Good old BL-10 – Obj.704

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  1. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    i miss this gun on tier 8 D:

  2. last time I was this early, ISU152 Still have the BL-10

  3. dear diary, today circon uploaded 2 videos. today was a good day 🙂 edit: 4 videos

  4. Canadianaustralian

    Thumbnail makes it look like a potato ni??a??

  5. 4 videos at once HOLLY SH*T ^.^

  6. 4 vids within 20 minutes … dude

  7. 40min of gameplay in 20 min. Nice

  8. In those situations i shoot my team for capping. I don’t kill them however

  9. *Notices 5 videos*
    OwO What’s this?

  10. Why so much APCR with the blyatcannon?

  11. Reading the twitch chat this video was aids, some dude keeps asking why the fv4005 stage 2 was not removed but the Deathstar was. For starters the Deathstar never fit the line and 2nd the fv4005 stage 2 is real and sits in front of the bovington tank museum unlike the Deathstar.

    • And on top of that the FV4002 has a pretty bad reputation for being shit, which the Deathstar never did. Tanks like that never seem to get themselves removed.

  12. 3:09 That poor Blackdog probably thought “Surely he’s not gonna shoot lil’ ol’ me, when there’s a big, juicy Type 4 next to me, right?”

    I loved the BL-10 on the ISU-152 so much, but I sadly have to agree with WG, that it was stupidly OP, so I kinda support their decision to replace it.

    • and still there, but u gotta load skill rounds now so u can pen anime tanks and the new overpowered premiums and tier 10’s…since 3-5-7MM brings you there 90% of the times ( they nerf only the standart pen, i hope u notice a patern here )

    • Herr Schicklgruber

      I was thinking “Why doesn’t he go do something useful and spot?”. Then I saw he was failtooned with a SuperPershing. Double retard confirmed.

  13. The Joker Channel

    I’m playing this bloody BL 10 and it’s trolling the hell out of me

  14. DA BLYAT!

  15. Good old BLYAT-10

  16. cant see the fun in high tier gaming where you just go on a corner and slug it out.

  17. I agree with you, Tier 10 “Blows” to Play anymore.

    No credits made, and the competition is very poor.

    Is wish Tier 10 was the best Tier within the game to play, like it should be; however it is not.

    • darude- Sandstorm

      Gene Kelley yeah Tier 8 and 9 are the most fun for me

    • darude- Sandstorm

      I totally agree, tiers 8 and 9 are the most fun.

      I’m not sure why Tier 10 is so boring and blah, it could be the lack of credits earned or the willingness of Wargaming to continue to “balance their game”, though RNG and leveling player wins (the rule of 50% win rate) even at Tier 10.

      Tier 10, should be the best of the best, but currently Tier 10 is basically like all the rest.

    • I’m having no fun at all at any tier unless it’s tier 3 but you can only play a game or two like that. Right now WoT is at its lowest point for me. 10 days of premium account and then it’s gonna be break time I think.

  18. After wacthing this Vid, I have a question. Who the fuck dries a STOCK E100 in 2018. Srsly, if you are too cheap to use some free xp/gold on a T10 tank, you deserve to get flamed. Tank is shit now btw.

  19. Sladjan Vasiljevic

    Four videos, what a time to be alive.

  20. Hey Circ do you think they should buff the chinese tier 9 and 10 td ?

    • buff the tier 9??? are you mad??? that TD is one of the best tier 9 tds I ever played (also one of the few TDs in game that can pen a 268 4 anywhere with Premium ammo and the only tier 9 that can do so). I do agree that the tier 10 needs a buff as its such a massive downgrade from the tier 9 that the tier 9 could prob do better than it at tier 10. Id honestly rate the Tier 9 Chinese TD up there with the Tortoise.

    • I have 800 battles in it and gun is shit. Worse than on the jpe100.

    • I have no where near as many battles as you in it, however I have nearly 3 marked this TD and finished the grind for the tier 10 with only 183 battles in it. I also have the JPZ E100 and do not find this gun anywhere near as horrible as that ones, the only way I can even see the possibility of having issues with the gun was if you were red line sniping with the tank. I play mine as a front line heavy much like the tort and T95, works every time.

    • Im playing this for fun with 15 HE’s mostly as a front line td, and jeeez its slow and get penned easily from short distance ;/ I got second mark.

  21. Thank you for 4 vids Circon, mighty nice of you :). The Blyat Gun did well, but soooo much unnecessary gold shells, but still a gg comrade :).

    5 vids o_O

  22. Maybe they don’t have the pull out mod like you use?

  23. CasuallyPlayingWOT

    Lol in the time it took me to click this it went from 1 to 5k views

  24. BL is short for Blyat

  25. I seem to remember a few years back that when a battle ended in a cap, the mini map showed the position of remaining enemy players. That may have been a mod so I can’t be sure.

  26. One of my most favourite tanks ever!! Great!!

  27. yesss BL-10 in the hands of a skilled barbarian 😛

  28. Anyone else wish the higher the tier the more profit you’d earn like tier ten you could consistently walk away with largish amounts of credits in profit like with premiums instead of earning very little without a premium account.

    i dont even carry gold ammo/consumables but even wins earn me so little ;_;

  29. Press [F] to pay respects to ISU-152 mounting the BL-10.

  30. I like the dude saying over and over again that the f4005 stage 1 was artillery. No it was an SPG focused on killing tanks. So it was a tank destroyer, same as a jagdtiger or jpz e100… the 183mm tank gun is designed to shoot tanks directly with HESH shells.

    but no its just artillery lmao.

    However the f215 project was in a sorts to act like artillery but used the same gun.

  31. @Circonflexes What happened to your PC?

  32. Why were you hating on the E5 so much?

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