“Ground Breaking” UPDATE PREVIEW! | War Thunder Official Stream

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Breaking” the title of the next Major Update in War Thunder! In this stream, we will give you an early look at some of the content that you will be able to play soon™
Read about “ Breaking” here: https://warthunder.com/en/news/
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  1. Андрей Коновалов

    Хочу такую же заставку что б была на раб. столе анимирующая )

  2. Whaaaat! Wow, wow, wow

  3. Cry’s in low tier

  4. cant wait to not be able to use dozers

  5. Bro my economy in top tier dropped by 90% 💀

  6. Stop having 7.0 1980s tanks ugainst 7.0 1950s tanks , it is not logical to fight a modern tank with my amx 50, for example.

  7. Farming simulator 22

  8. is this a man or a women ???!!

  9. Jack's lego moc and Aviation Gamming

    Gonna start finding diamond lol


    I want that live animated waiting screen as my pc background

  11. and yet germany is fuckt in the ass and dont get a jet

  12. Bro why is Michele Jackson on war thunder?

  13. Update “game breaking” oh wait the games already broken beyond belief

  14. You underestimate the South Africans. Some of the vehicles don’t make sense but everything they build is for the African bush so it ends up working well. If you want to see more crazy south African inventions l,check out the guns from there on forgotten weapons YouTube channel.

  15. seriously got rickrolled by the garage vehicle layout? “NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN”

  16. Thunder Farming Sim 2021

  17. Would love to see a Jeep with a Recoiless rifle, or the Dodge WC 55 with the 37 mm gun

  18. Виктор Левин

    Этот тип справа меня ппц как раздражает..

  19. Farming Simulator, Killing Season

  20. We want maus

  21. What we have here is a pair of shills.

  22. Gajin is like a packet of sweets you never know what you are gonna get

  23. Gonna make back ups that the player base may have spent money on during the events expire now?! Let’s send Gaijin a message cancel the subscriptions to all that upload War Thunder videos, refuse to buy premium time and generally don’t play War Thunder. Until Gaijin sees this mistake they must be punished to give them any thing more would be a huge mistake! Repent Gaijin REPENT!

    • Waiting three months to hope everybody forgets this nonsense… NEVER Implement this change ever! How am I to recruit new players to the game when you pull this utter fuckery Gaijin cause that’s what it is FUCKERY!

    • Your wagers are a complete waste of time though, people bank them because they never complete them and the few who do good for them. Maybe turning in wagers for a minor reward would be better… thank you for not gambling hmmm?

  24. I wonder how many people will be drawing peens for the pilots to see 😂

  25. I call bullshit. France should have one whole tree of EBRs. As a lover of French tanks this pains my soul. It’s like not having Centauros or BMPs. Shame on you Gaijin. AMX-13-90 is good but kinda slow and HEATFS is kinda trash. The only light tank I truly enjoy is AMX-10RC but it needs some fixing. Mud basically stops you no matter the speed. Char 25t is something unique as well. Truly an amazing tank but we need some EBRs and stabilized light tanks for France.

  26. why they dont add the M1A2 bulldozer with this patch ? kinda sad 🙁

  27. Farm Thunder 2021

  28. Is it just me or is there some choppiness near the part with the Wiesels.

  29. I don't believe in the Allies Propaganda

    I think with this update in the future they should add Self propelled Artillery to all factions

  30. Michaaaael Jackson plays wt

  31. Me and All the KT players: “But why…?”

  32. Only thing that we gotta wait on for the m1a2C to be in the game is hard protection trophy systems since quite literaly thie m1a2C is equivalent to the 2a6 but better, make it hapen

  33. Hoping on maps that allow more players ie 24 v 24 or even 32 ish in all modes


  35. It is now time for the United States federal trade commission to look into the practices of gaijin entertainment.
    Selling gaming features, such as universal backup vehicles, for money and then reducing their value after the fact is against federal law in the United States. Whether the gaming company is American or from a or nation, it it must comply with these rules and guidelines.

  36. Wait so isreal is coming?

  37. Ah yes, thank you for making my backups rot on the shelf, Gaijin.

  38. Just reliased the tank presets are rick roll


  40. Still no US Navy phantom despite the fact the F-4 Phantom was designed FOR THE US NAVY

  41. Most of this update looks great.
    Really hope they backtrack on making backups etc expire.
    Attempts to create FOMO just make me give up on a game not play more.

  42. Jeff the Gamer German

    Finally i can play like in a bunker

  43. Great more OP German AA

  44. what about Israel though, only reason I clicked on this. Planes mostly boring in this patch so far.

  45. So even more broken game that before great….

  46. Plisss Could you add Polish tech tree?

  47. Really looking forward to all the new game modes they have been working on…………………

  48. Very good🙂👌

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