Grille 15 goes ham

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System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. I just finished the RHMB grind and it wasn’t a pleasant one due to its complete lack of mobility.
    Static sniping is not an option for me (I’d get bored to death) and the RHM dictionary doesn’t contain words like aggressive or flanking.
    I need to get my hands on the grille.

  2. Big like before I even start watching 🙂

  3. Well i bought 6 of dem boxes and got 2.5k gold, around 15 days of premium and some decorations. I wasn’t even mad.

  4. “Wouldja look at dat.”

  5. No arty focus? What happened?

  6. foch can you do an updated rant video?

  7. The title should have been, due to the camo pattern: Grille 15 goes bacon!

  8. If I took that position in the middle and got spotted, then 2 seconds later I would be artied. I was watching this and couldnt believe it that arta took interest in you so late in the game.

  9. very wise words bro thanks for advice but you know the type 59 is a tempting offer hahaha

  10. 48% from Christmas?I have finished level 10 and 24% only ,Why???

  11. At the battle results screen why are the numbers separeted like that? Like 9 43 38 instead of 94 338?

    • IchButterMirDenLachs

      He said that it’s probably something with his client because he’s from Latvia

    • IchButterMirDenLachs That was my guess but he clearly plays the game in English so idk what does it have to do with it

    • It’s probably a font issue. Don’t know anything about it, google it if needed, but it happened to me when I had to install a special font for a different game (some older RPG or something) and my WoT results ended up the same Foch has now. But since he has it for couple of patches now, I guess he doesn’t really care much about it 🙂

    • Daniel Bardi Still uses windows local settings

  12. Thanks for the Video SirFoch 🙂

  13. yaaay pls keep spamming these videos!

  14. You always have cool vids

  15. you make it look so easy….

  16. I bought 100€ worth of lootboxes because I’ve been completely out of gold since middle October or smth and the value was insane. 56k gold, 5,2 million credits, almost two months of premium and two tier 8 Premiums. Told my friend about it who was also in need of gold and he ended up basically getting 8 million and a Lorraine for free. As Foch said, don’t buy these to get a Type 59, but they are a good buy if you need gold and premium time.

  17. 6 euro 3 loot box : type 59, T26E5, LeL worth it I guess

  18. 9:00 it’s T69 not T-62a 🙂

  19. Love how people panic and just through away their tanks.

  20. That conq and vk sigh

  21. I tried my luck with the boxes(about 40 odd some)mainly trying to score the 30 plus prem days(never got it ofc)plus the gold and got a Lorraine 40t from them. I was floored at my total dumb luck and I’m not saying go out right now and buy loot boxes like they are going out of style but…You might just get lucky like I did.

  22. ” I know you are all eager to know about the new french tanks,so here is a grill15 replay.”

  23. Great video!

    I bought 14 (11+3) boxes, got around 5-6k gold, pnz B2 and the t28, some premium days and reserves I believe. Okay value tbh

  24. It amazing how much “luck” you create by your gifted play style. You usually make great use of any lucky moments that come up during a game. It’s awesome to watch you play.

  25. Karlo Mihalus Dianovski

    Loot boxes are crap

  26. WTF?! 15 HE? Why?

  27. Seems like wg nerfed the gains of the loot boxes…YAAAY …

    • Nikola Nedeljkovic yeah I assumed that they would nerf the boxes as time went on. That’s generally how they do it. The guys how buy them at the start will get a lot and pass on the word that hey I got all this free stuff while the father on you go the less good loot will drop.

    • Spent 40 euros and received lorr 40t, 2x t26e5, type 59, t28 f30 and 10k gold today. I guess i Was extremely lucky.

  28. I think many dont like it because it has a decent skill cap and it was nerfed. And when one of your Tier 10s gets nerfed you probably wont touch it again too soon. The Grille is still easily one of the best Tier 10 TDs though.

  29. “Hello guys”? What is this madness?

  30. That Jageroo! Top tier, survived all that through the game to be last man alive in his team. Zero damage done. Unbelievable

    • Sadly, not only believable, but not even hugely uncommon. People think “I’m a TD, I have to sit at the back and (be useless) snipe” despite all that armour and a gun nobody wants to be on the wrong end of.

    • Steeltrap ha ha, armor. Which armor vs 10lvl MT gold ammo? All bitches are shooting gold,when they see Jgdpz.

    • I know, introducing unlimited premium ammo with few negatives other than cost was a disaster for game balance, but the point is you’ve also plenty of health. You only need a couple of penetrating hits to do your health in damage, so there’s no point in NOT getting to somewhere you can have a chance of doing so. I played this game from beta in 2010, and to my mind it started going terminally down hill with the introduction of tier 9-10 arty, tier 10 TDs and premium ammo for CR. Stopped playing in 2013 because it was getting more and more dumbed down; in Asia you get people spamming gold ammo at tier 1 FFS.

  31. again T10, not interested

  32. You know its christmas, when foch uploads twice a week. ಥ_ಥ

  33. I like the description, “world of tanks is a free to play game”

  34. Props to that T69 for playing correctly.

  35. Kredes Kredesiński

    907 ‘pro player’ – shoot gold at Grille 15…

  36. Like #666. Illuminati confirmed!

  37. u are so skilled bro! JK… 0 enemy in mid? i havent got a game where no one on middle in this map in the last 3 years… this is clearly only ur skills yes?

  38. Those lucky arty misses ! I bet you were saying thanks to war gaming for fixing arty

  39. Merchant Shalomshoah GoldbergShekelstein

    Wake up from Zionist/Freemason/Jesuit ordained slumber! NSDAP revolution was the real humanitarian revolution that you need to learn the truth about!

  40. ironically you’re less salty than anfield these days xD

  41. your vids are much better now foch, agree with Justin below, less salty but actually still showcasing your skill and honest opinions – nice one!

  42. nice as always foch any more relaxed in battle and you would be asleep stay chilled dude

  43. why you no ladies and mentlegen

  44. go back to cursing motherfuckers out! FUCK WARGAMING!

  45. “Grille is goes ham”

  46. That Jagdpanzer was like “Chold the door, chold the door…”

  47. Missing them ladies and mentlegen

  48. Vladimir PutinYarbutt

    What do u have for your keyboard?

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