Guide Park: Lansen C – The Viking in World of Tanks!

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Source: World of Tanks North America

They say he came from the North. There, during his march through the lands of the icy giants, this Viking lost his entire squad. A hundred housecarls! No one knows what destroyed them… Only Lansen survived.

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  1. World of Tanks North America

    Get the Lansen here:

  2. El Muchacho Enamorado

    I like tacos

  3. Nice ad, but I think I’m gonna pass on this one. Anyone able to identify the “Fenir” tank?

  4. for xbox?

  5. First lel

  6. WE ARE VIKINGS!!!!!

  7. I want to know who the narrator was for the animated parts. he sounds so familiar.

    • He sounds like the god guarding the whalebone bridge in Sovngarde. So he might have done voicework for the Elder Scrolls V.

  8. Доржоо Баяраа

    I am not ready. Because i dont have money for premium tank. Even 1 day premium day. If someone gift me it would be best day ever. Just 1 day premium day

  9. Killereagle On blitz

    “Coffee with cinnamon buns”
    Sounds like Ikea

  10. I am died

  11. The technical characteristics of this tank are just not that good. It has the type of gun and gun handling that you would expect on a brawling tank but certainly does not have the armor to go along with it. Its view range is poor, its standard shell velocity is underwhelming and its penetration is lackluster at best.
    Really the only things this tank has going for it is alpha, and power to weight and that’s it.

    • Which is enough for a premium tank. It will supply the player with credits without breaking the game like the Defender does.

  12. Its garbage dont bother. Bad pen on standard and gold ammo. Bad armor. Slow. Bad turning. Bad aim time. Bad accuracy. Waste of time and money.

  13. Armando Rodrigues


  14. rip Primo Victoria

  15. Lol,,I can hear the cry babies already,,nurf it,,nurf,it,,lol

  16. Swedish fjords?

    Sweden = Lots of trees and smelly fish
    Finland = Lakes
    Norway = Fjords

    • 1. Sweden has more lakes than Finland (depends on how u count).
      2. Sweden has fjords but Norway is ofc “the fjords” country.

  17. There are no fjords in Sweden….

  18. This is so fake.It has no beard

  19. PAY TO WIN

  20. Sweden doesnt Have any fjårds (?)

  21. WG found blue prints for Swedish fjords I guess?

  22. No hydro pneumatic suspension?

  23. Oh so an 8 skill crew works OK?…
    Nice. In obtainable but nice if you happen to have such a crew.

  24. Too bad it wasn’t born Soviet. Then it could’ve had all its benefits plus invincible Stalinium armor

  25. Александр Семянников
  26. Шайгул Бекташова

    Ves sap

  27. Vot are you doing?!!

  28. People complaining about the geographical accuracy in the comments…. WG cares for that type of accuracy as much as they care about historical tank accuracy… ZERO

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