GREYHOUND BITES – Love This Thing (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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GREYHOUND BITES – Love This Thing ()


  1. How the fuck did you get it?

  2. Wrong use of the “curb your…” meme. U will recieve a ticket in a lapse of 2 days.


  4. Show your end of game record next time! That little thing was a beast.

  5. Phly on your next video could you please go over how to install the Tiger’s historical gun site mod I have not been able to figure it out. Last time I handled mods for WT was before the US Tanks came into game then I went away from WT until the Japanese tanks came into play.

  6. Is this only on the dev server or something? the m8 i’m seeing is quite different

  7. Yo Phly you need to see if you can kill s Tiger 1 with the Greyhound like in the Battle of St. Vith. A Greyhound plugged 3 rounds into the rear and smoked it.

    EDIT: Ahh sheiße I just saw someone say the same thing. Except they used Wikipedia and not from the top of their head ;).

  8. Hull break is broken

  9. Teamkilled this thing once in SBs, it looked like Puma in the smoke to me.

  10. U brought 69 hardened potatoes . OFC

  11. Hey Phly. I’m fairly new to WarThunder and at the moment I’m trying to grind the Tiger1H but I can’t seem to get many RP and I was wondering if there is advice you could give me to do better in game cheers

  12. I have never seen such ownage of any team before in warthunder

  13. Please nerf. ; – ;

  14. phly could you make a vid on how to use the tiger H1 in an up tier battle because I cant kill shit and im always dying.

  15. matches such as this for me come around once every 100 years..

  16. that vehicle is DIRTYYY!!!

  17. 1 year since the Ho 229! Bring it back

  18. Hey phly this is a cutenes challenge/test:
    You will take out the M2A2 at 9.0br and when you encounter an enemy try to look as cute as you can so that he will not kill you (I recommend spinning around and shooting your mg’s into the air)
    Oh and almost forgot!!! You should put cute eyes to your tank good luck

  19. I’m still so pissed that they made it an event vehicle…

  20. did this thing just bounced german 20 mils? you kidding?

  21. The .50 on the greyhound is the worst part tbh. It wouldn’t be nearly as horrid to fight if it had twin .30s.

  22. Guess you could say it’s a good teamm8 tank.

  23. Greyhound is love, Greyhound is life.

  24. Incredible…

  25. Had a GI Joe model of this tank when I was a kid.

  26. I have been right next to one of these in real life and have seen how fast they can move and I must say War Thunder has got it all wrong. The realistic game mode you’re playing on is a joke. I’ve seen this thing firsthand doing donuts and driving around, and it’s rather fast. This game mode does not represent it correctly at all. Then again realistic mode really doesn’t depict proper speed correctly anyway, it never did.

  27. Heroes & Generals has this M8 GreyHound too. ;D

  28. All the heavy tanks be like:

  29. 7:14 Phly’s murder spree begins.  Rest in pieces enemy team

  30. BlindThunder player,PhlyBlindly

  31. You could have used your 50 cal so many times but you didn’t you would have killed way more you silly bastard

  32. Fucking stupid it was an event only vehicle.

  33. It’s fun every now and again to see phly seal club newbies in the lower tiers but after this I just can’t help but feel bad for the enemy team

  34. i want to see BA 64 AND BA 6 TOO

  35. Hey look! One of the most common and famous vehicles of the war!
    And it’s a rare gift tank.

  36. German’s Puma had better gun than this

  37. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    that first pz 2 though 5:31… future Tiger 1 player right there

  38. So I’m guessing this is some sort of premium tank, huh?

  39. Finally found that song!! The intro btw….thanks phly

  40. How to insult someone in a game: “Is that a ai?”

  41. Great video Phly !!! Wish I had it but I was gone the week they had the special for this so I wasn’t able to get it. Bummer.

  42. Give me some of your golden eagles plz!

  43. Use the 50 cal!

  44. wow 😀

  45. The M8 makes me feel dirty everytime I play it well, other times I usually just die to a flakpanzer or ta-se

  46. Jezus, Phly, with my M13 cleaning up all the dirty work, spotting a tank trying to but spank me and you just made a walk around the block hahaha love it to be in one of your video’s <3 keep up the good work

  47. F#cking good teamwork man

  48. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    That was an insane game! Geez! Your too good at this, haha

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