GSOR 1010 FB – FIRST LOOK in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The GSOR 1010 FB will be the first wheeled medium in ! Here's everything know about the tank and future branch!



  1. Some additional stats to the GSOR
    Terrain resistances:
    1.0 – hard
    1.35 – medium
    1.95 – soft
    These are massively worst than a French wheeled tank and more similar to a regular medium.

    0.12 – Movement/Hull traverse
    0.06 – Turret traverse
    These are all in all great and mean the vehicle will not have to prioritise vert stabs, but are worse than wheeled French.

    Shell velocity

    920 – AP
    1250 – APCR
    920 – HE
    Very standard for a T8 medium!

    • Tracking it? hahah 🙂 OMG. It’s going to be a terror

    • i feel like what made the other wheeled vehicles over powered was that the wheels werent part of the hitbox and never did damage, so i feel how they could balance the old ones some and to make the new ones a bit faster so they arent underpowered is to make the wheels a part of the hitbox so when you hit a wheel it does damage. a lot of people also complain about their despersion on the move but thats what kind of made their speed good cause they arent really sniper tanks. if you disagree let me know!

    • This is starting to look like the game might get Tier 11 & 12 eventually.

    • @Veselin Dimov no it was given to all CCs from WG directly.

    • Looking at the stats, this is like a single-shot Bourrasque and just like the VZ-55 it probably doesn’t really work with a single-shot gun.
      Wasn’t WG working on a small-calibre auto-canon mechanic for British tanks?

  2. popcornbutterhigh


  3. You forgot to mention that since 1/3 of the side of that vehicle is made of wheels, it actually has Soviet heavy tank level side armor, because it doesn’t matter what weapon hits a wheel, if it hits a wheel, the tank gets a flat tire, which doesn’t matter, and the shot is magically absorbed.

  4. Next will be the American Stryker series

  5. That’s some fabulous hair QB holy..

  6. Should I have Brothers in Arms on every crew member on all my tanks?

  7. Шон Из Америки

    WG, the blueprint vehicles are getting ridiculous. Just make world of tanks 2.

  8. Hooray…a wheeled vehicle. An alleged tank that is a niche for higher tier players.

  9. Just give me back my wtf e100 since now there is no need to have 100% historical accuracy with these new tanks coming in

  10. this tank looks fine. seems to be well balanced. happy to have variety in the game which doesn’t break wg horrible balancing even further

  11. I mean… I fail to see the appeal of this tank as it stands now… it’s DPM is awful… I was hoping it would introduce the autocannon. THAT is something I am excited about.

  12. Knowing the rng in this game at least 20% of shells will go in wheels.

  13. lol, just more stuff copied from ARMORED WARFARE. Wargaming are a bunch of clueless idiots.

  14. British wheeled tanks hell yeah! This tank looks a lot like modern wheeled armoured vehicles today.

  15. 💰 Make $749 Per Day

    “What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” _Oscar Wilde

  16. Thanks for the 1st look brother!

  17. Another underwhelming vehicle…grate

  18. Google Lens “Band of Brothers”

  19. Just to be clear, this is tier VIII?
    THIS and a Panther II, same tier? Put them side by side, they dont live in the same universe. Just make tier XI and XII and give these tanks better stats, everyone will be happier and enjoy it more.

  20. Joonas Varjoluoto

    Oh wow I didn’t know Kurt Cobain started playing World of Tanks!

  21. 60mph, no armor, camo not like light, medium not light. We have our selfs more suicide scouts. There maybe be some unicums out there who can make them work but really this is just the UK tank line getting screw again.

  22. Centauro when? Stryker MGS m1128 when? PTL-02 When?

  23. Looks horrible on paper but you never know.

    Everyone, including top commentators, thought the ELC EVEN 90 was hot garbage until it was discovered that its camo made practically everything else on scouting maps obsolete. Maybe there wil be a trick to it; but then again, it might just be an example of Wargaming’s trying to generate a few millions in sales by riding on the French Wheelies’ coat-tails before word-of-mouth tells everyone that buying the tank is a Kanonenjagdpanzer-sized blunder.

    So far, it looks like “wait and see.”

  24. This is the trap wargaming is in. An average tank, even though it’s somewhat original, feels underwhelming and nobody cares. But when they release something obviously OP like the BZ, everyone loses their shit.

  25. More fun for BZ-176 players…

  26. Quickybaby looks like 1920’s gigachad

  27. 1:15 damm, what is the f point to add a tank with such thin armour? (Beside getting money and obce to repeat this MONETIZATION WAS NEVER PART OF THE GOALS) HE shells be like: easy kill, f*ck wg crew 2.0 will kill the game and I already stopped more then a year ago

  28. Frankly, WoT needs to bring back some semblance of physics with wheeled armored vehicles. It’s not fun when it’s ridiculously Mickey Mouse.

  29. Dr.O'neil ܐܬܘܖܝܐ

    Jesus QB

  30. Looks like a glass cannon novelty tank that won’t be very good.

  31. The real EBR had 200hp. Where did WG pull that 600+hp from?

  32. With it’s high profile, and one of the slowest reload speeds of tier 8 mediums, this is going to be a dog of a vehicle.

  33. That gun is similar to the M46 Patton gun. Slightly lower pen with better handling. So yeah, the Patton was my favourite tank with good gun handling and now it is shadowed by T8 lights. That says a lot about the state of the game.

  34. Ebr 75 is light tank not medium. You compered medium with 2 light tanks.

  35. Are we finally gonna see post-war vehicles in WoT?!

  36. Although you say this has no armour it’s 3mm thicker than the smaller cars and they bounce 128mm ap rounds 🙂

  37. what about all the missions which include “tracking damage” or “tracked kill”? now there will be more and more wheeled vehicles so we cannot complete these missions even if we want?

  38. another stupid random

    Hey QB if you want to see how this takk will turn just look at the amx 10 RC, it has a very similar chassis

  39. 10:33 thats a simplify chinese as Unbeatable Brotherhood Clan/Team/Platoon

  40. Stopped playing wot 3 weeks ago
    Feels good so far. Im starting to enjoy gaming again 😀

  41. Rooikat confirmed? Thump sound effect

  42. all in all…this is a mini leo with wheels.

  43. Don’t forget.. lights suffer increased pen loss over distance.

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