Grille 15 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Great play, pity they’re going to nerf the speed, the blandification of
    good tanks continues.

  2. Grille is getting nerfed, feelsbadman

  3. Great game SirFoch, I wonder how much the nerf will balance the Grille in
    next patch…

  4. most awkward foch’ ending of a video, miss count +1 :D

  5. SirFoch do you play on a XONE controller or mouse and keyboard?

  6. Thanks for the 50K subs!


  8. kovacsistvanhetfield

    Next patch nerf its dispersion and mobility :D

  9. I love to shoot the bush down south to

  10. “the enemy tried so hard to throw the game” lol

  11. Wow great game Foch!

  12. That’s why Grille 15 gonna get nerfed

  13. This replay dude..

  14. U thought only my grille is inaccurate…

  15. so nice to see they will nerf grille FINALLY

  16. Play the VK 72 next

  17. I knew it was gonna be even better when I saw the annotation, hahaha

  18. nice times 3xp weekend teams lmao

  19. That E50M at the end, almost flipped his tank, and missing all the shots,
    just Pro. Haha

  20. This tank seems underpowered. They should buff it just like the badly
    performing T110E5.

  21. so glad they will nerf this shit in 9.18

  22. This tank has been OP since introduction, but it’ll get a nerf next patch

  23. Bo Danville (BountyHunter01)

    Enjoy your vids foch your clinical analysis of the game is always good to
    hear and educational :D

  24. its gonna be shit after the nerf

  25. 50k subs give us a new intro pls some mercyyyy

  26. i dont have grille,cry everytime

  27. Congrats on your eloquence and command of English, sir.

  28. 2:38 The amount of times I got hit by a Grille 15 with 0 damage is very
    high. Often in Lights. I wounder if this is a bug or balancing factor :D

  29. Damn you make it look so easy. Grille 15 feels like a permaspotted
    turdwagon for me. Can’t seem to ace it no matter what I do. Seems like I
    get two good shots off then the whole map knows where I am and tries to
    shoot me. Borsig and WTF Trager were so much nicer to play.

  30. good thing there was no FV 215b 183 in enemy team, otherwise you would be

  31. So cool under pressure. Nice one.

  32. These enemies are absolutely epic! Just sad to see how bad some people

  33. President Donald Trump

    Tell me you love me foch

  34. Jagaru was able to kill the T-10 in the end, you weren`t. So its proved,
    Jagaru outpeforms Grille and other T10 tanks.

  35. I m comparing my terrible yet lucky grille play to yours and I m pretty
    sure you would have won if it was you palying instead of me

    for anyone insterested
    I start with a wihne about how m y full aim shot missed(as usual) then
    proceed to engage falling flank
    Luckliy my enemies were pretty dumb ubt I couldn’t take advantage of that
    enough to win…. fuck

  36. oooooooo mr foch doing regular uploads :’333 hey what’s your real name bro?

  37. Are you playing on the Sandbox server? ;)

  38. How did they managed to miss those 5 shots? Hmm let me think… I’m sorry
    it’s taking so long it’s really hard question… ok mmmaybe the moment they
    were shoting they had a lag… or… maybe the moment they were shoting
    something distracted them for example a skype call poped up… orrrr
    mmmmaybe RNfuckinG how about that hmmm?

  39. So…somebody forgot the outro

  40. D3t op clanu lel

  41. Im glad they nerfed jagpanzer E100, deathstar and FV4005 so this
    underpowerd tank destroyer is still viable in the game Kappa

  42. Thanks for the many uploads lately.

  43. grille, best medium sniper, oh wait.

  44. did anyone notice the B-C 25t crashing at 4:00 hahaha xD

  45. But yeah, lets nerf the Jpz E100 and Deathstar…

  46. Great match in one of the most “balanced” T10 TD’s 😀 Nicely played Foch!

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