Grille 15 Goes ham

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  1. I’ve always liked how honest you are about your own gameplay.

  2. it’s OP as hell most of my games when grille15 camps , you can’t do shit
    about it , you just camp back and wait either for draw or losing

  3. I Really apriciate a 1’st class player like you, admitting mistaskes. Not
    blaming the team or even rng. Respect! Wish i had your skill and knowlegde.
    Proberbly never get that good, but hey! i can play thunderstruck on the
    spade so.. .. Thanks for your uploads, i learn.. slowly.. but i do.. So
    thanks to you Fuckyou.. or.. what ever ^^

  4. shooting HE at these from my E100 is one of the most enjoyable things ive
    done in WoTs

  5. Grille 15 is way OP… I owned one though (a purpple player on top of that)
    in my RHM the other day… Epic finale of a game I should have lost but I
    ended winning for my team… Now I want tthe Grille too haha!

  6. fml foch hits shots without full aim from close to mid range. My shots miss
    from very close range at full aim…. you know that 1 in a milion chance?
    It’s still 1 and not 0…

  7. I wouldn’t nerf the speed of the Grille, if anything I would further reduce
    it’s track traverse, increase it’s aim time and gun dispersion on the
    move and maybe decrease the gun arc, the Grille is a sniper, it shouldn’t
    be able to do what Foch just did in this game: it should be a sniper/camper
    that needs to stand still to use it’s awesome accuracy at long distances,
    not be a brawler. I can’t even count how many times Grilles have
    snapshotted me, it has WAAAAY to fast aiming time, just looking at it from
    a realistic stand point too: how in the hell should that tank with such a
    big gun and a small turret be able to aim that fast? After those changes
    they can even increase it’s accuracy if they want but it should have one of
    the worst aim times and gun handling out of all the Tier 10 TDs IMO.

  8. 430 likes 0 dislikes?

  9. Nerf top speed is fine but come on make the gun module smaller so it
    doesn’t lose the gun every time it takes a hit in the turret, completely
    negates that godlike gunhandling

  10. Grille is so OP… I slightly want the waffle back… atleast it had huge
    reload and bad speed….

  11. OP grille roasts too fast the light chickensXD

  12. make a 268 goes ham vid

  13. Nice game…but I think it’s time for E5 review…I mean, you have problems
    with E5 yourself, so it’d be nice to get some pointers. :)

  14. make mroe videos you slacking fish

  15. I just play arty now until they nerf E5. Sorry Foch, don’t be mad, but
    wartardgaming gave me no choice…..

  16. “I don’t even know what that medal is for” LOL

  17. And just like that you had a battle that would qualify for the last TD
    mission, with honours, for Object 260 (8k dmg + 5kills) . . . . the one I’m
    struggling with for few months now :S

  18. One more like ?

  19. ah you make it look so easy…and even when you fuck up you usually come
    out of the other end intact and with wrecked enemies in your wake 😉 kudos
    man kudos

  20. Is Ensk the trademark map for anything? Man I hate that map …

  21. TheFochYou can you make T-34-2 review? Maybe you hate this tank as
    Ferdinand :D

  22. I think the Grille 15 is perfectly balance already
    the paper armor need great speed to run away (like Hellcat)

  23. That’s the quality. That is the Foch. 224 likes, 0 unlikes. 225 with mine.
    Keep being yourself!

  24. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    XD T49 fucking nice meme

  25. I think you should start a series “entitled Grille 15 goes potato” that
    feature games that you play but are more average kind of game that 80% of
    wot player will be able to relate to.

  26. ラー油美味しいチャーシューめん

    Probably not so OP because you played it well on a tough map for the tank.

  27. Цеци ти си пич!

  28. pop corn time :)

  29. 13 90 has got 240 alpha dmg, so he could’ve one shotted you on avg

  30. WHAT meaning ham ?hard as motherfxxxr ?

  31. the t49 shot HEAT
    at a grille
    *when he had the choice of a 102 pen HE that could’ve oneshotted said
    pubbies, please

  32. Epic gun choice on T49.

  33. Didn’t help your E-75 went full retard and decided to go hi-ho up the
    middle we go.

  34. that T49 wanted to watch a YT video about a Grille going ham ;P

  35. legend says Foch replies if u are early…

  36. this is how i play the borsig
    with the 150 :)

  37. That repostion and movement to finding shots and surprising the enemy is so
    good to watch. Great game foch! love these ham videos

  38. T49 PogChamp?

  39. That 360 is truly potato

  40. 360p? oh cmon

  41. vid in 360?????? why such potato all of the sudden????

  42. hello foch

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