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Source: SirCircon

Nothing wrong with this at all. 🙂 Kappa.
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  1. hey but, if it was broken, obviously someone would fix it right? *kappa*
    arty working as intended obviously

  2. Go to the EU forum. Arty players galore claiming that mod makes no
    difference at all. 

  3. Arty is love arty is life 

  4. circ pls get 1 on live XD

  5. That clicking skills. OP!

  6. Whats the name of the mod or whatever that lets you change perspective as

  7. that stream :D

  8. How do you get that other angle when playing arty?

  9. how does he get that other arty view, is it a mod

  10. Will this mod be in your next modpack circon? :)

  11. Someone really needs to petition Wargaming to allow the Conq to fit a

  12. Whats the name of the mod!?

  13. just by watching i feel dirty,need to take a shower

  14. What do you press to get the other arty view the one from the front not the
    top above them?

  15. Damn, this is so wrong on too many levels :D


  17. All arty players go drown your pc ;D it’s super effective!

  18. How did you get that aim foe arty ?

  19. Imagine they introduce the Sturmtiger…

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