GUIDED MISSILE MEMES | British Striker (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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GUIDED MISSILE MEMES | British Striker (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)


  1. YOOOO! Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for the support this weekend, hope you’ve enjoyed the vids. Sorry there was no Tunna video. Wanted to hold off on it so I had more time to edit it. Tanks!

  2. M41A1… Someday?…. Maybe?….
    *Attempt 47*

  3. Swing fire has same ability to lob atgms

    This game must be only fun if you play murrican, otherwise i can’t think of something fun (well mayby exept the italians, but the german are basically fucked)

  5. On the scale of swag , 420 out of Yolo for the intro

  6. The last thing we need is a resupply in the spawn. Enough people have a hard enough time finding their way out of the spawn already. They don’t need any further encouraging to never leave the spawn and not help the team at the caps.

  7. i knew a bloke who owns one of these keeps it in his garage

  8. See? against all the shit Germany has to stand to?

  9. The middles sounds like the whistling birds from the Mandelorian

  10. Play Sweden!

  11. This kind of shit just abuses the third person mechanic

    And why the fuck do germans have to use WASD


    They hate germany

    Does any other country have to use WASD on controlled missiles?
    Question for you…the reader

  12. this game is getting really fuking broken



  14. That was a total WTF video. Sounds like another f that vehicle.

  15. Hey Phly, is it possible to shoot missiles down midair with the co-axle or commander machine gun?

  16. Peacock would be proud

  17. you forgot the emojis

  18. Camping madness lol Phly you should see how far a missile can go, like after the propelint is spent from the missile system?

  19. THE

  20. This is how you strike your tea bag on tanks

  21. Phly I don’t know when you made this but shes not the PM anymore.

  22. My Bae, she be gangsta

  23. I’ve always thought they should add one or two spots to rearm and get a crew member, possibly only on single cap games. I think the three cap rearming is already fine. Probably shouldn’t be in their spawn either, should have to move to it instead of just camping their spawn, there’s enough reason for ‘people’ to spawncamp as it is.

  24. i dont think this missle can turn so hard …….

  25. Truly cheeki breeki stuff phly

  26. Intro song anyone?

  27. Argh, top tier sux so much balls.

  28. 12:23 “oh bugger, the tanks on fire.”

  29. Dude, i watched that intro about 70 times

  30. Brings back the question, why the Raketenjagdpanzer 2 is 8.3?

  31. I want to see their killcams

  32. I know phly said he would never put a bush on the tiny Italian tank but you would be a literal moving bush!!!!?? only it would be the most stealthy tank

  33. Yo phly Boris Johnson is in power now not Teresa May fyi lol great vid dude

  34. You totally missed your chance for a “Bend it like Beckham” joke

  35. Damn BAe got curves

  36. This is perfect for ambush and run

  37. 0:16 , at November 25, 2019 , British
    prime minister should be Boris Johnson , isn’t ?
    why is Theresa May show up , lol ?

  38. honestly the wallie can shoot behind cover aswell, but unlike the striker it can also use the scope

  39. 9:08 i understand phlee i just playin´ but there was a whole hole in the wall, waiting for him

  40. When the tea is just right

  41. Grandma’s Teajerking vehicle

  42. Combat master boss Combat master army

    I’m British and this has got my seal of approval

  43. Typical. The Germans got walked all over again.

  44. Bae means British aerospace engineering if your wondering

  45. 13:36 demonetized, can’t believe you didn’t brrrrt

  46. john ronelle quinones

    The striker is. A full auto shotgun.

  47. Link song at the intro pls

  48. Challenge: play the striker, but you can only do orbital strikes

  49. Her: BAe come over
    Him: But I am just ATGM
    Her: I’m hullbreakable
    Him: SWINGFIRE x5

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