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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Meet Major Update “Groundbreaking”: https://wt.link/groundbreaking_changelog

Please welcome one of War Thunder’s largest updates: Groundbreaking. It features a huge batch of new vehicles, several new types of weaponry, and improvements to UI…. but we’ll start with something else entirely: an important new mechanic that we’ve been putting so much effort into.



  1. Perfect! I get out of battle making almost half what I used to, and get back to the hangar for them to menacingly laugh AT ME!!! 😃 😭😢

    • For some reason, now the German mig21 makes 928% and when it dropped it was at 600 something….what are yall doing 🤷‍♂️

  2. Protection map is a great idea, glad to see it

  3. Thank you guys so much for giving so much effort in ur Game, I love it! Keep up the good work 😉 Trick Or Treat

  4. We need an a10 for the us

  5. I hope they fix it soon since the mechanics are interesting, and that they polish the issue of craters because it is stupid that this does not happen throughout the map

  6. Power House Airsoft P.H.A

    Update: breaking

  7. Ειρηναίος Χαλικιας

    Does anyone know why the servers are worsh than before

  8. why cant i buy the german mig on ps4

  9. AMX 30B2 Brenus should has Stab

  10. Fix heatfs for american tanks you keep nerfing

  11. hello war thunder you can do Hanukkah event pls

  12. Man idc about anything you and, WE NEED YUGOSLAVIAN TECH TREE

  13. The way how you pronounce Ystervark is less Ester vark like how they say it in the video but is more said as Ay-Star but with a E in star
    So there you’re weird Daily Afrikaans language lessons for the day and for a bonus fact the words Yster and Vark means Iron pig
    Witch fits well for the South African porcupine for its pig size and its sharp like metal quills 🙂

  14. 이러냥피낭탸

    Give us the Korean Tech Tree!

  15. i still don’t see the protection map option at all

  16. no profit ,no pay .STOP spending money until SL and research points are easier to acquire

  17. So with the small trucks can we now have:

    Stryker Dragoon(30mm)
    Stryker ATGM
    Stryker M1126 Troop Carrier(50 cal or MK19, meh)
    JLTV HWGC(50cal or MK19)

  18. That’s awesome *servers commit die*

  19. I like how I like how we are his friends

  20. Annnnnnnnd soviets get op missiles. Shocker.

  21. YES MY AVRE CAN FINALLY DIG NOW THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED FOR MY FAVORITE TANKS!! Now give it a accurate range finder and my life will be complete 😁

  22. Yes <3 And now i can cook soup on my laptop <3

  23. lentokone toveriturbiini

    What new can Israel’s armed forces have? Its army is basically USA:s little brother… Or maybe more like a pet but anyway it basically can only have things that US and Brit’s already have… I was wondering this when Sweden game in game but this is way worse… Also new bombs don’t work on console

  24. This update is actually so cool

  25. More like “Gamebreaking” tbh

  26. your servers are ground breaking

  27. Israel? So cool aaa

  28. how to make the entire world anti-semitic:
    step 1: add israel to war thunder instead of yugoslavia, hungary, poland, the commonwealth

  29. Buggy cash-grab game

  30. Alberto Martini Gorlami

    Plys add Brazilian/South American tree ._.

  31. Dominator and who cares anyways

    More like game breaking. Server issues , technical issues, all consuming void

  32. bet all those dislikes are from Palestinians or Anti-semitism ppl

  33. The intro music of this video was MUCH better than the dumb overused heavy guitar riff garbage

  34. It’s nice that you now can get crossmapped by a krizentema heli instead of a tank

  35. This reminds me of a forza trailer

  36. 6:30 modern war thunder in a nutshell

  37. Still waiting on an F-14 🙁

  38. i think we need more dust and sand clouds on relative maps. like i should have a smoke screen behind me on sand

  39. Whats the point in all the graph improvements? Everyone plays on ULQ anyways to get ahead. You know its true.

  40. фортнайтеры и майнкрафтеры оценят

  41. Imagine if they used the avengers: endgames song

  42. Pharisme Gems Company

    I love war thunder now

  43. Ground Breaking, more like Mind Breaking update. Dang these servers are exhausted. Please fix em.

  44. Is this thing still low spec friendly?
    GT520M and 4GB RAM are a pain in the arse for playing in tank battle

  45. i like the new diching makeing stuff but i got stuck on 1 and i could not get out so can you make it a bit shalower becausec you now well never get out

  46. Will there be a Sherman-Dozer in War Thunder? The variant was used heavily in D-Day.

  47. More like “game-breaking”

  48. Will we ever get scoops for lower tier vehicles like the shermans?

  49. Still waiting for the ability to kamikaze someone from air to ground

  50. We will all love this new ground breaking technology

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