Guess who’s back! – World of Tanks

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  1. Irrelevant Irrelevance

    closed pornhub for this

  2. Is that Circon with a T-50-2 o_O

  3. Parkour/Challenges

    i hate this tank, genuinely why

  4. I know its bad now Circon, but you should play the KV-4 more. For the memes.

  5. Premium food on a tier VI light, you filthy sealclubber you! 😉
    And indeed the lower – mid tier games are swamped with this tank, day before yesterday I had a game with six of them on each team.
    Not very nice, playing a big and slow glascannon TD……

    • I oneshotted 3 of them in one game the other day.
      I was playing with SU-130PM, the first I set on fire, the second one I had a high roll and the third I ammoracked :3
      But that game used up all of my luck for the rest of the day….

  6. Elvis?
    it’s elvis isnt it…

  7. Haha i hate getting paired up with shit players.

  8. Circon how did u maxout your view range…im not able to do that…i have 0 crew skillz and i dont use that premium consumable…is that why lol..i have put optics and vents on it and its jot on max

  9. I demand a cvideo compilation of that “ding” mission from yesterdays stream. Shit was beyond hillarious in that 112 :))

  10. World of Tanks feels so empty without me (T-50-2)

  11. Like wtf… Here I am crying like a woman over a Black Rifle Coffee add about Omar “Crispy” Avila. That’s not fair.

  12. This almost makes me want to play WoT again, after 3 years of hiatus. I installed the game, got the T50-2 and uninstallled without playing a single battle.

  13. Circon playing wot in DECEMBER WTF LUL ????

  14. Like a Boss!!!!!

  15. The main thing I like with your videos is that you post Videos of you playing bottom tier bitch in 357mm and it’s just “casual” carris all day. While for example a certain other quick player pretty much always post videos of him carrying as one of top 3 in 357mm. He also says that +-1 mm would ruin the game, the fun and the diversity… Mean while everyone, *EVERYONE* else with a brain would gladly trade diversity for actual fair and fun mm.. Sorry for the rant. (in little childs voice) I love your videos circon!

  16. filthy sealclubber 😛

  17. 3marked that thing today

  18. wuthering wonderland

    Circon please upload regularly, I don’t have time to watch the stream, I can only watch these videos..

  19. Gotta love that Rudy hiding in the back lol

  20. didnt we had this replay a few days ago? having a deja vu rn

  21. Watches a t-50-2 replay…hears the guy in video going: “and we still have a full hp jagdtiger” me: *wakes up* “is this 2012?” me again: *realises it’s an 8.8* “oh”

  22. Circon…if we don’t get a highlight for Christmas…or nye…we riot…who’s with me? *RIOT* *RIOT* *RIOT*

  23. I changed the comment so the reactions don’t make sense.

  24. Used my Make A Wish foundation wish for more to highlight videos like two months ago.
    Elliot pls.

  25. Backstreets back?

  26. guess who’s late ……ur late circon …they even nerf it..hehe

  27. holy shit, circ is back, tell a friend!

  28. And all because of load out and soft stats. How many of THESE actually tell you back story of and how THESE results are come by…….

  29. When will the Modpack be updated to It isnt working for me

  30. y no immortal classic skin?

  31. At 2:32, the T-50-2 killed himself by crashing into his teammate.

  32. The Calazone Hardy

    2:33 lol that other t-50-2 gets killed by ramming his ally

  33. EmeraldSentinel92 Alpha


  34. I like Studiniski. It is a gd map.

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