Good old Centurion

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Playing the good old centurion 1 on !


  1. Nice play

  2. Guillaume Lemaigre

    That cammo is so cool ! What is it ? How can i get it ?
    I NEED IT !

    • moon camo from chinese new year event, if you want it that bad get more people to ask for it, WG will then sell it in 20€-50€ bundles

    • In NA we got it from the moon landing anniversary, basically you selected US or USSR and played that nation’s T6 premiums for bonuses, with winner decided on sign up counts iirc. Winning nation (USSR for event) got the camo.

  3. Man I hate this tank. 4 skill crew, fully upgraded with food and equipment, couldn’t hit a broad side of a barn. Really annoying tank…

  4. This was my 1st ever tier 8 medium and I loved it, even back when it had the 40km/h top speed.

    The turret armor and pen is just so juicy (though the DPM is rather lame).

    • Youre lucky you played it after the buffs then. The HD model destroyed the turret armour and it was awful, these days its pretty decent though 😀

    • @M vE but it still has that terrible westy accuracy RNG, just like germany and france

    • @SergejK Yeah, the dispersion values on the cent are awfull. Meanwhile the t54 has amazing soft stats while IRL it was the other way around 😛

  5. I need to do this myself at one point. I’ve always seen people play this angle.

    • Same, but i lose my brain every time i play mines and go hill

    • It’s a perfect counter to the superior camping positions of the south and any enemies battling by the foot of the hill. I always go there with my meds.

    • I swear to god I have never got mines in a med or a light, always heavies or TDs, so there’s no way of doing that, unless I push my skorp out there but I don’t think that’s the best of ideas.

  6. Circon, why no NATIONAL CREW VOICES? 🙁 🙁

  7. Seen this play a few times also – wonder if having any TDs at the (usual) td spot on the corner, instead of hiding behind the rocks, would have made much difference?

  8. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    In no time this spot @ mines will be as popular as the famous boosh @ Prohorovka

  9. sucks that u cant get a high caliber medal after hiting an ally

  10. NO! Now my spot is broken, everyone will try to counter it. BTW I love how there are places in maps that people abandon.

  11. Joshua Stoneberg

    Ah yes the tier 8 American tank destroyer the Renegade. Definitely not a heavy tank that could’ve helped push a flank or the middle or do anything but base camp.

  12. If only those Badges had a tool tip popup if you hover over them. ….

  13. I’d like to see centurion be good old in tier xlol.

  14. That is not from ranked circon how did you believe a he spamming renegado could achieve one ? That one he has is for completing tier 10 tree on christmas decorations. Other gree ones are from personal missions check ur own badges by clicking to your nickname

  15. I wonder how a stock centurion would do a tier 7 with the 17pdr. I don’t think it would be OP but it’ll be like a british panther. Likewise it’ll make the line quite good for an all centurion line; the tier 7 being centurion mk 1, tier 8 being centurion Mk 3, tier 9 being centurion 7/1 and tier 10 being centurion AX.
    Is that a decent idea or is it a load of shit?

  16. MarcJohnny TeamLP

    Is this camo supposed to represent sparkling water or the surface of the moon?

  17. Badge means they have strong credit card to buy loot boxes in Christmas

  18. RIP High Calibre

  19. Just so you’re aware Circon, this really isn’t a new thing. It’s a situational play that works given the right situation. Typically it’s not a good idea to rush immediately because people will be looking for the cross. A delayed push is much more effective and less risky.
    Plus it’s much better to fight for the hill if you’re in a Mines game with few artillery. I only consider it a play when there are 2 or 3 arty in the game. If not, especially when there’s lower-tier arty, playing for the hill is still the best play that will net you the best games and safest wins.

  20. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I grind this tank to get the Centurion Mk 7/1 but every time I ever play the tank I get my turret pen through the gun mantle, my crew gets knocked out and the ammo rack is really weak ….

  21. renegade firing HE on a cent1… bruh

  22. Cool to see someone using a strategy that I’ve been using on mines for a bit now. Sucks that it’s on such a huge platform though 🙄.

  23. I had yet to see someone use the moonviewing style besides me, it looks sick imo

  24. Wow, what is this bubble camo?

  25. It’s one of those positions that works every so often because people focus on the common positions too often. The hill and the NE get more attention right now. So the west of the map is ripe for plays like this, until this becomes common and the south spawn sends two tanks to the SW corner.

  26. Lol, the Centurion 1 has never, ever been good in this game.

    • Krystian Olszański

      but isnt bad either, is just meh, the funny thing is premium version has better front plate and thanks to that is overall much better tank i consider good

    • @Krystian Olszański You’ve contradicted yourself beautifully. The premium version of this is literally just a better version with no downsides. If the regular cent was buffed to the 5/1’s level it would be ok but at present it’s just a weak tank.

  27. Andreas August Gebauer

    The snowflake things are from this last Christmas event; when you got to holiday festive whatever level 10, you got one of those. The diamonds and number in them are for the personal mission reward tanks. All the weirder ones are like clan wars, etc.

  28. Jon .knallpistol

    F’ing badges pfffffft

  29. impinator maxima

    Do it with your balls

  30. Load the Skill rounds

    It’s a good way to play mines cause if it works out you have an interesting game, which is something mines just usually can’t provide, and if it fails you die early in which case you still win cause you spend less time playing on mines, lol.

  31. props to the vk36.01, sure, didnt do much, but the guy was at least trying in a less then stellar tier 6 heavy against tier 8s, and he wasn’t being a nuisance

  32. Its a lot easier to do this particular tactic when the enemy team fails to send anything more then a t34-85, when its TD’s are of the scared single file one at a time types, and your top tier. Still enjoyable to watch, dont get me wrong, but hardly a new meta.

  33. Frederick OnTour

    I always go to this position on the north spawn

  34. I used to play mines like this when I was on console, but since I play tier 10 mostly, it requires a platoon to work, or in your case having team support.

  35. Tier 8 premium heavy tank shooting all HE. So pro.

  36. So. Why has WG not opened up the J line on this map where people used to boost light tanks? Then you would have two routes to do this dash and the map would be much more free.

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