

    You just make it look sooo damn easy. To be quite frank, perhaps there are better players, but the evrall impressions of both watching and listening to you, thats just amazing.

  5. these subs ain’t loyal. Love your content BTW Kappa

  6. Obviously 3 bastards. I smell Jingles involvement.

  7. Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

    Imagine a platoon with skill4ltu and sirfoch

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo noooooo, what is the point of playing then lol. If they are on your team you would be lucky to get 1 shot of damage. If they are on the enemy you’d just get steamrolled.

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

      Roger K lol yeah but that would increase their winrate by 10% xD
      And it’s always cool meeting streamers in random

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo yeah ok, that’s true. I bet they’d get a 90% winrate if they played seriously.

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

      Roger K yeah ^^

  8. Good game? Ruuuuuu? OwO

  9. Muttz gets more xp than M103 that did 1.4 k damage, wg you drunk. My guess is team damage but still

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      You don’t even loose that much xp from team damage, I think it’s literally like 1 xp per shot to an ally

  10. Those messages/pms at the end of the video 😀

  11. Boy if only the T54E1 could have a good gun like that. fucking 210mm of pen and 2.9 second aiming time on top of the the shit softstats for the tank just rapes the T54E1 alive and spits on the corpse unless your almost point blank to the target.
    Also lol at the end. Was that a dude trying to scam Circon for gold?

  12. 10/5 MM, decent map, no arty and you can have a decent game. Who knew?… anyone who plays WOT Blitz I guess

  13. So I don’t get to be in the livestreams very much, so I have a question. What happened to sn00ze?

  14. best map of the game

    • Gago Guitar yeah i think so too, but loads of people hate it apperently

    • Imho not the best, but a pretty decent one. I also got my second or third LT-15 in this map (forgot which one), not by scouting but primarily by T49 shooting ass and sides.

  15. Such a relaxed well played game, well done

  16. i’m a nice guy 🙂

  17. The beauty of the booties :3

  18. That scottish Harry Potter really cracked me up :))

  19. That FV had the cheapest 2 kills ever.. not even 250 damage and 2 kills lol

    • IgorVonE I had like 36 damage 2 kills in KV-2 before, or sth like that. Plus also an ultra cheap Top Gun in below 1000 damage at Tier IX

    • Hah. Was sitting on 86 damage and 4 kills in my JpantherII the other day. Jeez I felt dirty. Managed a few more solid hits before the game finished so I didn’t look like too much of a seagull in the end stats.

  20. Teamwork?… this can’t be WoT

  21. Urr not a wizard Harry. Ur just a Bipolar paranoid schizophrenic.

  22. Circon you are literally the only WoT’s youtuber that I watch these days. The rest are WAY too toxic, they do not even laugh or have fun when they play anymore. I see you playing like that, then I say to myself “see there is a happy guy playing this game, it really is possible.” So I play the game (even after not playing for months.) I guess what I am saying is, you make it easier to put up with the shit involved in this game and community. Keep being you! <3

    • PRYVTgomerPYLE he just has a positive attitude i guess. Allthough he can also be salty. But usually for good reason at least.

      But for regular people it is hard to keep a good attitude. Things are just easier and more fun if you are that good.

    • X2.
      I’ve watched some other streams, and they’re sad angry little men who take things way too seriously. Plus they hide like little bitches and spam gold rounds.
      My own gameplay has improved immensely watching Circons videos, and I love how often he goes to the same positions that I gravitate towards. I learn heaps from that.

  23. Hahaha i know precisely what your talking about with the scottish harry

  24. Hi, my name is Random Randy 🙂

  25. £100,000 wouldn’t get you a garage in the majority of England. How about you buy a percentage share in a timeshare down in Bovington right next to the Tank Museum, increase the share every month and eventually the channel will own the lot, then you can give out weekly stays to subscribers and everyone gets entered into a raffle for the week of tankfest

  26. Video title: Good Games
    Content of the video: One Game

    Reported for clickbait title, unsubbed, unliked, undonated and I demand a refund.

  27. I play on NA and the servers are total ass rn.

  28. Chandler Kristoff

    Circon while i’m loving this Standard B gameplay, can you show some P.44 Pantera gameplay too? i’m about to get one and would like to see how to play it like a pro

  29. you should have name it good_games.avi

  30. Chandler Kristoff

    gg wp, impressed by how good the Standard B is.

  31. I was not one of the 3 who unsubscribed just sayin idk why they would. I want to make love to the standard B its like a leopard 1 but way way way better having so much fun playing it cant wait til tier ten though. Great video thx.

  32. “this thing where Lowe’s are always red.” This is some ancient wisdom right there.

  33. salty euros in the stream complaining about 38c move to arizona let me know how you feel then.

    • safer doolie then you should come to Finland and enjoy a nice afternoon walk in the -30°celsius outside temperature. You can play hockey too, only for 15 minutes though.

    • you can always put on more clothes, try taking off enough clothes in 51c. let me know how that works.

  34. we love you circon and you are right Harry is a dickhead not a wizard 😀

  35. Don't believe the following message:

    anyone else thinks the only reason circon doesn’t have more subscribers is because he plays world of tanks? A game of which you can’t really say: well i’ll play it now and have fun… because well, matchmaking, pay2win and artillery…
    edit: and of course the type of game it is, not just a first person shooter for example.

  36. Its the Circon PHS million dollar give aways!

  37. Circon, congrats to 100.000 subs

  38. Btw that 1 month 1 house idea… just establish a town called Circonville/Circonflexing/NewCirc :D,
    where all your subs live… 100% best neighborhood.

  39. You a skill should do a stream together! And then you should both redline camp

  40. Nice game

  41. YouTube has been cleaning up duplicate accounts, maybe that is where you lost your subs.

  42. *You’re a dickhead Harry*

  43. Just Ask Ninja what 100k subs is like….lol

  44. AWESOME!

  45. i don’t really like the auto-reloaders. i rather have a real autoloader with way better dpm. if you plan well, then most often you dont need to shoot while your on the reload. so whats the point of those auto-reloaders? i understand it has many upsides compared to f.i. skoda T50, like more gun depression, speed, clip potential, but in general that concept where you can shoot while reloading, but then your dpm goes down the drain, is not for me

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