GUESS I’LL TAKE A DRAW in World of Tanks ?!?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today’s the day where QuickyBaby plays to draw in World of Tanks… or is it?


is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. 15:14 Did he say pay to win😂

  2. QB u gotta make an updated version of the Tier 10 ranking

  3. And another lesson of QB sensei, so guys be confident when playing, play to win and make sure to have fun when playing because after all… It’s just a game ^^

  4. 750+750+750 = 2,250
    this is also the equivalent to the 15cm on the Extinct Waffentrauger Auf. E-100
    not to metion this has speed and armour so this is the French WT E-100 but with speed and armour but no turret
    also happy Bismark launch day

  5. QB: Makes a minor recording mistake: Informs us and does better next time.
    Jingles: Records at whisper low volumes for weeks without a clue. 😛

  6. pff draw is draw no win/no lose!

  7. On that crew thing about experience. There’s only one way to find out. Play the KV-5 then let the radio operator have his vacation until the battle ends.

  8. Wow! That was solid game! 😉 👍🏼 That enemy elc was nervous playing with a legend like you! He run with his tail between his legs.! 😉

  9. So, whether you lose to the enemy team or effectively lose to a draw, you still lose. Sounds logical.

  10. Completely agree QB, a draw is just as bad as a loss. I’d rather fight till the end and lose.

  11. I would take a draw tonight, on the NA server. 0 for 12, but on Friday, 17 for 20. What gives Wargaming, you like cutting off the kool-aid?

  12. Great video Quickybaby

  13. I stop watching qb for a few months and I come back to a white sensei

  14. I’m starting to play this game less and less due to the absolute horrible players. And I’m not talking about the newbs, but instead the basement dwelling nerds who only play for themselves and not their teams. There are a lot of them and the team aspect of the game is just about shot to hell.

  15. I played for 6 hours straight of wot and only got 14 wins but I still love the game.
    Even though i broke my keyboard over rage lmao.

  16. Btw quickybaby you look like obi wan kenobi lol

  17. 8:55 such lovely when those pesky clowncars gets shot and jump rolling jackz

  18. “your team can be rooting for you just as much as sometimes they’re calling you a noob” lol like I care what my teammates think, but I appreciate your enthusiasm

  19. Draw is worse than a loss. You mostly need to spend 15 minutes on one match which would end up beimg a loss in results. I would try my lck and get into a new battle. In todays wot, it means 3 matches!

  20. A draw is when everyone loses.

  21. The only time I’m happy with a draw is when I’ve been playing for 10 or 12 games and have zero wins (yes SEA) then a draw does not seem so bad, but in general, yeah.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  22. 584 dmg on EBR for 750 normal hit AP ??!!!

  23. Static?

  24. I couldn’t hear any difference at all

  25. omg qb uses vegas pro too

  26. Its incredible how WG managed to make many players quit and uninstall WoT on consoles after ruining it. Im one of them, except I didnt uninstall. After 5 years of loyal service and spending money on the game (Yes Im retarded), WoT doesnt charm anymore. Ive trasferred to War Thunder and honestly, I like it more.

  27. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    I would draw why to save myself 20k credits

  28. Ah yes, the 750 dpm tank :))

    Also yes, dead crew members at the end of the battle get 50% of the crew XP

  29. As an F2P player with limited amount of time to play, credits are precious, and draws mean less repair and restocking cost – not a complicated thought process at all.
    Not sure if a 60TP driver with 60% win ratio is likely to be an F2P player concerned about the repair costs though…

  30. Was going down this line when this was top of the tree but I stopped going down that when they replaced it but I made up and got the 183 from the black market but this will always be one tank destroyer I’d play for fun!

  31. Qb seid light thunk

  32. On camping maps like murovanka or prokarovka i will always take a draw over a loss. I’m not rewarding them for sitting in a bush unspotted farming tanks as they try to dig them out. On any other map its a win or nothing

  33. Cao Phước Thừa

    Thanks for the message…. It hit me so hard. It helped me realize something I forgot. It reminded me that I play for fun, for win, not for sickly passive draw, or win!!!!

  34. dislikes are from 60tp players lol

  35. Do you also like to draw?

  36. If you are many tanks down then the impetus is on the enemy team, they have the numbers and the HP, so if they don’t come to you I don’t ever feel its worth handing them an easy win they clearly don’t deserve, so I yeh I’ll take a draw. No real point pushing when at a huge disadvantage, what you get in many games is people who camp base the whole game, one team pushes and tries to win and those campers just camp hard, and the pushing team loses lots of tanks and HP. But those same base campers have no real ability and are clueless how to win, so I am not going to give them that win.

    I’d rather everyone loses effectively, than giving passive players an easy way out, so in those situations playing passively is really your only viable way of winning anyway most of the time and if the enemy don’t push then that is their failure, not mine, I’ll take an earned draw.

  37. I gotta get me this tank.

  38. You are wrong QB, draw is much more better than defeat. You think no one look stats but we do, we insult people with looking their stats. Thats why we are trying to keep it up, so many people taking t6 in low level matches and playing against bots to only increase their stat values t6 can hit 400 with hesh by the way, thats the reason if anybody ask it. I m sure you never see any bots assigned by WG. This is truth . I m much worst person right now because I m trying to keep my stats high . It makes me nervios , angry, disrespectful. And there is no way to hide fucking stats, I m not enjoying this game at all

  39. That’s quality content and manners right there: excuses for an issue with the audio, when I, for the love of stallinium, cannot tell what was wrong with the recording.
    Also: can anyone please confirm what QB sensei said about the wounded crew members at the end of the battle? That they would receive less exp than if they were healthy?

  40. You will wish for a draw when you’re playing against QB :)) This is the reason.

  41. Day 6 of asking QB to play World of Tanks Blitz

  42. Me have a gf but love wot

  43. banned from chat. downvote

  44. Why the hell people are so hell bound on winning? This is the biggest problem of this world where everyone is getting categorised into winners and losers.
    Just enjoy this useless rigged game and logoff thinking how much you felt good when you screw up the so called winners in your team by dragging a game into a draw and read all the angry chat where the dead players are swearing at you …

  45. Does the Foch B and Foch 155 have the EXACT same armour profile?

  46. To bad wot is so busy they only have enough time to buff op Russian tanks and there just isn’t time to buff tanks left behind by power creep.

  47. The go for the draw because you get flamed/reported by your team if you lose instead of drawing. If the game wasn’t filled with toxic players people might go for the win more often.

  48. Thank you, “Catweazle”

  49. Alle Gegner schiessen und fahren zurück in Deckung, außer man ist ein bekannter Streamer, dann fährt man extra nochmals vor, damit der kaufende Dödel denkt, wie einfach das ist. Merkt auch keiner, das Wargaming entweder Bots einsetzt oder ganz schlechte Spieler.

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