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  1. You can’t spell TTD without the D on the Ts

  2. She’s a Brick, House…

    Oh God why doesnt it stop!

  3. Day 43 : play shermen at high br and pretend to be a destroyed shermen

  4. 74 people haven’t seen District 9.

  5. FeuerfesteUnterhose08/15

    Day 32: Phly play the Sd.Kfz. 140/1 you never reviewed it

  6. thedarkspiritofvengenace

    Father why have you forsaken me
    In ur eyes forsaken me
    In ur thoughts forsaken Me
    In ur hearts forsaaakkkennnn meeeee oohhh trrruuussst iiiinnn myyyyy self righteouss suuicciddeee
    iiiiiiii crrryyyyyy when angels deeesservve to diiie innnnn myyy self righteous suuiiicidee. iiiiii crrryyyyy when angeslll deserve to diiiieeeee

  7. Phly, thanks for giving us South Africans some love! Keep safe brother, see you on the battlefield.

  8. Kieran Fitzgerald

    WRONG!!! it’s literally the leopard 2

  9. Leopard 2a4?

  10. VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic

    i thought the thing in gta was a lowpoly 2a4

  11. Leopard 2a4 is the GTA V tank

  12. How do i get this tank in my war thunder?

  13. Lol that intro thanks for reminding me to fuck this game

  14. How many rockets takes from flying motocycle ?

  15. Next war thunder update 5GB: War thunder V in cooperation with rockstar games.
    Patch Notes
    Brand new Rhino skin.
    Gta V Logo for your tanks, airplanes and ships
    These are all patch notes
    Thank you that you are playing war thunder. Stay excited for the next update.
    Your war thunder team

  16. Ong phly i have unlock yesterday the tiger h1 , its beautiful

  17. without rubber pads on tracks, a tank is sliding on bricks, that’s why it takes so long to turn

  18. District 9 was very awesome. The director of it is very good as well, Love his style.

  19. The turret might look more realistic with its curve, but the hull is missing the lip (like the L2A4 and the GTA V tank)

  20. This is bait for me bcoz gta v

  21. District 9, fun ? are we talking about the same movie, Phly ? XD

  22. JohnTheBlindMilkman

    My favourite game to play is “spot the Tigor”

  23. If I watched district 9 on cinemasins does that count?

  24. They really should turn the rubble volume down.

  25. Stupid fucking Gaijin can’t even make a simple sound system. Bricks sound like ear rape

  26. In gta5 i use the rhino but in war thunder ummmmm…

  27. you know its a modern tank when its got a chimney

  28. I havent watched it

  29. Its a leopard

  30. Alan Jason S. Batenga

    i like how phly uses road signs as a walmart budget shtora-1 APS

  31. Muhammed Mehmedić

    I wanted to start playing a tank game, but i cant make up my mind between wot and wt, so maybe others opi ion maybe helpfull

  32. sry i only watch anime

  33. Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien

    I took the intro from one of your older vids and made it its own vid and it got taken down. YouTube moderation is crap.

  34. Practically Prinz

    The Olifant- Elephant in English

  35. Bricks and cobblestones – the gentlemans’ way of countering armored vehicles.

  36. Hey Phly, has anyone told you that you sound EXACTLY like Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman? It just dawned on me.

  37. Исаак Кузнецов


  38. Fun Fact: District 9 was originally meant to be Peter Jackson’s live-action HALO movie, but came into being when the project with Bungie and Microsoft was cancelled.

  39. Keep up great work Steve ok ty love your vids bro

  40. This should deal with the ground based prones nicely

  41. do ur son play war thunder with u that will be awesome

  42. Day 4 of saying hello

  43. Phly is so lazy to drive in this game

    He kept saying “towed to B”

  44. The TT is flatter – Phloppy Whoppy

  45. We now know why you hear other tanks so good. You got head speakers and set sound on max. 😀

  46. I wold say that rihno is something beetven TTD and Type 90

  47. Маркіян Телюк

    2A4, no?

  48. D9 is a good movie

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