Grille 15 Goes Ham

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. first

    • Andrea Gasperetti

      whoAmI [neon] I will never understand why people find it pleasing and satisfying to write “first” as a comment to a video. I’m genuinely curious. What do you feel when you were the first to comment? Did it make you feel better? Happier? More interesting? More cool? Help me understand please: I’m looking for new ways to feel like I am cool while contributing zero to anything

    • FiRST child without brain !
      First idiot

    • Isn’t that a bit hypocrital mr. andrea, your comment contributes just as much as the ‘first’ guy’s, but is much more unpleasant. Relax, people comment ‘first’ because it amuses them.

    • Andrea Gasperetti

      Ethan Ansell I’m relaxed. I’m just really curious why certain people like to comment with something that has no meaning. My own comment, albeit “more unpleasant” as you pointed out, at least has some kind of meaning. And considering that now we are debating, it did contribute to something ?? But then if people is amused by writing “first”, I’m happy for them. The world needs happiness

    • +Andrea Gasperetti they’re too retarded to actually come up with a decent comment..that’s it

  2. I can’t believe, he post something ?

  3. So the rumors are true, you ARE alive.

  4. No Foch rant…er….’review’ of the ‘murrican gold KT?

  5. Instant like aaaaand watching with some coffee. Cheers my dude. 🙂

  6. Was kinda hoping for a rant about the premiums in that game, but I guess, that’s old news.
    Kudos for your persistence Foch

  7. Friday night ! I played some tier 4 and 5 games on the NA server at about 9 pm….I got a team with 12 v 12 at tier 4 and 6 on each side were bots. In my tier 5 games I had 15 v 15 but it had 5 bots each. The game might not last long enough until Fochs next video…..

  8. Woohoo 1 video every large patch, let’s gooo 😀

  9. Finally

  10. what a fucking retarded e75 camped behind arty the whole game

  11. *Grille 15 Grills Ham

  12. Need more YouTube vids you salty focher

  13. Heeeee’s back!

  14. social3ngin33rin

    Don’t worry, after 7 years of dealing with Wargamings shit, I stopped remembering map names too lol

  15. 8:05 I dont know where the IS-7 is

    Centurion AX in chat: aM i A jOkE tO yOu?

  16. damn, i thought they buffed the grille

  17. Well played, still my favourite tier 10TD. Joy to watch you playing it (: see you in 2020 Foch

  18. WoW so you survived the spring. Good to know !

  19. Why do you refuse to shoot gold? Its straight out better and improves your tank for credits, just like a gun rammer and shit like this. Makes no sense for me.

    • +Silver Torpedo the special ammo can also be AP, APCR, HE or HESH

    • +Alex Bucu Sure sure, BUT if you are driving a heavy yourself or are on maps like empires boarder, mountain pass and shit like this you just need it to deal more damage then without it. So i dont understand why he dont carrys at least one third gold just in case. U dont need to fire it but u should have it if needed.

    • +John Whitmire it’s like cheating, easy mode…

    • +Romano Č. No its not, everyone can do it and its given by the game. Why making life harder then necessary?

    • +John Whitmire he’s trying to prove a point and that is: u can be competitive in this game without special ammo or OP tanks. he succeeds in keeping good stats while shooting only regular ammo. he enjoys aiming for weakspots rather then pressing the “skill” button which turns all armor into butter. if it’s given by the game doesn’t mean it’s good for the game.

  20. What equipment do you run on your grille?

  21. No cap! Kill all!

  22. The map is noob valley 2 iirc

  23. Buata Red Devils

    I hope to see you and Skills platoon again ?

  24. 0:30 “ammo changes are coming and no point in reviewing stuff before that happens”

    Oh, where have I heard this before. Oh yes, it was 1.0. “No point in reviewing stuff before 1.0 arrives as it will change everything”. Did it change anything? Not really…

    They will change gold ammo by lowering the damage it does. This way, people will have to shoot more “special” ammo if they want to kill superheavies that cannot be penned with standard.

    After that, what will come? Big balance of all tanks in the game? I think WG is just trying to make us “hyped” for changes that in reality won’t change anything. Nothing will change, neither after gold ammo changes, nor after tank “balancing”

  25. Yay another upload from SirFoch, he must be on day release from the Gulag.

  26. Last time Foch uploaded a video I had 3 kids less than today and I was under 18!

  27. I_-Treadstone-_I

    Is WoT playable these days? I played it a bit in Dec/Jan and it was meh. What are the changes Foch mentions?

    • Nothing good has changed. Mm has improved this year though but you still have the issue of arty, low tier shitbags, heavily armored vehicles, gold spam, and world of premium tanks.

  28. Worth grinding?

  29. when i play world of tanks the most frustrating thing is when you do 8-10K damage and you are still able to lose because well players like that E-75 which are incapable of doing anything on their own and camping in a heavy tank all game

    or when teammates make such retarded mistakes of sitting in the open trying to shoot targets and getting rekt by their campers lots of 15:3 15:5 15:7 games these days inbalance is real

  30. E75 2758 games 43% wr 550wn8…..true moron.

  31. He’s alive! HE’S ALIVE!!!

  32. Map name = The One With The Magic Forest. I forgot them all too, but then I haven’t played for a few years now, but I can’t seem to stop watching you, Circ and Skill.

  33. Grille is goes ham

  34. Youssef Sammouh

    What changes is he talking about? I didnt hear about any major changes coming to WoT soon

  35. It’s very good to have you back! Thank you for the upload 😉 great replay btw

  36. WOW, no depression.. not even on the rear..Wiki says -7…
    Love the thought that it has better Dispersion(.27) them arty, when arty has better weight(heavier) to hold and aim the gun..

  37. Wow
    nicely done Sir

  38. I don’t even play World of Tanks and watch SirFoch.

  39. E75, right beside grille in cap,i luv such random guys o_0

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