GSOR 1008 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – GSOR 1008. Here comes a mysterious Tier 8 British tank destroyer, the first premium of it’s kind with an autoloader!


World of Tanks a 2 published by Wargaming and is available as a download.


  1. I was able to get the two new tanks! This year didn’t fail me

  2. Got unlucky yesterday broke my left ankle, got lucky today after 103 boxes i got tsor, bisonte and bourrasque :-/ dont know how to feel about that

  3. I’m honestly more excited for this tank than the Bisonte

  4. Just wait till they add APCRFSDS rounds (Armour Piercing Composite Ridge Fin Stabalized Discarding Sabot)

  5. The real question is: Czech heavies when? Been in the game for what almost 5 years now still only one line.

  6. This is the one I want, while Bisonte seems nice… I rather have this monstrosity!

  7. Alright. This is how this tank would perform to you in a normal match. You see enemy tank. You fire and your shot, it bounces. He fires and pens you. You want to fire another shot, but he is in a cover now. You press reload and get killed as soon as someone realizes you are reloading or out of shells.

  8. 1st box – GSOR 1008, 4th box – Bisonte… thanks WG! My card will stay in my pocket now

  9. 25boxes EU, I got this gsor. So badly want the bat chat instead lol.

  10. Out of 75 boxes i got the Bisonte twice 😅

  11. They need to publicly disclose the loot box drop rate.

  12. Yes, Gambling , support gambling more everyone. Invest hard earned money on pixels

  13. Come on kikipb, open your lewt boxes

  14. I just spent $60 on a Borrasque!

  15. Snappybaby

  16. And I am grinding t69 these days. Look at the numbers wargaming. It is just so under powered.

  17. @QuickyBaby what do you think about a rotation device on turretless TDs as it help the tank traverse as well?

  18. So retarded when a td has lower pen dmg then a heavy, premium or not.

  19. Hey does ps4 get the Christmas event and the loot boxs plz answer because if so this will be my first

  20. first name Last name

    my wallet will cry soon

  21. You no longer have a life yes?
    poor britts

  22. I’m just happy for the boxes cuz gold
    Boutta open 300 and get no tanks just watch

  23. Looks like a bat chat lol

  24. I wonder if it will be considered to be overpowerd??
    Sure, it does 1200 damedge per mag but the penetration sucks (unless you spam premium ammo which means you´re a noob) and the dpm is patheticly bad.

  25. This is basically a tier 8 waffle

  26. ruben veizaga chavare

    Soooo its a tier 8 premium wtf e100. Nice one WG

  27. Why didnt you put vents on damage slot you got 1% bonus to every crewskill

  28. Stefania-ioana Bolea

    This video just shows how garbage is t69..

  29. How in the world can you always peak over ridgelined and not immediately get chunked by tds.. or is that just an NA server thing

  30. That T29 probably contemplating just quitting WOT after this. I mean if a same tier TD can basically one shot me while I’m in one of the best heavies for the tier then what’s the point of playing?

  31. for 25$ I got the GSOR 1008 and the c45 lol

  32. Got 22 boxes, first one I opened I got this tank

  33. crap armour, crap mobility, crap gun handling, crap DPM, more pen on special ammo=> QB IS PAY TO WIN at ist’s finest, makes the tank monstruous compared to a tank that has every other stat better and makes more credits. Most players will not be able to capitalise on that shell velocity and the tank will have shit win rates but of corse QB needs to exagerate about pay to win and get those Amazon Prime subscribes from free players rolling.

  34. F for tier 6

  35. 7:53 “you are going to be able to use that againts tier 6 tanks and tier 7 tanks” (188mm of perforation).

    T 44 with its 166mm of average perforation laughs on your face.

  36. HE bait. The thing is too clumsy and slow. Charioteer and other HE tanks will eat it alive.

  37. OMG I got the GSOR in my first 11 boxes

  38. Finaly a tank to train my charioteer crew skill

  39. 24:15 since when do games last 5 minutes? Or is it only me who loses 1-15 in 2 minutes

  40. Second lootbox: Oh hello there GSOR

    …got bough

  41. dangerous for new player ! lol 1320 damage in 6 s even a monkey can use it ! this is nothing short of a char future 4 on steroids at tier 8 !

  42. I think WG should make overmatching work in a way that APCR overmatches less because the shell diameter is smaller in APCR than AP. Say, give APCR half the overmatching capacity of AP round for same gun.

  43. Nothing but a junk tank the game play now is too fast pace for that long of a reload time

  44. 4k per round on a tier 8 td 😂

  45. AP Discarding Sabot. I know this because Armoured Warfare. Good game btw.

  46. pay to win in a lootbox? kek

  47. Idk why but the gun is trolling me haaard

  48. Kinda a free to play player and boxes doesn’t cost gold kinda cringe

  49. Since when 0.30 dispersion when moving hull is good? This is artillery level of dispersion… Sure, it’s good when turning the turret but it’s absolutely trash whenever you move your hull. You can’t just completely disregard some values (and dispersion on hull movement is just as important as on turret traverse) and say it has amazing gun handling…

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