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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The next major update War Thunder with massive changes — ‘Ground Breaking’!



  1. Ah, now ww1 style tanks will do ww1 stuff because trenchs will be formed from artillery and bombs!

  2. Good ideas but some of the animations need parching up.

  3. great the British Empire👍 , great south korea 👍👍

  4. So does this mean the M48A1 could get its dozer blade now?

  5. Now all we need is headlights to work

  6. That would be such a cool PVE KOOP Mission!! Gaijin make it happen please.

  7. Lets make fuji mountain

  8. i am expecting dirt walls around capture points in ground battles

  9. The only thing gaijan can break is their on game

  10. love how all my inventory items I’ve saved for years are gonna just expire bc this dumb update

  11. - Operator Caveira -

    only if it was like this

  12. and because War Thunder gives literal tank treads 0 traction, you’ll be stuck in any of those holes forever

  13. how about starting on things like br decompression instead of pushing the next major update when the last one was just barely 2 months ago…

  14. this is going to be used as a race track by bo time gaming yall know that?

  15. Oh boy is this going to be epic

  16. So… Maybe a Sherman whit a bulldozer blade?

  17. You’re going to have someone do this then snipe across the map the whole match being invulnerable because a dirt wall they made

  18. Swedish s tank will be great

  19. If only game play worked how the trailers make it out to be.

  20. this update trailer is literally “ground breaking”

  21. Why the British still use the old tactics of shooting?

  22. Holy shovel!

  23. Time to back to the game
    And burn my graphic card

  24. Swap out C A S with CAS, retreat with withdraw, neutralised with destroyed and bombs away with bombs gone. Then it won’t sound like google translate wrote the script.

  25. Zeronis Winchester

    Ok boyz it’s time to take out our tractors.

  26. man i swear if no new british vehicles im unistlalling the game

  27. Gaijin: i heard you like ‘dunes’

  28. When f-14 coming out?

  29. The Engineering Corps are now taking the battle to the Enemy

  30. Trash update you guys really loking for money wager and backup having limited time? Wow economic changes making it worst

  31. Walk back on the expiration dates for in-game items. Quit being greedy buggers and killing your game.

  32. Many very nice things about the whole terrain deformation issue would be great if they continue to work on this mechanic in the future, buildings that fall into pieces and that bomb damage can be created anywhere on the map … they plan to do something interesting in the future with tank and airplane simulator modes ?? It is a mode that is very neglected and they have everything to have a great game mode, make it more attractive for players, something as simple as adding the commanders coming out of the dome to use their wine glasses, more objectives in the games, larger maps for real tank battles and this also applies to realistic battles sometimes they are extremely boring and short ect ect ….. I know that changes are not applied overnight but hopefully read this type of comments and take note maybe one day we will see changes for the better in this section to be a more massive game ..

  33. An update with ww1 planes would be dope too ngl. You could name it “Back to origins” 🤩

  34. Yay another feature I will never get to use 🙂

  35. Oi Gaijin! GIFF SILVERLIONS!

  36. Ah yes wiesel

  37. the trenches are gonna be a bit bullying for some tanks

  38. War Thunder: What’s better then steel armor?

    Steve: *DIRT*

  39. I want nuks

  40. Great work, love those more milsim trailers, really set up the ambiance.

  41. Now gaijin wants to put expiration timer on wagers and back ups???????????? What a sad and wasteful deterioration of warthunder… An update of further losses and disappointment…an update of utter Garbage and BS. With a few tokenisms, Wiesel and Ugandan tractor to blind the remaining player/investor base to the more glaring failures of warthunder dev…nothing more…cost issues are now made worse and that can be expected with high degree of confidence. Warthunder is getting more and more unplayable by the day…

  42. Seriously Israel tree. The Polish nation should be added even if they were clones of other nations again, and not some Middle East countries that did not participate in World War II.

  43. Invece di introdurre meccaniche di merda che non servono a nulla sistemare il gioco che e ancora in pre-alpha da 15 anni orami.

  44. now imagine if they spend an update fixing br issues and the other massive issues the game has rather then adding more stuff for them to screw up on

  45. oh ya more chit i will never get

  46. i like war thunder but the only thing is i want IJN Yamato to be in the game and also USS Pennsylvania

  47. Ummmmmmm Gaijin you know it’s not April right????

  48. gaijin where is air?

  49. ahh Finally harvest simulator

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