GREYHOUND | Small Recon Vehicle Killing HEAVY TANKS (Greyhound War Thunder)

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GREYHOUND | Small Recon Vehicle Killing (Greyhound )


  1. Hey those taco bell $5 boxes are great

  2. Роман Пономаренко

    da da it is incredibly hard to learn it! (with strong russian accent)

  3. yesterday taco bell was out of beef so they gave FREE UPGRADES to chicken and steak for all items! WE WERE SO HAPPY. The chicken was delicious. … then we got the steak ones. It was like eating canned dog food. Like those frozen slimey “Salisbury steak” frozen meals you get at the super market. Taco Bell is a cruel, cruel mistress.

  4. Gaijin
    Boarhound – lacks mobility, heavy armour, 3.7br, 57mm gun: gets scout and artillery
    Greyhound – good mobility, lacks firepower, lacks armour: no scout or artillery

  5. The maps….
    They need to be large, like stupid large, with random start points!, where a recon tank can be a recon tank, hills cliffs waterways city edges field and forest, topography…
    Air & Water maps would change to.

    Hunt seek destroy.

  6. Phly is the Bob Ross of War Thunder

  7. Only $17 for yourself at taco bell? Still in the minor leagues with those numbers.

  8. When you are having fun in war thunder…
    “I wanna try that again”

    Gajn: Not on my watch

  9. PhlyDaily I know gaijin loves you and gives you everthing to talk good about them but honestly Phly SINCE WHEN do gaijin listen to what the players want?

  10. Ramadhanu Muhammad Rizky

    English is a hard language to learn until you learn Arabic

  11. English is actually quite easy

  12. Ivan Guillén Pedrosa

    As a Spanish native that can speak a fluent English I can say that the way the English is taught in our schools makes it more complicated that it actually is.
    But it’s easy if you’re dedicated enough

    Also great video, wish I had the m8

  13. when the wife is not home. the screams begin

  14. Next new catch phrase for T-shirt, “almost FUN right there”.

  15. Not all light tanks (and armored cars) were made to be Scout vehicles but those that were should have Scouting add to them!

  16. Why don’t they just add the scouting ability at 1.0? just get less points maybe??

  17. This was a funny vid lol loved it

  18. I hope you will talk and be remembered 2and900 Rest in Peace

  19. 2:50 XD

  20. Day 3 of asking you to do a DO 335 B review

  21. @Gnas189 hello there fellow great trial enjoyer

  22. 0:22 Paul Walker join in the chat

  23. I don’t know but did you die by an Italian tank while using smoke?

  24. am dot or is dash

    Hell cat moment

  25. 15:16 players no longer care unfortunately they only go for the kill and spawn camping.

  26. @Recker_YT -StayFrosty car lighting better than a factory

  27. “english is hard to learn”
    – its really not imho. its rather pleasant to be honest

    but have you seen japanese. like god ddamn

  28. Jakub Rzepkowski

    Another video could be about achilles with 190mm of pen on 3.3?

  29. Do a video on v 156 b1

  30. Me: -struggles to kill a tiger H1 in a t-34-85

    Phly: Kills it in a 1.0 scouting vehicle

  31. War Thunder team mate experience! :>/

  32. This is the actual spot, cuz Spotting actually doesn’t count as assist – War Thunder

  33. As a Spanish native I can tell English is way more easy to learn than Spanish. And I fell nice knowing Phily can fluenty speak it 🙂

  34. Expecting vehicle accuracy from War Thunder is like expecting a healthy lunch from McDonald’s.

  35. The M8 greyhound is poo
    Puma is better

  36. the last match is ridiculous lolllllll those are the games i live for

  37. this is some hersey reeeeeeeeeeeee it’s a scout but without the scouting abillity like WhAaAaAaaaT?

  38. Kornél Horváth

    0:26 song name?

  39. M8 drift????

  40. 6:05 ballanced

  41. This thing at 1.0 is disgusting. The .50 alone causes havoc

  42. Reminds me of when I use my M19 to kill tanks! I’ve killed panthers with it.

  43. What I don’t get is why it’s an American tank, but only available as a premium. Yet it’s a reserve in the Chinese tree.

  44. 22:25
    And thats why dont play with ur food

  45. M22 lost its recon ability too.

  46. Christopher Golding

    phly: hears a Stuka
    the collective audience joins in: NIEN!

  47. Hey Phlee
    Take out the VT1-2 for a spin
    Attempt #2

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