Grille 15 – Prokhorovka (south)

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Source: Zeven


  1. Good stuff. One of my constant complaints when I’m scouting on this map is that the td’s are playing so far back that they can’t actually shoot anything.

  2. nice video, very good insight and explanation. Sometimes you tend to mumble a bit, especially in the beginning, its quite hard to understand you when you are doing that. That Grille 15 aim time is ridiculous. And i need to be a bit of a spelling nazi here, hope you dont mind it 🙂 its not a “Grill” its a “GrillE”, the e is not silent. Now that i packed my rant about the spelling together with some good criticsm, i dont feel that bad anymore 😀

  3. Thanks for posting, as always it’s informative.

  4. Love these types of videos!

  5. Awesome video Zeven, keep them coming! Doesn’t matter if you have done that particular map and/or tank. Very useful and entertaining! Best wot YouTuber/Streamer

  6. great Vid and discussion TY!!

  7. Wish I would have found Zeven’s channel a year ago…my stats would look much better

  8. Great video Zeven. I still learn so much from you despite usually having dark blue Recents. These actually help me so much more than replay reviews; it’s great to see exactly what to do instead of what not to do 🙂

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