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World of Tanks. Wargaming are adding an anonymizer to World of Tanks in the 1.7 update here’s my opinion!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. The fuck is wrong with you, qb?

  2. Wow!!! Such a humble person.

  3. Geez, judging by the thumbs down a lot of people are for this. WoT is more and more resembling a mobile game, and it looks like thats the fanbase its curated. I guess the more dumbed down and anti-social WoT gets, the happier the people left playing become.

  4. Love the idea of the anonymizer, at last, wont hear toxic comments aimed at other player. Fortunately I’m very average so not a target. But others are. If you are a new player being targeted by better players, it’s just no fun.

    • Well my first experience is that toxicity is more. The only people I find using it are statpadders, unicums and seal clubbers. They are the only ones I find insulting other players. It’s like it has embolden them to be even bigger egotistical arseholes.

  5. I can’t help but notice just how personally offended you seem by this

    It’s like your world has ended

  6. The ego you have is incredible it’s not made just for you, this isn’t the side the community doesn’t wants to see of you . It’s an opt in mode….

  7. My black list is already full how I’m suppose to do ??

  8. QuackyBaby: “I’m the most targeted player, I suffer the most” *cries bitter unicum tears
    Claus: “I’m here madafakkas, come get me and if you kill me i GIVE YOU GOLD!” *laughs maniacally

    Other Unicums: Dirve Chieftains with 3 MoE in Random battles: ÖMG how are they still targeting me, I’m anonymous?!”

  9. Thanks God they delete it! It was just for morons and their eWienies

  10. I’m with ya Quickybaby, this isn’t a worth while thing to add to the future of the game leading up to the end of the year. There is so much they could have done like oh I don’t know add some different maps into the rotation of what we can play on not reskin them with snow or removal of snow.

  11. What I’ve found lately is that by using XVM stats, players make judgements even before a game starts and can either stop trying (i.e. “we’ve got no chance, might as well give up now”) or when the game starts they mess around and don’t take it seriously at all (i.e. try and climb rocks etc). I find this really annoying so if the anonymizer deals with that then that’s a good thing.

  12. QB is a bit harsh to be honest….

  13. Really interesting seeing the different reactions from QB and Circon.
    Although they’ve always had very different opinions on xvm’s stats feature.

  14. Dear QB!

    First things first: I’d like to thank You, for all of Your effort for the game I love!
    To respect this effort, I have to argue with You, and have to say, You are not so narrow minded usually as I think You were this time.
    I am as far from special as a WoT player as someone can be – I’m not a Unicum, or anithing peculiar statvise, but I experience the toxic effects of XVM ingame stats in half of my games. Sometimes it is only a depressing chat message at the start of the game like “Next looser team” in a less presentable phrasing. Sometimes it is waaay more. Sometimes in a tier X-IX-VIII match, a fellow teammate in an Obj.430U, basecamp/redline because XVM told him, we have 41% chance to win, – and that is how it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes they even go drown themselves because of the same reason.
    I do not think I represent the typical player – XVM users see me like that, because my stats are right in the middle of the bell curve. So my gaming-experience influenced by XVM, negatively, and by a lot even if I’m not “trophy-hunted.

    I hope You will read this, and You read it aware of my friendly intentions.

    oldone, from the EU server

    PS: I focused on the team-game aspect, so excluded the easy to handle things like personal insults in chat and other things from my argument, beacause I think You are right – Bann them instantly!

  15. Completely useless that feature

  16. I would like that update, sounds good to me. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it …. whats the problem? Sounded like a pointless whinge to me.

  17. WILL YOU DONT HAVE TO USE THIS, IT IS AN OPTION.. there is no down side to this, if you don’t like it don’t use it. I’m a big supporter of yours but your negativity towards it is nonsense..

  18. RNG is WOT cancer

  19. I have seen you get realy salty when someone rushes you just to kill you on stream

  20. TBH quickybaby i agree with you WG having been missing the mark for a while it has been all about them making money and they have forgotton about the content that they put into the game! That is why less and less people are continuing to play the game. I personal have played less than 20 games in the last 3 months compared to the 50 battles a day i used to have. This game is dead it is time it was buried.

  21. Why do we need mods in this game. Why not lol has mods. Why starcraft does not have mods. From all kind of past knowledge mods in online games only offer useleness or advantage to some users and most time are not legimate. Witcher 3 and fallout mods are mods that provide something to the game and it is single plsyers one. Xvm should have never existed. Wg stats should have never existed because stats are that usefull as the randomness of the game. In fact wining in wg games has less chances that slot machines.

  22. Look, i thought you were extremely cynical for no reason. Yeah they made the video a bit dramatic, but still, i sincerelly believe it is a good thing.
    XVM doesn’t help and isn’t good overall for the game. Average or below average players who use it can be really awful because of that mod and just not bother playing if the odds aren’t good enough.
    I think that if we can stop XVM from displaying our personnal info, it would be for the best.
    I personally started enjoying the game much more the day i deleted XVM.

  23. QB I always enjoy your content and contributions but have to disagree. A couple of good reasons to limit toxicity seem extremely valid imo. The real reason why you are opposed to it might be that you won’t be recognised in games. And you probably love that for better or for worse 🙂

  24. It is interesting to see how different you and Circonflexxes opinion about this is. I know a lot of artyplayers who allways focus on the purple players on the eneym team. I like vanilla gameplay, so no difference for me at least.

  25. I’ve never disliked a QB video before.. literally never.. but the sheer amount of self-loving in this video was nauseating 🙁 I’m sorry QB. This is just an uncomfortable video to watch..

  26. Nobody would ‘trophy hunt’ me… Don’t care about the anonymizer… I miss friendly fire though…

  27. while grinding for bonds I found myself just garaging when I got in a bad team match up, as ironically it would actually save me a lot of creds and time. This just wasn’t fun, and wasn’t fair to my teammates. so I just stopped playing, and probably won’t be back soon, if at all. The game just isn’t fun anymore; battles are, on average, over in 4-5 minutes rather than the average of 7-8 min when I joined, and most battles are decided with the first 30 seconds based on how intelligent your team is. at least with older map designs it felt like you could have a chance even if your team sucked, because there were a few choke points you could use to stop enemy progression.

    but now that gold ammo use has quite literally tripled when I joined (when I joined the average was 1-3 rounds per tank per battle, now its 7-9) and the average pen across the board for most tanks has increased, such choke points just aren’t viable (also brought on by the nerfing of a lot of tanks with their HD model kits, like the m103). games too fucked to be fixed at this point

  28. You gained even more respect QB. WG loosing time to protect 1% of those fake unicum hiding in bushes and seal clubbing new players. We need contents and mainly new BIG dynamic maps without obliged corridors. The comparison with the maps of some competitor’s game is embarrassing and I sadly say this even if WOT is still the game that occupies 90% of my gaming time.

  29. Can someone give me the link to xvm plz?

  30. Yikes, mate. Get over yourself. Why do you even care so much about an *optional* feature?

  31. so they have to remove t95 279 907 260 to make this work? 😉

  32. This might be to test bot name generation and see how good the randonames can fly under the radar

  33. What’s wrong with telling people they suck when they suck? If you don’t, players that they are bad (like tomatoes are) they will NEVER improve or want to improve because they would be always happy in their willy-nilly universe. On the other hand they destroy every normal player’s games by being a retarded little brother you need to carry around all the time and pay for their mistakes (like them pushing you out/blocking you/hiding behind you when spotted etc.). You can’t fucking play this game and enjoy it because there are bunch of idiots all the time that keep ruining WoT experience for good players and above (1300 wn8+). So no, this anonymizer feature is just another bot protection type of thing that we all hate about this game the most.
    *+Still nobody is talking about problems this feature may introduce, for example how can you relate to some player that might be your natural language speaker if you can’t “read” it in his/hers nickname [for all]/flag [for XVM users exclusively] or how can you recruit someone whose nick is interesting or can be easier to communicate with because he is from your own country/region?* — After every battle I need to re-watch my own damn battle replay every time to figure out who was doing what, like seriously WG?

  34. What about the blacklist? I don’t think it’s okay to give other names, it’s not legitimate, okay to give him, for example, anonymous 123. Second, a lot of players just play to show ratings. A needless thing.

  35. @QuickyBaby This isn’t made for players of your skill level, this is made for more average YouTubers like Jingles.

  36. Peopole being toxic exists in multiplayer games and that is just a fact, this is to me just disabling XVM which I liked and used it to make my gameplay better.

  37. No, it’s meant for the tomatoes who get harassed. Console doesn’t have statistics and you still get comments…but you don’t get harassed in the game.

  38. Hey QB! I really think that XVM is good game mod, but that option to see players statistics during the battle can be a little occurred for players like me with 3-4-5 thousand games in which the majority are grinding trough tiers 5 and 6, and playing stock tier 7 and 8 tanks with no large impact on our win8, and my statistics are not very good. So more often than rare I get messages at the start od the game like: Noob tomatoes, We are going to lose, What a shitty team, or if I play my Patriot: Gold noob, please die, Pay to win noob and stuff like that. The other thing is, as you already know, Arty players usually install XVM just to focus on good players, and if they see purple on the map, they don’t thinking about game impact or tactics, to help their teammates on some flank tat is more important for winning, but they target players that are “purple”! And that is not an unusual thing!
    IMO the real solution would be that you modify your mod that we can see the statistics of all players at start screen, before as well after the game and on post-fight screen, but hide them during the very game. You can add instead of that some ranking icon, for example as you mentioned in LoL. But remove the colors and statistics while the battle is running. Besides that, I really think that XVM is one of the better mods for the game.
    I hope that you’ll find some good suggestions here and keep doing your stuff even better than ever! Peace my friend! 😉

  39. QB it’s just game. Get over it or go cry in the corner.

  40. Holy sh1t I’ve never liked QB that much but Jesus this guy’s ego is unreal lol info on stuff he provides can be useful but really “did they make this just for me” the whole video is all about him apparently lol

  41. From World Of Tanks 2020
    Thanks to our integration of the “Anonymizer” we can now put players who have had consecutive losses in to a battle against “bots”, that will let the player win so to allow them a feel good moment. And that be none the wiser till after the battle.

  42. Now the dirty rotten seal clubbers can have their way anonymus.

  43. I have played WoT for 6 years, years 3-5 I played a LOT in clanwars and in randoms. I have essentially stopped that. Why? Because there is no skillbased mm, random damage range, strong P to W- element. Its too casual. I haven’t played at all now. Why? Because in casual game, I do not want to think about my stats, I want to do stupid stunts every once in a while and not care. I do not want others to see me and a) focus on me b) judge me. I think you QB forgot the judgement aspect, some ppl are mad at other players because their stats are yellow/red (I know, I was one). And best for last: You do not have to use it at all. If that doesn’t solve problem, lets face it, you are part of the problem. You are looking other players stats and using info that is not in the game from the beginning. You are trying too hard in a casual game.

  44. QB you are 1 in a million, like you are 20 or 30 people in the planet. But what about the other millions how dont profit from the game and suffer daily the consequences? You should introduce stream delay and cut talking s h it man !!! Dont use it and leave us alone.

  45. We`ll see if I get artied less in my tier 8 next of tier 10`s.

  46. Wargaming don’t need to add Bots in the game, there are plenty already. Perhaps they could consider restricting the Tier you can play if your performance falls below a certain level to start really weeding out the obvious Bot accounts with an XVM rating of <50 that somehow are playing Tier 7-9 tanks. Is anyone really that bad.....

  47. Anything that makes spg players lose their unfair advantage is OK in my book

  48. Skill4ltu is in the enemy team at 2:30 with his 5a

  49. Ban xvm, problem solved.

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