Grosstraktor Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

*Bonus video* Really need to re-review this tank.

Play for free at


  1. hey Osirish

    do you think that t-34-85m comes back in the near feature?
    i didnt have enouf money to buy Fury Grobstraktor and t-34-85m i only need

  2. tank has a derp 75mm needs a good comander and gunner to work :)

  3. I was sorely tempted to purchase the Gr.Tr. but I passed on the opportunity
    at the last moment. As much fun as it may be to have an oddity like this in
    your garage, I think I’d get too frustraded to enjoy playing it, since I
    lack both skill and patience as a player.

  4. Dreadshells Gaming

    Looks like it plays a lot like a Pz. IV D. 

  5. I was very close to purchasing this. It looks like a fantastic crew trainer
    with lots of crew slots, and I have a lot of experience of derp howitzers
    in my current favorite, Cruiser II. However it will depend on my mood at
    the time, as having only one German medium on the go and I’m a bit off the
    boil with my Panther stopped me at the last minute.

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