Graf Zeppelin and Island – New MAPS Coming to World of Tanks Update 1.12+ News

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World of Tanks New Graf Zeppelin and Island Map Preview, Kraftwerk Map Rework. World of Tanks Even 90 Gameplay, Tier 8 Light Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.12+ Patch News. World of Tanks New Maps.

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First of all, Happy Holidays and from me and my family. May all your wishes come true and may the 2021 be better than 2020!
Today, I have one news episode for you, featuring 2 brand new maps, which WG is thinking about introducing.

What do you think?


  1. Honestly, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you, my friends and beautiful people! 🙂
    Stay awesome, safe and as always… sexy!

  2. uberbora from EU merry christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas bros!
    Username: milomark
    Server: EU

  4. usename: blackdevil_destroyer
    server EU

  5. user: a_noob_in_his_ server: EU
    if you don’t have mirror maps the players will complain about one spawn having an advantage and bleat about it being unbalanced.
    if you do have mirror maps the players will complain about the maps being unimaginative and boring.
    hence they say “fuck it” and make mirror maps.
    they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
    (this is one of the few times you’ll find me defending a WG decision, as they usually fuck things up badly)

    peace (from the UK)

  6. Username: Zokku
    Server: NA

    This maps are kinda meh idk

  7. working at the Hospital during Christmas, its fine tho. stay healthy everyone

  8. Alles Email Von Emre

    Nickname: Gurkensalat_2016
    Server: EU
    “Say merry Christmas!” “Mewwy Gibsmas”

  9. Username: Lowex97
    Server: EU
    Merry Christmas boys and girls and happy New Year!!!!!!

  10. username: jevryson
    server: EU
    Merry Christmas

  11. username: panzerfaust123_fighter
    server: eu

    merry christmas. i think that the Island map will be one of “you pusch you loose” maps, and geting int the city will be a big problem. also, city is small, what if u get 8 heavy in 1 team? happends on tier 8 often to me

  12. username: Poures4saken
    server: EU

  13. username: cdbBellum
    server: NA
    merry christmas all. maybe next year will get better

  14. Was it a joke or there are some issues with grand battle mode? I’d like to play only grand battles, if there was such an option.

  15. Username: Mad_Dog_Tannen
    Server: EU

  16. Merry Christmas everyone!
    username: Osarobson
    server: EU

  17. username: ChangedRaptor48
    server: EU
    Merry Chrismas!

  18. Klondike is the name of the grandbattle map Dez 🙂

  19. I hope they will figure out how to produce maps that are not entirely symetrical but still offer similar chances to win for both teams. But with these two maps, for me it is mostly a “copy & pasted” style. But lets see what will await us further on!

    Webster00 on the EUs Server

  20. So again instead of fixing KNOWN ISSUES that the CORE PLAYERS have complained about for YEARS, Wargaming is adding to the game instead of FIXING those ISSUES!! Let me guess, all new maps are corridor maps? How original! Have seen any maps like those in the game before!! 🤬

  21. Actually studying before january exam !
    Merry Christmas all !
    IGN : oufticraft_ Server : EU

  22. Happy holidays !
    Server: EU
    Username: defcon19

  23. I think WG will balance all that things, like base positioning timings… But i would like if they restored some old maps. For example Swamp, i liked it a lot. All in all Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating and Happy Holidays to all of you <3
    Username: big_luka
    Server: EU

  24. username: maksfini
    server: EU
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  25. username: elkku 2015
    sever: EU
    atleast 80% free to play player because i am not adult so i cant use much money into the game.(i dont want to be a bitch but pls i really need that)
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  26. Seasonal greetings!
    Name: TankistSI
    Server: EU

  27. Still hoping for that baltic country platoon 🙂

    EU TankSynous

  28. I don’t know what to say about those maps. Merry Christmas, Dez!


  29. Kalahari Catfishing

    So happy they are adding more maps, now only remove the ebr and the game should be realy fun again. Happy holidays everyone. Dudman1 EU Server.

  30. marry xmas people
    nick: KwickThaBoi – eu

  31. Happy Holidays!

    Username: GalmTwo
    Server: EU

  32. I like the maps and we need more maps.
    Server: EU

  33. Graf zappelin is a premium German aircraft carrier in world of warships. It was the best ship in the game when I played the game 2 years ago.

    The island map was featured in another video a week ago or something. It looks very nice with all the green stuff.

    I think I like both maps if they do the bushes right.

  34. Username: datumkiller
    Server: EU
    Merry Christmas!

  35. Pretty looking maps i should say
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    username: ElDiablo20
    server: NA

  36. ismail cem dedeoglu

    Merry christmas
    Username: isocem_2014
    Server: EU

  37. All my homies hate red tanks.

  38. Username: JCD3nton
    Server: EU
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  39. Merry Christmas!
    Server: EU
    Username: hunisz

  40. Interesting maps, I really wish they will balance them properly and that they will be fun to play 🙂
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    p0dkriznik on EU server

  41. ‘christmas

  42. Merry Christmas everyone!

  43. username: life_taker
    server: EU
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  44. Username: sim5
    Server: EU

    New maps are always interesting, but i Dont think those are very great

  45. username : schwartz_und_panzer
    server : EU

    my wish is that I win the giveway lol anyway have a merry christmas everyone 😀

  46. username: totalwar1963_PH
    server: EU
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  47. Dec 24th, but still working till 3am. But tomorrow I am off. Thanks for the good wishes. Merry Christmas to all of you 🙂

    Will be playing WOT with my frnds tomorrow. 🙂

  48. Merry christmas for all the beautiful people!!

    Server: NA
    Name: cristopher0711

  49. NaughtSoScary
    Happy holidays to you all!

  50. Username: adamplayz23
    EU server
    Merry Christmas Dez!!

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