Good Talk! – AMX 13 57

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Goed praten meneer Circon. Ik ben leren Nederlands 😉

  2. I still don’t get why they chose to make fires deal so hilariously much damage to a tank, why not instead make it a long debuff which deals 1% of your health as damage each second, instead of forcing people to waste 30k silver? But why bother, it’s shekelgaming we are talking about, common sense isn’t in their vocabulary considering they sold that broken piece of crap Skorpion G again recently…

    • That’s because you’re playing wot, a game literally designed to fork money out of you. War thunder is superior to this

  3. Tiddies

  4. your a damn good player. but my god you are a dick to your stream.

  5. circon when will you be playing pubg again?


  7. 1:07, the new tracers make a near miss so much better.

  8. there is an exorcise you can do to strengthen your back pretty quickly. Stand with your back against a wall, head tilted back touching the wall. Put your hands on your chest while elbows are touching the wall (each hand should be on each pec). Knees should be together and ‘soft’ NOT locked. DO this for about 60 seconds 2 times a day. It also improves posture!

    its harder than it sounds it will help you a lot, i guarantee it.

    • I hope it is an exercise ! There are more exercises. Self I have a air filled soft plastic kissen, so your spine and your back are a bit wobbling. Pretty good for your back !

  9. how r u autoaiming like that. the last tank u autoaimed and were not anywhere near aiming at it when u selected it

  10. Push it to the limit!! ~~ ♤

  11. Heh… was watching you stream your 1357 while I was busy doing this. Same spawn and side of the map

  12. AMX 13 57 heavy tanko

  13. Yesterday I got 1447 base xp in this tank.

    2nd class


  14. You idiot aimed a few times, thus reducing its DPM

  15. A-43 OP armor.

  16. Perfect tank for “incinerator” missions

  17. Why would you even use apcr on this tank? Normal AP does the job…

  18. so this game is turning into world of autoloaders

  19. I have played 14 games with 57 and aced it 4 times, and I am a fucking tomato. This thing is realllllly powerful

  20. Best heavy tank !

  21. There are several exercises Circon. Self I’ve got an air-filled soft plastic kissen.
    It is wobbling a bit, so your posture is easy and natural changing a bit all the time.
    Good for your back !

  22. AMX 13 57 F vs 13 57??? which is the best???

  23. A-43 be like ” *Good talk my dude* “

  24. So basically this tank is what the Bulldog used to be before they removed the autoloader. WG logic…

  25. Smack on improved equipment 5-6skilled crew then everybody u meet regardless off tiers and with ur competens is by definition FUKED almost

  26. Quick math BIG SHAQ ! ??

  27. wait ! is good talk !

  28. It’s like watching quickybaby light…with potty mouth due to lack of vocabulary..and high pitched squeaks “my dude”

  29. My ad for this video was a eureka standing desk.

  30. Killshot auto-bounce is my favorite “feature” of World of Tanks.

  31. spend the money, get a pool pass, and go swimming, it is literally the best thing you could do for yourself :),

  32. That tank is so fucking over powered. It is ridiculous!

    Then there is me, playing tanks that ALL suffer from power creep.

  33. This tank is the physical embodiment of Jehova’s Witness. DO YOU HAVE TIME TO HEAR THE GOOD WORD!!??
    Edit: F

  34. CasuallyPlayingWOT

    Circon can defeat everyone except his own back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. @circonflexes just use gym ball as your chair and your back will be ok..

  36. can anyone give me link of that gun mark mod ? thanks ..

  37. Hernan Dominguez

    The 13-57 is what 13-75 and 12t use to be to me, and now………..they suck

  38. Its getting to the point that they are going to have to make the autoloaders stop to reload. They are just becoming way too powerful.


  40. I like how it was shit when it came out in gf form, and slowly over time it has become “op af” even though the stats never changed.

  41. Games like this are the reason people see my Tiger 1 stats and think I sling solid gold

  42. Look at this match everything is a premium

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