GOODBYE 6.7 Object 120 IS HERE (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. Looool I’m the damn leo in the intro, didn’t even notice it was you 😀

  2. that rock that you saw that guy through is hollow and can be shot through

  3. first i had to deal with the IS-6 in my t92 now this fucking thing what the fuck. I cant pen the IS-6 at all this i can at least but still that is so fucking stupid. Fuck sake wt i might give up soon

  4. Ultimate Russian bias combo: KV 2, Object 120, and mig 17 attempt #1

  5. The HEATFS on the obj 120 is insane. I tried it in the test drive, seems like a combo of HESH+HEAT+HE crazy stuff.

  6. Use HEAT more, it’s free and really good. Similar ballistics to Object 906’s APHE round with a huge amount of filler to basically obliterate tanks.

  7. Here’s me adding to the plethra of people lamenting German 6.7.

  8. Try out the “Chieftain mk 10”

  9. Phly could you try out some rust?

    ATTEMPT #25

  11. So why isn’t this thing 8.0+? It was made, even as Gayjoob says, EARLY SIXTIES. WHY ARE EARLY SIXTIES TANKS FIGHTING 1944 TANKS! Fucking Gaijin. This game has gone to shit after the BR Compression.

  12. M4D_MARK_XTr3Me -Ozkil-

    Honestly ive bought this tank and I wish that I hadn’t. No map is big enough to make full use of the range on that gun. The shell drop is horrible, the armour is terrible and the gunner sight is utterly useless after 1100m /1.1km which you need to be further out or you get smashed.
    Damage from the “shape charge” heat rounds sucks. It does not pin 400mm at 3k that I can tell you.
    Sabot rounds would destroy the entire crew with pure kinetic energy. Thats how they work, clearly it doesn’t work here…
    Sorry for the rant, but ive had little luck with this tank against t62 etc.

  13. well RIP Tiger2 H even more thx gaijin I just got my Tiger2H time to uninstall

  14. 7.7? damn Gaijin don’t pull a Ubisoft on us

  15. anyone else find it hard for you to look for a tank while phly can easily find one even though its camouflage?

  16. tigers looked like meer cat poken their heads past sand dunes

  17. Yo Phly check out the recent sub sim game Cold Waters by Killerfish Studios. You can hunt the Red October! Need I say more. lol

  18. This is outrageous, keep kissing the asses of Russian players, I bet they don’t spend near as much on the game as USA or Western Europe.

  19. I do good old days warthunder:D

  20. Fuck this Garbage. In the last couple of days I had legit 50% of new players with Level 10 Accounts trying to play this fucking tank. New players basically buying themselves into 8.0 – 7.7, but they are useless. The fact that you can basically buy yourself into 8.0 is just disgusting, and once again just shows that Gaijin is a bunch of fools that only want to make money, while Im fine with that, you cant do what this idiots do, just fix the what benefit your nation, and leave everything else without a balance. Wow Gaijin, again fucking the whole 6.7 German tier up letting late ww2 tanks play against cold war era tanks with apfsds rounds which makes the armor of the heavy German tanks obsolete. I call Russian bias on this (looking at IS 6 and Object 120) Heck you could even call it general bias against the German high tier if we don’t get the shit bombed out of our ass by allied aircraft’s we get fucked up by allied tanks on the ground it’s simply stupid how Gaijin works.

  21. Mah fuck dis tank

  22. Phly please take out the k-4

  23. The intro music is my WT carrer in a nutshell

  24. 13:03 Damn that was sweet, also at the end, that scream, I could *feel* the pain

  25. Phly, you need to redo this with the heatfs! It’s so freakin underrated and so damn powerful. Destroys all externals like a massive HE shell, penetrates like the HEATFS it is, has post pen better than APHE, can hull break, and acts like HESH when you hit a cupola killing everything inside. It’s absolutely brutal, you need to try it

  26. 6.7 br is a joke at this point

  27. I am sure you can set your opacity of zone signs in settings

  28. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Fucking gaijin

  29. Leo need buff

  30. its like the kv-2 but it traded its Armour for range

  31. russian secret technology at 9:25 turning in neutral gear

  32. i want to know ply’s PC settup cause he runs this game with beautiful graphics at consitant fram rates above 100

  33. F2 s are OP and most of the german tanks around at that BR e.g: the marder III has the same gun in a better package as the 29k and lower BR
    German Bias confirmed

  34. i have to say it: FUCK YOU, GAIJIN.
    Since years you dont give a fuck about the player, the broken BR, the Bugs and glitches. just adding more stuff to make the current problems vanish for a few month. i would love to write this in the Forum, but guess what, you would get muted.

    and the Object 120 isnt the only problem.

    Tiger h1 and Tiger II facing a T29. Tiger H1 cant pen the front at all, the Tiger II has to go close to 500m to pen the front, while T29 and T34 pen the front armor twice from the Tiger H1 and can pen at over 1000m the front of the Tiger II.
    and what BR do they have? 6.7
    a nearly good enemy would be the Tiger II 105, but no he has to face 8.0 tanks at BR 7.0

    but do they listen? now,. because we are no AB player nor russians. at ever ger/us comment they get 3 russian comments.

    Player since 2013.

  35. he couldve avoided death in the intro

  36. the comment section is full of wehraboos whining about their toys facing a russian tank thats actually competitive (apart from is6)

  37. Wait, King Tiger II rounds bounced from you “no armor”, yet you killed them through one of their greatest strengths. There 200mm sloped frontal Armor.

  38. When the Brits got uptiered to this guy’s downtier…

  39. Go to Russian techtree because German is becoming worst every time. When everybody will play only Russian tanks, maybe Gaijin will understand that something is gone wrong.

  40. Driveable objects what century are we in ?

  41. have they nerfed it’s reload speed?

  42. HESH seems to work well against the obj. 120, maybe carry some HEAT shells if you’re using a tiger

  43. Well when I watched this video and during my game session, I concluded that’s its not russian bias, instead of false playing. May be you have noticed, that many players don’t care on their situational awareness and their surroundings and therefore use their tanks in a wrong way.

  44. Why u dont play with British tanks

  45. I just love how much pure fun you have all the time.

  46. Intro was hilarious <3

  47. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    more reason for me to not play War Thunder. Lol. Good thing I quit this game back in 2015.

    ….but that was because my PS4 broke on me.

  48. Bought the Object 120 yesterday morning and had the T-64A by 7pm… With a few hours break midday. I had a lot of fun grinding, which is a rare thing.

  49. The problem is that the Object 120 currently gets down tiered frequently, being pitted against 6.7 heavies – which rely on heavy armor (King Tiger, T34, Caernarvon etc.). When that armor becomes meaningless, so do the tanks. This is especially painful in large maps. Meanwhile, the IS6 still enjoys its armor, and a combination of these two tanks on open maps becomes frustrating, very fast.

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