Good Times – T1 Heavy – World of Tanks

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  1. I am loving the MM changes, while doing the tier 5, 3 mark-a-thon its defiantly gotten better, not perfect, but a lot better. Enjoy 🙂

    • Did you really say you didn’t think you could win, in your nearly full health tank, with a P43 backing you up, against a single T67 who was giving his position away?

    • Playwme Surname

      For something thats not russian, not premium, and not sneaky, the T1 sure is a nice fun tank to play at teir 5.

    • *definitely, not trying to be a grammar nazi, just helping out if I can! Thanks for the content, the entertainment, keep it up! _O_

  2. 17K in a t67 and over 10K in a BC55 58

    one word

    • Imagine if he spent money, he would have 17k in a leFH and 10k in E25

    • Assuming that a game will be only 6 minutes, he played 1700 hours with T67, what a fucking autist.

    • SanguineMalcontent

      And hasn’t even 3-marked it….

    • +Dark Soul the point missed you hard

    • +Jarrett IceEarthGuard Great tank yeah… more like absolutely broken like the LeFH. Never been permatracked and killed by a tier 6 arty in tier 8 tanks so many times before or after the bert’s days. Also just those lil shits running around TD mode and fucking people up. I fully blame T67 players, and you too.

  3. 6 people on Circon’s team did 0 damage.

    It’s the low tier experience

  4. Anarchist Sintek

    I was like ‘Hey, I have seen this before!’ and then I noticed that complete moron AnarchistSintek in twitch chat yapping all game long and I realized why it seemed familiar. 🙂

  5. Anarchist Sintek

    In my humble opinion, the gameplay was sub-par due to the APCR spam. #notQuotingGuyFromS35CAvideo

  6. Spencer Meunier

    I love that little bit at the end upon spotting last arty “oh? more damage?? ??” like a kid in a low tier candy store lol

  7. I hope more low tier games are on the way 😀

  8. 17k games in a t67?

  9. >full apcr t67

    eat shit

  10. Bishop on bishop action 🙂

  11. 17k games in the T67, I think I am going to be sick.

    • I think I had about 16.8k games total in the 2-ish years i played the game

    • +JVCCR yeah, I am only at 21k since 2014. I only play now if I am bored and nothing else interests me!

    • There is a clan here on NA, where one officer has 17k games in his LeFH and 15k in his T67. One other officer has like 8k games in his MS-1 and 6k in his-127…And people wonder why NA server is like a ghost town.

    • +Pete Hall I am sure there are many reasons, but yeah, having players that sit in the mid to low tiers farming, has to be frustrating to new or inexperienced players

    • +Tipperty Very true, there are a great many reasons why NA has population issues. We’ve had weird server crashes in the past that were never explained (worst one was over a day of downtime with no explanation or compensation), events that are out of sync with other regions, chat server down for months at a time, and the poor bastards from south america who have to play with 400 ping. In a way though, it reinforces what a lot of us have been asking for a very long time: gated matchmaking. Any player who has over a certain number of games would only be allowed to face others at low tiers who are past the gate. The players on NA who like the lower tier stuff can then face more experienced players, and leave the newbies alone. (I myself love the Jumbo at tier six, and it is nice being on a team of well seasoned players facing the same, with only a few trolls or bots to worry about.)

  12. That T67 is the scum of WoT, I am glad you showed him the way!

  13. Luís Augusto Panadés

    I would love to see this kind of accuracy with any of my germans.

    • Chris de Mercado

      I would love to see this kind of accuracy. xD (Though yes, if any of my Germans could give up their war against the floor/the horizon/the squirrel in a tree off to the side, I’d appreciate it.)

    • oN ThE wIkI It sAYs ThAt GeRmAn TaNks ArE SoMe oF thE MoST AcCurAtE!

  14. Old Mountain Hermit

    Hi Circon, how’s your mum?

  15. I’m honestly surprised the majority of the WoT playerbase remembers to breathe every day.

  16. Dominik Wiśniewski

    you look like John Petrucci

  17. Th3HuntingShadow

    5 Bishops to put in one game, that’s a first

  18. Any time a T67 is destroyed the world is a little bit better. They are bad as squonks lol

  19. I think killing Amx 13-57s is above killing T67s. It is so satisfying.

  20. Yay! A mid tier game at last

  21. 3 of his top 5 tanks are Arty. That’s disgusting. The t67 alone is bad but what the fuck. How does somebody play Arty that much.

  22. Play French G1R and do 3 marks on gun:)
    And low tier games are so good and enjoying!

  23. These are the games I wake up for

  24. Great game Circon. You do know that the T67 you looked up wasn’t the one you killed?

  25. that feeling when circon gets it wrong and jingles plays world of warplanes the most XD

  26. that t67 driver justifies the memes for sure. and tier10 french auto loading arty, man i hate this guy for sure. glad i play NA

  27. 3rd mark my fat white Irish ass
    that T-67 was a stat padder see what his WR in Tier is
    That is far more legit

  28. Back at it again with the good vibes

  29. You talking about Jingles not even playing anymore makes me feel a little sad and nostalgic for when the YouTube team was a thing. I’m off to the archives to watch some reruns, maybe the episode commemorating “Punch Highflyer in the Dick Day.” Loved the same tier middle tier content. It is nice to see some of the most fun tanks get some love.

    • Im more aggravated that those people were talking all that shit about Jingles. There will be always be haters who wanna take a dump on the success of other people

  30. Utterly disappointed you didn’t name the video Good T1mes

  31. LOL “suck my dick “

  32. The jingles pic will make the best sixth sense icon

  33. LOL 17k games with T67 and 10k with arty ????

  34. Jingles don’t play at all, I only had seen game replays or comments on videos that some players send to him.

  35. That t67.. nearly 700 games in the wt e100 and still couldn’t even make a 50% win rate in it.

  36. low tier is so unpredictable, sometimes it becomes hard because you have zero idea what’s gonna happen 😀

  37. Why the fuck would you stop capping at that point 😀

  38. You could think that 17,000 battles in one tank would be enough to simply master it. But nope, statwise his playing quite badly lmao.

  39. Mortal enemy of T14

  40. apcr spam again circ, ffs

  41. realy? t10 its to much for you?

  42. 8:34 do you have a auto aim mod that shows the armour of the spot and your own pen? how is that even legal in WOT. Jesus i like mods but some of this shit is going too far

    • auto aim is base game and the armour pen thing is a mod that adds the numbers to the colors you see with the base game pen indicator

  43. Seal clubber…

  44. You should’ve ram kill that Bishop.

  45. kicking puppies….do you feel good?

  46. Lol Jingles’ boomer ass in the sub banner got me.

  47. “enough Bishop’s to play chess” LOL

  48. Anybody know the name of the mod at 10:09 that shows you how much damage you need for marks of excellence? Please ladies and gentlemen….a link would be greatly appreciated.

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