Good times – T25 AT – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having an good game in the T25 AT! American TD!


  1. First?


  2. This is not Pilsen…this is Bat Country.

  3. we are not doing it for moneeeey…. lol

  4. Pilsen? Huh, they are adding new maps after all

  5. Airfield. I remember when I met a guy on an airfield to go on a flight to a special island that no one is to talk about. That guy was Jeffery Epstein…..who definitely did not kill himself.

  6. Udes trying to peep the vibes in that bush but circon said no.

  7. im offended .. this is not pilsen .. well even pilsen map doesnt look like pilsen so never mind. GG 🙂

  8. 2:09 Circon is Nostradamus with his butt.

  9. Circon, you’ve been threatening to uninstall this game since forever.
    Don’t ever stop, sir. Please.

  10. So.. did you uninstall? Jk

  11. Pilsen is trash anyways.
    “We HaVE UpDatEd thE MaP bY aDDinG pRO CaMPinG spOTs and A usLEsS 0 liNE”

  12. really enjoyed the game plan explanation in the beginning of the game of how the tank is going to be played, it helped me.

  13. I’ve been watching the last 2 weeks of your videos in the hospital after my hip surgery and it really helped me not feel so crappy. Once I get home, you’ve inspired me to finish my T25 AT and Black Prince grinds. Thanks Circon 🙂

  14. This battle recorded at the airport on the way to Pilsen. Before stowing away the 105mm canon in the carry on bag

  15. Respect is dead.

  16. Been in Pilsen many times and I can 100% confirm it’s in the middle of a desert

  17. I remember the T-25 AT fondly, especially having the T95 now and having grinded to the E4 as well. One of the best guns with one of the best gun depressions on any tier 7 td.

  18. Huh, Pilsen sure has changed since I blocked it.

  19. Fucking hell Circon

    Did you caught Jingles Gnome disease ?
    Are you getting old?

  20. I think you need a rest, dear.

  21. Love TDs who sit in predictable bushes

    • BIGGA_FULL_FORCE And this map the bushes are so predictable. I got over 2k blind damage on this map once in a T28 Prot. Took a Jpanther from full to dead without him ever getting spotted.

    • @Playwme Surname when I’m on this map in my arty that’s all I do is blind fire bushes and watch my shells disappear without exploding. Before they nerfed arty and removed the ap shells I did 5.5k damage one time

  22. “… camping in that bush right there…. ass predicted !”

  23. Quantum Imperfections

    Mis-attributing a map? Circon is actually Jingles confirmed.

  24. T25 AT cult is best cult

  25. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    This is airfield map

  26. Mommy I’m famous! Circon said my name on YouTube! (godemperortoastyy). THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!

  27. People : what’s wrong with Pilsen ? Me : udes thinking –> hello darkness my old friend

  28. Lol the UDES got fucked so bad he did zero damage. Poor guy xD

  29. idk what this issue is here, this is clearly Pilsen. Been there many times. Can confirm.

  30. so thats where all my fortune went for this week.

  31. I loved this tank. Dont know why i sold it.

  32. This tank is such a resident sleeper.

  33. *Circon i beg you!*
    Centurion 7/1 HESH memes before they nerf it!!!

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