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GOT EM 3 Marks 😉
your replays here: !


  1. suspended from tweeter for 6 days 🙁

  2. u seem to enjoy this littel tank, are u ok?

  3. The Jagdpanzer IV really is underrated, I enjoyed this little beast

  4. Obj907 most op tenk and hold only by top players
    Nice meme

  5. Gonna be buying the Jagd Panzer 4 when it goes on sale. I played through this TD pre-buff x.x

  6. First vehicle I ever got a Pools Medal in, after 34 battles in it….and it can be very sneaky….
    Peace, Schitzen_Giggelz (EU)

  7. You gonna stream with Quickybaby any time soon? Maybe could add to the #tankbetter series?

  8. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    PLEASE do a Sound Modpack with that 😀 That was hillarious i cant breath.

  9. JgPz IV was the first tank I 3-marked, but it took me a heck of a lot more than 53 battles. Well done.

  10. is it just me or is circon funny af?

  11. Where can i download the “historical voices” sound mod? ?

  12. wow i only got 2 in my wot-age 🙂 congrats.. but i wasnt good enough for over 50% win sadly 🙁

  13. Stop showing replays of this tank. Please.

  14. dude can you get a kill for the love of god.

  15. Surprised Circon doesn’t care about the new British heavy tank cuz like what happened when everyone heard the Foch is getting replaced everyone started grinding for the Foch and now same case everyone is grinding for the fv and playing it wot community at your finest

  16. Welcome to Circon’s channel, where you can enjoy:
    -Quality Gameplay
    -Clearly Historically Accurate Crew Voices
    – AND Memes

    All in the same place. Pretty solid I’d say. Nice video

  17. GunmanProductionsTV

    3:12/13 Dude, you had me CRYING here! Stahp. ???

  18. GunmanProductionsTV

    3:28 KSGSHRJEJGIRURDJFJ ??????????

  19. I swear every time I take that same starting position I end up getting killed right after my first shot.

  20. MAN! you really, I mean REALLY have a style!!!!

  21. So the tank crews were tennis players with allergies. Got it

  22. Lol, Tiger Woods ain’t got nothing on Circon XD

  23. Circon said it pretty good that why Armored Warfare isn’t a game he plays anymore they defiantly inserted their dicks and now the game is completely screwed they removed arty but then added what players call ATGM spam where a rocket can apparently go though armor that was designed to lower the effectiveness or make them completely ineffective or if you play PVE allot the ai can apparently put a rocket into the turret ring at 3000m while going about 50 mph and though solid granite and apparently every single vehicle that has a ready rack or autoloader which there isn’t much of a difference in the two ready racks go in vehicles that have a human loader that can apparently load the gun in about 3 seconds for four shots this can be rockets with certain Israeli tank that is made of steel that apparently its armor is more effective against all threats than a tank that is designed with better armor composition like a Abrams or a t-90 or a challenger with about 20 seconds of reloading afterwards and a autoloader is just a machine does the same work with a smaller crew but doesn’t fire multiple shots. HE apparently ignores armor thickness even though those shells are not meant to be used against heavy armor but more for structures and lightly armored targets but I guess the devs don’t do their research on things before making changes it is suppose to be realistic while having some degree of arcade elements to it. It is a clone pretty much of WOT and that isn’t speculation its more of a fact that I have experience with, I use to play it all the time and in fact learned of the game from Youtubers like Circon and Jingles it was a good game right up until they introduced Chinese tanks and a logistics fee for playing PVE that makes no sense it was suppose to be a anti griefer or no show deterrent but punishes all players by lowering your income and then taking most of the income they turned a xp grind into more of a credits grind. I never spent money on Armored Warfare instead when the game was good and so where the events they had some rewarded gold just for playing the game something like win 6 PVE missions in 3 hour periods that also had increased income and xp those such events I made so much gold I got myself a teir 6 premium which was on sale for something like 20% and then bought a teir 2 with what I saved and some events the reward was a premium tank. If it wasn’t for those premium vehicles I would of never made it to teir 10 in the game or it would of taken a heck of allot longer. In my opinion they should find someone that knows how to develop a game or get Obsidian back and actually let them make a semi unique experience instead of a cheap clone.

  24. @circonflexes have you 3 marked the Leo pt a? If not I’ll donate $1 to watch that XD

  25. What a bunch of potatoes the enemy was. Did they even know where the W function is?

  26. Just waiting for the mod to come out

  27. Lol my mom came in my room asking what kind of porn i was watching xD

  28. I would use that Sound Modpack, would laugh abit while the game makes my cry bloody tiers… Anyways, GG man !

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