GSR 3301 Setter Review/Guide, Fighting Smart with Horrible DPM

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Source: Taugrim

I review the GSR 3301 Setter, the new 7 British light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 7 El Halluf tier 9 Airfield battles.

As you’ve no doubt heard, the new 7-10 British light tanks have horrible DPM, the Setter is no exception. I discuss how to work around the extremely low DPM.

Strengths Weaknesses
+ Superb silver penetration (10)
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Superb camo (36 with Camo, BIA, Food)
+ Small profile turret
+ penetration (75)
– Anemic DPM (1379 base)
– Very low alpha (135)
– Very low ammo capacity (35)
– Low top speed (58)
– Paper armor
– Highly vulnerable to ramming damage
– Mediocre view range (370)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. VStab or Vents

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. I’ve been crazy busy IRL so I’m glad to re-connect with y’all here and to share my initial thoughts on the new British light tanks on live.

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

  2. Setter….you have my sympathies 🙂

  3. Setter…you have my sympathies!! 🙂

  4. To be honest, there’s no point grinding British LT… US, Russia, French and German were better

    • I agree with you, however, I wanted to see the tier 7 and tier 8 British LTs for myself, see what I could do.

      I think this line peaks with the tier 8, which has solid alpha and penetration. The tier 9 is a slight upgrade over the tier 8, but it’s a full tier higher which makes it weak at-tier.

    • @Taugrim I know you could do well in a poor tank, Goodluck you’re the only super unicum with silver ammo out there.
      I’m getting hype to see you play Manticore in the future ? only downside to British lt is poor dpm and 2 crew on Manticore

    • Oh boy I didn’t realize that about the Manticore. Was just looking at it on and didn’t realize that it had a limited gun arc too.

      For those reasons the Manticore looks very difficult to use.

    • Manticore has a fully traversable turret. is a bit buggy recently.

    • Thanks for that correction

  5. hey taugrim have your videos or commentary style been influenced by rocketbrainsurgeon?

  6. Ur videos keep getting setter and setter! love the content m8 🙂

  7. DigitalSynapse0101

    In World of Power Creep, that they would put out an underwhelming tank line is mind boggling. Not just the ugly grind tiers, but the tier 10 is crazy bad compared to so many other tanks. To get through that grind for no sweet tier 10 reward other than a wasted garage slot and an unused tank is not a justifiable focus of resources. But then I am not a CC, so thanks for the further insights into this line, which I will avoid.

  8. Do we need to stage an intervention Taug? Are you addicted to playing bad tanks? Come back to the Light!!!

  9. You’re so stat obsessed

    • Stats are an objective way to measure one’s performance in a tank across a lot of battles.

      Look at any sport, everything is measured.

  10. I havent done paricularly well int he Setter, but I enjoy it. Im happy its not another pew pew, tiny medium tank with camo. Im happy theres a line of pure vision control and get into places you have no right getting into light tanks in the game. Everyone thought the ELC EVEN 90 was gonna be bad, and that turned out pretty great, and its a pretty bad light tank for tier 8.

  11. Oh fuck, you’re alive?!

  12. That poor setter in the first game was afk. Sure it can be intentional, but recently – once again – the game has become pretty unstable with outdated mods that you can get your game crash right at the start of the game. And this may well result that the player just doesn’t want to login again. Every now and then you can see this happen after an update, which breaks certain mods, xvm especially.

    So the reason is mainly WG and it’s inability to make mods redundant by updating their UI ingame and making more reasonable – and better – statistics than xvm provides.

  13. Anything cool planned for episode 100? Ty very much for your vids too. So helpful to all us tomatos

  14. Less busy, more tanky please. Love the vids

  15. Please explain the experience points system. What does give most experience about living to end, damage dealt, assistant damage, spotting, bounce shells, travel distance etc.. this would be very useful in understanding to road to unicum .

    • I have seen this somewhere a long time ago.
      Experience points:
      The most points you get after winning a battle (extra 50%?), but even if you lose, you get some bonus if you have got a hero medal (as a hero in the losing team)
      The most points you get for killing enemies – higher tier (compared to your tier), more points.
      You get some points for dealing damage (I think also you get more points for higher tier tank)
      You get 50% points for damage dealt when you were spotting or you have tracked the enemy (if someone was spotting for your damage, you have to share the points between the spotters), so it is important to spot for yourself.
      You get something like 100 points (or 50?) if you are alive when the battle ends.

      You get some small amount of points for the first spotting on enemies and for capturing points (but only for these which ended the battle by taking enemy base).
      You don’t get any experience points for: bounced/blocked shells, travel distance
      WN8 points:
      Kills, damage, spots (i.e.: number of enemies spotted for the first time), WinRate – because only this data is shared to everyone (i.e. to XVM and others) and this is compared to “average” player.

    • Thank you both of you for those respectful and helpful answers both of you. Now will dwell into deep about the science programmers secrets behind some experience points that have made no sense so far in how they are appearing in postbattlestats, at least how they feel intuitively.

  16. I think the line is unique in that it is forced to pkay its intended roll.

  17. “k kilograms” also known as Tons 😀

    Edit : Tonnes, not tons, dummy me.

  18. Not even gonna waste my time with them

  19. How do you make such an utter crap tank look playable?
    The entire line is total garbage.

  20. “That shelf” is powerful on Airfield. However, its either feast or famine. Sometime there are no targets to shoot at

    • It’s a powerful pivot location, it’s safe, and you can always flex from it if needed. Enemies can’t advance from south hill safely without clearing it.

  21. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN HAVE LESS THAN A 48% WINRATE AND NOT HAVE A LEARNING DISABILITY. Thats just facts, everyone below 50 percent is a bad player, and everyone below 48% just downright have a disability. And the same goes for people with over 5k games, if you dont do AT LEAST your hp after 5000 games (wich is yelow stats btw) you should seak help. I am really sorry for people with stats like 6000+ games and <900 wn8, those people have serious mental disorders that HAVE to be treated... Please go find a doctor

  22. Nice use of kerfuffle! Well done.

  23. The release of the crap British lights has put me off from playing …have been looking forward to them for years.

  24. Mariano Garcia Rodriguez

    Great video, as always proving is not the tanks but the players. I think you are the best Cc out there by being really objective.

    • Well, objectively the British lights and especially the Setter are difficult to carry with.

      Low DPM can be surmountable in long battles, but in battles that resolve quickly it would be hard for the Setter to contribute meaningful direct damage.

  25. I ran around with a SU-152 on day one of the British LTs. Glorious day for a Derp gun.

  26. I like the high pen since i don’t use gold but I don’t think that I am good enough to have decent win rate.

  27. Glad to see you’ve sorted out your irl stuff

  28. I have played a few battles in it and it feels pretty useless on most maps. I don’t think I’ll play it again until wg buffs it. And they probably will soon as I just got a pretty extensive questionnaire in game about the Setter a few days ago.

    • I’m still scratching my head as to why the British lights were launched as they are in terms of the DPM and ammo capacity.

      The community was extremely vocal about those limitations.

  29. Not as upset about DPM as I am about the unreasonably low ammunition capacity in all 4 new Brit light tanks. Just ridiculous. ELC even 90s carry more ammo than all these tanks!

  30. i miss u taugrim

  31. Another very informative video. You make playing this horrible tank (limited combat potential) look easy!

  32. Great video as always Taugrim!

  33. Can you do a quick guide on the French tier 8 TD I can’t find a quide on it anywhere best of luck taugrim!

  34. I feel like these tanks should just use HE full time. Outside of the JT, there was nothing you shot that couldn’t have been penned by the HESH rounds. Which is of course, how they were “played” in real life as well.

    • This tank doesn’t have HESH rounds…

    • @Taugrim while that is true in the sense of how the shell is named, they function mechanically the same way as HESH shells were originally designed for WoT: with double the standard penetration of a regular HE round. I believe on tanks like this WG intends for players to use that as the main round instead of the standard AP shell.

  35. Dylan van der Velden

    smart arties can trace 5 seconds ahead

  36. I feel WGing lost the chance to introduce auto-cannons for these tanks, would have made then unique and fun and actually playable.

  37. Thx for ur review. Good info

  38. Taugrim, u seem to not experience the missing tracer bug?

  39. Scout balance in general just needs a total rework.

    It has been too long of a crapshoot of balance.

    The wheelyboys just made it worse too, no other scout sans the RARE T100 is useful in the age of wheels.

    The Brits are just emblematic of the issues. View ranges are too compressed, speed and mobility is already too extreme with t100 and ebr, camo is the same, can’t go up that way…

    All to say, it is time to just rebalance the entire class and maybe the entire spotting system as a whole. It’s certainly one of the biggest issues for new players, and abusing spotting just seems like cheating at times.

  40. Love your presentation style and content. Your play is excellent (easily the best light tank player on YouTube) and you have taught me a huge amount which has made WOT far more enjoyable. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work.

  41. Thanks so much. I learned a lot about the game in general just from this one vid, let alone LTs and this specific LT.

  42. Please stop playing these tanks so well, you are making WG appear competent, when really we need them to fix these tanks so normal people can play them

  43. Quickybaby needs to watch this.

  44. Combat Ineffective

    2k damage in a tank with 1.4k dpm is very impressive with ether low alpha and hitpoint pool. Doubly so without any gold ammo.

    Great explanation of your reasoning for the moves you made; very helpful!

  45. Hey Brother, Nice to see you back up and running strong. Great video as always. Hope all is well. Good luck

  46. A fully informative video that could assist general play in many tanks. However I am still at a loss as to why anyone would grind this new line and at an even bigger loss as to why WG released this line as it is, just what were they thinking.

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